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Is the purchase included all licenses for the resources? i.e, LayerSlider (10$ Value) fancyBox2 (19$ Value) Glyphicons Halflings PRO (59$ Value) HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form (6$ Value), and so on.

Or, we have to purchase it separately from the respective vendor?

Hi, you don’t need to buy these plugins as they’re included in package.

Can you tell me how to click a section of the accordion? For example, I have three sections and if the one doesn’t pass my validation, I want to open that section and show an error message. My JQuery is pretty strong. Just need a little help with this. Thanks.

Can you tell me how to click a section of the accordion? For example, I have three sections and if the one doesn’t pass my validation, I want to open that section and show an error message. My JQuery is pretty strong. Just need a little help with this. Thanks.

Hi, I’m not sure what did you mean however I think my jQuery knowledge is as yours so I’d recommend to do research and find any guide about what you need. :)

I am trying to display 2 maps on contact page. For 2 company offices but It is not working. Should it be possible with gmap ?

Should works, however try to use default Google Maps API.

I have just duplicated the code and changed the address but it does not work. I will try standard code.

Hi, I am new in buying html template. Usually i am buying theme for Wordpress. I would like to develop the static site instead of CMS. Before i buy, may i know the below:

1. Do you include all the page by page template? 2. Do this theme have html version?

I saw the demo site and is in WP version.



1. Yes, all pages are included (except photos).

2. This is HTML version ($15). WordPress costs $45.

I have created this site for client: (HTML version – not wordpress)

Now the client has decided they want to update “Recent news” on home page via CMS. Is there an easy way to do this?

I am trying to avoid buying the wordpress version of this template!!

Have no idea cos I’m not developer but I’m sure just one thing that buying WP version would be cheaper.

Thanks for your quick response

No problem, you’re welcome.

Hi – Nevia was the first template I ever bought on Themeforest and it was the reason I kept buying more. GOod work!

Need help – for the layerslider on the index page – how can I make the whole image a clickable link as well?

This is the Web Site Template version btw.

Remove “article” and add it’s class and style (ls-layer; slidedelay) to “a href”.

Awesome – works like a charm – thank you.

You’re welcome. :)

I have a problem with the accordion in this page:

When i click in the WINE TOURISM i cant see all the content. The height of the page does not fit. But if i put the code in the righ under the image the accordion works well and the page height is adjusted. Its possible to help me with this problem.”

Hi, it’s not fixable right now since sidebar is with background. However, it might be improved with calling sidebar script resize by accordion.

ok, please can you help me calling sidebar script resize by accordion?

I refer to a bug that some content of “Wine Tourism” is hidden. “Wine Makers” is hidden because it’s blank (you didn’t add content to that accordion). :)

The Wine Makers it was not with a bug, it was just empty. now i put some contents there so you can see. I put my question again: when i open this page ( ) i need the Wine Makers tab be opened and not the first (Wine Region).

It’s not possible with accordion and I’ll suggest to use toggles.

Hello :)

Awesome template. I have a question… does the search box in the header area work? Or just a design? Mine is just linked to a 404.html page.



Hi, it’s just design because it’s HTML template. :)

How to Show Phone no when viewed on mobile

hi I bought the “Nevia – Responsive HTML5 Template”. I wanted to know if I can do the following changes in it or can you help me in doing it.

1) Can i show the Phone number in I-phone (when site is vied on phone) mode. because when viewed in i-Phone it hides the Phone No. Also how can i add our email address “” next to phone and is visible in i-phone mode. Example:

2) Can i have left and right margin for the Menu and Slider like the above link

Regard Rahul

Since it’s HTML template everything is possible, some basic HTML knowledge just needed. ;)

hi, can you help me in getting the phone number shown in phone mode, i think i need to edit css.

Phone and email are disabled in media queries by “display: none;”. Find them and delete from there.


I love this template, I just seem to have a problem with the mega menu. Whenever it becomes responsive for mobile phones the headings turn into links and when you click them an internal server error appears. I tried to get away from this by linking other pages to the headings but it still comes up as internal server error. This also happens on your demo.

Hi, headings are not linked. I don’t have my own fix for that currently, but someone in previous pages of comments posted a little fix.

Hello Vasterad, I just discovered an issue that needs a fix. When you view the main menu on a mobile device or on a browser that has been resized to a small window, the menu H5 headings (for Page Layouts, Other Pages and Paragraph) convert to links in the resized dropmenu and result in a ‘page not found’ error when clicked.

These h5 titles should not function as links.

Is it possible to fix this so they are not active links in the responsive/mobile version of the dropmenu?

thank you for any help you can provide!

It might be mentioned in previous comments, one guy posted a fix for that. However I’m going to fix it in update.

The Glyph icons are not displaying correctly on my page (arrows on the portfolio):

What script(s) control those icons? I fear it may be a reference i need to fix as our CMS changes some file names on upload. So if you had a file named: it would change it to: jquery-spinwheel-cool.js

I think I have changed all the base references, but if there is a reference INSIDE a script I’ll need to find it.

Icons doesn’t use any script to control them. You simply must did something wrong.

Did something wrong like what?

Why does this button make the rest of the buttons green (it shouldn’t?). And it also wont take me to the site. <a href="" class="button green">Button</a>

One more what does a clearfix do?

One last thing… When to use a clearfix, what will a floated column do and diffrence between class=”col2” and class=”cols2”. thanks

1. Changing color of button is not possible without changing color in CSS file.

2. There’s no diffrence between col2 and cols2.

3. Could you clarify?


I was just wondering about the menu. I need to add 10 navigation menu items to the menu and some of the wording is quite long. I was trying to wrap the text but the menu goes to pot and items are displaying underneath the menu because they cannot all fit within the width of the menu.

Are you able to help please?

Thanks, Jay

Yup, check what will the best solution for you.:)

It worked thank you by changing the padding! Thank god for that! Love the template by the way

Thanks for kind words.

How can i use social icons like this <i class="skype"> </i> and how can i add custom icons? I added custom one for the social icons but i cant get it any other way… Help?

This way you can use Skype icon:

<li class="skype"><a href="#">Skype</a></li>

You should check how current icons are made and copy it’s code.

What is the font of logo of Nevia template?

It’s “Nevis” font (available to download for free).

Thank you.

Still having an issue with the Glyph icons, can you take a look here:

They are working in the menu at the top, but not in the arrow keys next to portfolio entries. Why would that be?

Thanks for any insight.


Interesting, the arrows are now coming up correctly in chrome. Maybe they are still cached wrong in firefox…

Maybe you’re saving edited files with wrong Unicode should be UTF-8).

How do you want to send a message if you use

<form method="post" action="" name="contactform" id="contactform">