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Hi guys,

How can I add an anchor to jump to an specific accordion item?

I tried, but I got a bug! =/


Hm, as I know it won’t work with current script.


this is a brilliant layout. I have 3 questions though.

1) While on localhost, all icon sets work just fine however on real server some icons fail to render. Especially halfling icons. How do I make all icons work? Is there perhaps a setting on the server?

2) This layout uses beautiful font which I would hate to change. Unfortunately my website requires Latin Extended charset (Czech language in particular) so is there perhaps a way to use the extended charset?

3) It is a great feature to have autoscaling of the layout that fires automatically when window resizes however I would like to turn this feature off. How do I go about it?

Thank you for help and for this brilliant layout.


1) Here’s answer

2) Choose your characters set and change source in style.css

3) By removing media queries for lower resolutions than 960

Cheers. :)

thank you, works like a charm now.

No problem. :)


It seems like while switching to navigation style-2, its width won’t auto-scale as responsive, and I think it is because the media query is not complete for style-2. I’ve added { width: 100% !important } to style-2 in each media query’s section, could you check for me whether it is a fix or not? Thanks.


Yes, it’s a fix. And I forgot to add it in last update.

Hello, I placed some portfolios (isotope effect) into the second tab content, and every time I switch to the second tab, I have to click twice to make those portfolios show. Is there a conflict between tabs and isotope?

Might be, I’ll take a look but can’t promise fix.

Thanks, and by the way, if I place a tab in a page content area and that page has a sidebar, if some contents in some tab is lesser, the page length will auto-decrease while switching to those tabs, but the sidebar area won’t remain or keep the length so it will be shorter then the widgets inside of it. Could you kindly check is this just my implementation problem or a bug?

Thanks again and I love this theme a lot, keep on the good work!

I want to use the Accordion but I noticed that always one of the accordion-sections is expanded. I can close the expanded section only if I expand another section. I want to make 2 changes: 1. On start – all sections are collapsed. 2. The “Collapse” button should work. not just the “Expand” button. Can you give me a hint where\how to add the changes? Thanks.

I changed the script. It seems that all is working as expected -

custom.js, instead of lines 194-196:

if ( $(this).hasClass('myAccordionStartsClosed') ) {      // !! // special code for myClass:
  $(this).find("h3").first().removeClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top');
} else {                                                  // !! // original code:
  $(this).find("h3").first().removeClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top').addClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top');

custom.js, instead of lines 204-210:

if( $(this).next().is(':hidden') ) {   // !! //  add "active" to "this". remove "active" from "triggerloc".
     $triggerloc = $('h3',location);
     $triggerloc.removeClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top').next().slideUp(300);
     $(this).addClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top').next().slideDown(300);
 } else {                              // !! //  just remove "active" from "this".
     $(this).removeClass('ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top').next().slideUp(300);

- the “collapse\expand” now works for all accordions.

- the accordion starts as closed, only if I use the following HTML - <div class=”accordion myAccordionStartsClosed” >

Thanks for the tip for others. :)

Hi. Thanks for the amazing theme. I am having trouble with the Layer Slider. It works fine on all browsers but not on IE 8. Can you please tell me what the issue is and how to fix it? Thanks!

Sorry but I didn’t notice any issues with LayerSlider and IE8.

Hello, could you kindly look into the javascript for tooltip? It is quite hard to trigger the tooltip to show…

Sorry but I’m not sure what’s wrong with tooltip. Everything works nice since January. :P


I´m sorry, but I have no idea how to use the “search” funktion on this site.. Does it really works ? I mean, I haven´t found a suitable Script.. Does it work without a script ?? Sorry.. please could you halp me.. Thank you

It doesn’t work without an extra script because it’s HTML template and that feature is prepared for WordPress or any other CMS version.

Could you please add a Google+ social Icon

How long will this take approximately?

Hi, sorry but I’m not planning any update soon, so would be better for you to replace an icon with gplus.

Template is brilliant however I am having issues getting the layerslider to work on IE8 for some reason its stuck on the image loader gif any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Ignore this comment I have now solved the issue, I had incorrectly commented a line out above


Hey Vas,

The h3 buttons on the default header slider do not show on mobile phones. (Such as the “Powerful HTML Template” button included in the template)

I need these to work for a site opt in.

Any ideas?


Find ”#tagline” div in media queries (bottom of the style.css) and remove it from “display: none;” class.

Thanks Vas

No problem, sorry for delay but I was on vocations. :P

Love this theme. I see someone posted this same question because it came up in Google, but the comment page was removed.

What do I do about the javascript error “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"?. I’ve tried toying with the flexslider setting in custom.js, it just looks for different css files (“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –").

This seems to be a common issue with flexslider, but I have not seen a solution. Couldn’t see that the recent update helped this. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Regarding “skin.css” it’s because I moved all skin styles to “style.css” file. Could you show me what’s wrong with menu on iPhone? I didn’t notice any issues.

That’s fine to move the styles into style.css, as long as you tell the layersliders not to look for /layerslider/skins/whatever/skin.css. How do I do that? I’ve tried everything I know.

I’ll take a screen shot of my iphone. Where exactly do I send?

Paste link here

i am using this template without an cms system, so id like to link the Top-search to, how can i do that?

best regards

Unfortunately it’s possible only with an extra PHP / mySQL script e.g. from CodeCanyon.

For Retina-Pics on any site, do I simply have to provide a small version of the pic and a @x2-version and the site will pick the fitting one? Or do I have to add a script?

Thanks, GREAT template!

Yes, your solution is simple and fine.

Hi, I’ve uploaded the web site to my hosting, everything works well apart from ‘glyphs’. They don’t show on any pages. Would you know what kind of the problem that might be?

Please see

Sorry, if I wasn’t clear enough, it’s images/glyphicons_halflings-white.svg that are not showing. They are uploaded to the server with all the images, but for some reason don’t show in browser.

Fantastic, just edited CSS to save myself a hustle. Thank you vey much, really appreciate the tip. Great theme & fab support!

Thanks for the fantastic theme been very good to me so far. Having a problem inserting a different flickr theme.

here is the link for my photo stream, how do i insert that into the site?

Much thanks in advance

Excellent Theme, highly recommend…

How do i change the photostream code to view my flickr photostream at


Thanks in advance

Hi, please read documentation. It’s described. :)

thank you, sorry for posting that twice

No problem. :)

Tabs in pages having sidebar will affect the height of sidebar while switching between tabs.

If the default tab’s content is shorter then sidebar, it is okay to change to an even shorter tab, see this example.

But if the default tab’s content is longer then sidebar, while switch to an shorter tab the whole page length will be effected, see this example.

Please kindly support, thanks.

Do you have updated version of Nevia? There’s a fix for jumping sidebar and should works in this case too.

I believe I’m at the latest version.

Hm, you’re right. I’ll check it but cannot promise any solution because it’s not really easy to repair, I’d need to change whole tabs or sidebar code.

Hello, I am using this template and updated the LayerSlider, but now I am having problems as the flex slider and carousel are not working. I think there is a conflict with how the js files are being loaded. Any ideas here?

Thanks so much!

Since it works on demo live preview and default files from package it must be related with your customizations. ;)


Can anybody help me?

I’m using this template on Ruby on Rail, but when I try to compile assets, I get this error:

Dude, nasty error! - Invalid CSS after "...kit-box-shadow:": expected expression (e.g. 1px, bold), was ": inset 0px -1p..."

Thank you!

Sorry, cannot help with RoR.