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In the Pricing Table page, each column has five li items. If you have a different number of items on each of the columns, the table appears unformatted (the bottom line won’t align). Tried with empty li elements without luck.
How do you create a pricing table with a different number of items on each column?

To be honest, I don’t understand where’s the problem. :P

Hi Vasterad. You can see the problem here: . Notice the 2nd column has more options and layout is broken. Adding empty li elements to the other columns doesn’t align the layout.

Hi, sorry but what do you except? :P It’s not really possible to make equal columns. :)

Hi! Great job! Only one thing that I don’t find which is the Recent Work block/part. Ive moved “View: Recent Work: Home Recent Work” to “Home recent work”. My site is

The best would be to recreate a block and move it there.

Thank you

Hi, I can’t see your buyer badge. Could you write from account where did you buy Nevia? Thanks.

Hi! Nice job on this template; it works really well. I was wondering if you have plans to update to the new version of Font Awesome (v3.2) at some point? I’d really like access to some of the new icons they added.


Hi, sure. I’m planning update right now so I’ll add FontAwesome 3.2 too. :)

Great, can’t wait to see it!

Really good template, great job! we are pleased to announce that this is the official Serversunion’s template ( ). This design is better than anything a private designer can make. Bytheway, I would also like to ask @Vasterad for an official update for this tempate, with more stuff in, correcting any possible errors etc… Thank you!

You don’t understand me. I don’t have any update right now. I just prepared package on my PC to modify current version. ;)

Alright, no problem; sorry for the confusion. Kind regards

No problem. :)

Could you please tell.

1. How I can display portfolio items on sidebar.

2. Rename Portfolio Tag (before Portfolio Gallery) to something else.

Hi, questions regarding WordPress release please post here

How can I make the flexislider start playing automatically? By default, one can only change the images by manually clicking on the next/previous button?

By default it should works automatically. Are you sure you didn’t make any changes in flexslider.js?

Hi Vasterad – I am looking to turn off the auto loop or slide show feature of the flexslider, but only on product pages. I would like the gallery view still to work if a users clicks on the picture. I used your product-page.html as a template to build my page. Can I just put something in <section class=”flexslider shop”> tag to stop slide show? -Thank you-


Add this to custom.js:

$(window).load(function() {
    slideshow: false
then you will need to modify (add “shop-slider” class) this part of code on each item page:
<section class="flexslider shop">
change to
<section class="flexslider shop shop-slider">

humm.. I added exactly what you put above into custom.js and then changed the section class to “flexslider shop shop-slider”. That did not seem to do it. Any other suggestions?

Hm, try to remove “flexslider” class from section.


I’ve notified that an update is available for this one. Could you tell me what has been changed form the previous version? Thank you

Lol, not so hard to find. Thank you

No problem. :)

Thanks for the update. I appreciate the hard work. Cheers!

Thanks. :)

when I show the Mega-Menu on the most-right items, I cannot see all the menu.

[The page does add a scroll. but I cannot both click the page-scroll AND see the menu!]

How\where can I tell the menu of the right items to open aligned to the right, and not open aligned to the left ?

I’ll provide you complete guide how to do this, but this evening / tomorrow. Please remind me tomorrow via email if I wouldn’t answer you. :P

if I hover [Vapeur pour hammam] link, i cannot see the right side of the MegaMenu, and there is a scroll

it does change if I use negative value as .menu ul { left: -130px; }

In the new version, css\responsive.css, line 363, I guess you meant for someone who just copy this clearfix rule. can you please change the verb to “taken” ?! we did buy this whole template . . .

Damn, what a fail. Thanks for info! :)

Could you please explain what you have modified for “Fixed sidebar height issue”. Because I changed a lot.


Just script in custom.js that makes sidebar and content always equal even if sidebar is higher than content.

Yes, thank you. But in CSS you deleted position:absolute; in .floated.sidebar.right . You shouldn’t. It works better with it.

I didn’t, you must have one of the first version of Nevia. ;)

hey. will nevia support more ui elements in the future? ie: dialogs?

Hi, sorry but I’m not planning update like that.

I want to remove the testimonial area on the index page and add 2 more blog blocks. (like in this picture)

What should I do to bring the blocks in one line?

Set “sixteen columns” for recent blog container, now it’s “eight columns”

I want to show the content of my Mega-menu also within the page. If I use the CSS “menu” class, the all UL is hidden. If I use a new CSS “menu2” class, I need to duplicate all “menu” rules . . . What\Where do I need to override, so the menu is not hidden if seen in the page, and not in [nav id=”navigation”]

Yes, it’s JS that hides the menu.

can you please show me where and how, so I can override it?

It’s not really easy and it’s out of support however you need to override whole menu CSS…


I bought the template just now and I noticed that the documentation is missing some sections.

  • Icon usage
  • Style switcher
  • Portfolio filteing

Can u please fix this in a next release? Thanks!

Hm, I’ll take a look. Thanks for notice.

I want to have two “eight columns” width grid within a “sixteen columns” width tab.

But the “eight columns” grid has 10px “margin-left” and “margin right”, which made it impossible to fit like two columns in the tab container. And if I use two “seven columns” width grid, it is too small and not align to other elements on the page.

Do you have any suggestion? Or I have to do some css fix to ignore margins?

Thanks, Clement

Add “alpha” and “beta” class to first and second “eight columns” e.g. “eight columns alpha”.

It did worked (and it’s alpha and omega) but seems like a sixteen container is impossible to keep the 20px margin and squeeze two eight DIVs in it.

Anyways, Thanks! Clement

It’s possible. ;)


I’m having trouble putting the right code in to link my twitter account to the site template

Where it says encodeURLComponant what do I put in there. Could you give me an example please?

Many Thanks

Hi Vasterad,

Google map:

Why the map is not centered on the marker (see URL)?



I know, but if you use coords instead of address, it’s not like that anymore…

Maybe try basic map widget from google maps instead of custom script?

What do you mean exactly. The problem arose from the day our company moved to an address not exactly mapped on Google maps. We need now to use coords instead of full address.