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I too always seem to have fun with the Glyph icons? I load all my files but they dont appear on home page. example using the icon-magic.. why is it missing?

Fonts folder!!!!!!!!!!! Sorted…...


I’m glad you solved it. ;)

Hello, If I want to add Adsense ads, does the HTML theme supports inserts, and where ?

In sidebar for example.

You mean the top menu ?

Dude, you can put them anywhere. There’s no limit as long as it’s HTML template. ;)

how to disable responsive..

Remove media queries from responsive.css and style.css

I cant disable it… can i have more details???

Remove everything below

/* #Tablet (Portrait) =============================================*/

in responsive.css

uploaded but found internet explorer.. working fine but when using google chrome. the glyphicons missing

Hi, try to change .svg format to .png in icons.css and icons will works.

.halflings.white { background-image: url(../images/glyphicons_halflings-white.svg); }

super thanks !!!!!!. it works perfectly.

You’re welcome.

I have a question about aligning the “choosing wine” box and image box on this page

Looking forward for your feedback,

Hi, could you clarify? Cheers.

Please ignore the previous post. I would like to know if it is possible to open and close the select box just by passing the mouse, without having to click everytime. If not possible to open the box on mouse over its possible when we click in a option the box automaticly close it self?

Thanks you

Yes, it’s possible by hovering. You can change it in custom.js and accordion section by

Regarding the spacing for the logo, my logos are squished, even after I increase the size of the width/height on the style sheet:

Do you know what else I should change?

logo a img {

float: left; width: 104px; height: 26px; }

Thanks for the help, Dave

Hi, could you provide a link to your site please?

Hi, I went back 4 pages trying to find a way to disable and select a particular Style from the style switcher but I couldn’t find an answer. The Documentation also does not have any information regarding that section. Regards, Marvin

Hi, replied via mail.

This is a great theme (purchased). Can you direct me with help in regards to email and search setup? I changed the email in the contact.php file to an email I prefer, but no such luck. Thanks

Hi, replied via email.

Disable Mobile View mode”

I have some serious question about the Nevia wordpress theme problem.i always got my web site in mobile view mode when i use my mobile phone or tablets,i want to disable mobile view mode function,because i can not see completely pages when i use mobile phone or tablets,i just want to see it in full desktop view in all devices,did anyone have that issue or experience having that problem?i really need to solve it out,thank a lot!

i want to disable mobile view mode

I just purchased this (and love it btw) and was wondering if there was any easy way to change the right-sidebar.html page so the left column is 620px and the right column is 340px?


Hi, unfortunately it’ll need many changes.

Hi, I have no idea how to make this. I’d suggest to set min-height by inline CSS.

Everything is great, except I’m having difficulty getting the drop down menu to get one more level to fly out. Its a typical secondary fly-out you see everywhere.

Thanks, Janusz

Hi, there should be no problems with that. Could you clarify what issue exactly you have? Is is related with wrong display that menu or you’re just looking for code that will allow to use third menu level?

According to the skin path was changed, as a result, I received “console” error: [“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"] [also on your sample page –]

I try adding “skinsPath”, based on
          skinsPath           : '/layerslider/skins/',
but there is no such folder. so I totally remove the “skin” line in Custom.js:
          skin                : 'fullwidth',

and the code is :

          hoverPrevNext       : true,
          navStartStop        : false,
          navButtons          : false,
          autoPlayVideos      : false,
          animateFirstLayer   : false

but now I receive [“NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"] probably because “glass” is the default skin.

How can I avoid all these 404 errors?

Please contact me via email, I’ll send you files.

where can i find your mail ?

Send me a message trough profile page.

How to have different logos for different devices? My logo is wide and I’d like to have one for different resolutions to look cleaner.

By using jquery or CSS but then you should have your logo as img background not inline image.

can i keep it inline and use jquery to replace the img src? just put in the custom.js and use px width conditional statement? Not familiar with bootstrap.

Yes you can.

Hi, I see in the wordpress version demo that it has the template to see the shopping cart and the checkout (it has all the nice style to show that part), but can’t see that part in the html5 demo, does it has it anyway? I want to buy this because I’m going to develop with Ruby on Rails. Thanks, you made a very nice and clear theme.

Hi, unfortunately HTML version doesn’t include checkout, cart etc. pages but it’s easy to create them using shortcodes.

Hi, quick presale question.

Does the purchase come with ‘sample data’ to quickly create the pages as seen in the demo?

Thank you!

*Sorry this question was intended at the WP version, i reposted there already

Is there a way to make the tables responsive? I tried added the class=”table table-responsive” but it looks like the template isn’t built on bootstrap.

Template is based on Skeleton. Tables are responsive partially.

I’ve done everything according to the documentation but still can’t get my tweets to show in the footer. Any suggestions on what else I can do?

Hi, please follow this guide

I’m trying to embed a column shortcodes within another column short code. I’d like to have a 1/3 and 2/3 column structure, and within the 2/3 column I want 1/2 and 1/2 columns. It doesn’t seem to work though. Is this possible?

Hi, are you asking about WordPress of HTML release?

Wordpress. Sorry, just realized I posted this on the HTML site.

how can I add my own logo with different dimensions to the default logo?

When I try to do this it appears squished.

You need to set height of logo in style.css