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also can fonts be easily changed ?

Yes, it’s pretty easy.

1. Put link to font you want in style.css: http://awesomescreenshot.com/02esmz900

2. Then in base.css change font’s name: http://awesomescreenshot.com/022smzidb

oh never mind – found the icons :)

Hi, there’s no more icons than included here: http://vasterad.com/themes/nevia/icons.html

You can use both in menu (these bigger will resize automatically when you’ll put them into menu).


You’re welcome. :)

how do I change flickr username to point my stream instead of yours ?

Is there any way to hide certain menu items from the mobile view is activated. For example “Two lists and a paragraph” not technically a menu link to go anywhere is there any way to hide this when the width dimension gets to a certain point?

Also, can you take a look at this doesn’t seem to display correct in Chrome, try with a lot of text (a long page) the selector seems to screw up the page with the Menu overlapping it and hiding above text if text is above

Also, Chrome for iPhone doesn’t seem to be compatible with the viewing on mobile devices can this be corrected?

—-A great theme though!


Thanks for kind words. Regarding to your first question, well it’s not really possible and needs custom script but you can add custom class to any thing you want to disable in select menu, then in media queries for mobile devices (style.css at the bottom) add .element-hide {display: none;}. It may helps.

As for second question (Chrome on iPhone) – please provide me a screenshot, because I didn’t notice any issues when I was testing this template before submitting. I tested it on iPad with Chrome and everything worked perfectly so it should works fine on iPhone too.

Cheers! :)

You are correct, I totally blew something up!

Alright, so is there any issue to solve yet? :)

I noticed my second paragraph in the above posting is missing the code I was talking about.

Please checkout and test

<a name=""></a>
as it doesn’t appear to work correctly with the menu and template when in use.

Please provide me a screenshots because I cannot see issues described by you. As for other questions I will reply you soon. Thanks.

After i fixed my first issue, it fixed my other issues.

I’m glad you solved it. :P

Hi Vesterad,

Beautiful design! Your work is outstanding. I purchased your Centum theme as well.

Could I be on a list to be emailed when your Nevia WordPress version is released?

Thank you.

Hello, any updates or ETA on the WordPress version review process? Looking forward to the WP version. Thanks!

Imho. it won’t be released before Monday, reviewers usually don’t review themes during the weekend. :)

Thanks for the update. Hopefully they complete their review soon!

Hi! I like the Centum style and also the Incredible Templets seems to be a well done project for me. I´m also interested of the new Nevia but just wonder why there is no way back from the Portfolio pages. You must go back to the main menu to start again and it´s not a good solution. Is there something I have missed?

Kind regards /Hasse Strom Motala Sweden

I’ll suggest button between “Previous” and “Next” with icon. It’s pretty easy to do. :)

Hi again, after I uploaded the design to my server, the icons don’t show. Any idea why?

Hi, could you provide a link to your site?

Hi, I’ve no idea why svgs doesn’t work for you. However you can change .svg format to .png in icons.css and icons will works.

.halflings.white {
  background-image: url(../images/glyphicons_halflings-white.svg);

Great theme, thanks for the good job, keep it up!

Thanks for purchasing and kind words! :)

Great theme. Still waiting for the wordpress version. Any time horizon when it will be available for download? thx for feedback.

Hi, thanks for kind words. WordPress version will be released on February. However you can join to our newsletter here: http://vasterad.com and you’ll get notices about our theme releases. Cheers.

Hi there – Can I place a video in homepage slider ?

Doesnt work for me – here is my slide with video

<article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 7000;">
           <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://youtu.be/3Kt-4yI2rUQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

ignore – I figured – thanks

Ok, I’m glad you solved it. ;)

Excellent looking theme, however I am curious what compatablity issues arise when displayed in, say, IE7?


Nevia in IE7 is readable but not really usable. I wont support this browser. Imho. only dinosaurs use IE7. There’re more IE6 users than IE7. :P

Is it possible to place previos/next links/icons to testimonials section?

Yes, but it will needs some custom work to style these buttons.

Hi Vasterad check this out. A name doesn’t work. I found the scenario again
direct link to aname:
Click on Services > then under Hosting Solutions > click on Pricing When I use Chrome or FireFox the following happens instead.
ie10 same thing
This is what I want to happen

If I just click on Applications the page displays normally otherwise the applications section is missing and I can’t scroll back down. If this is by design no big deal. Just wondering if this can be fixed without breaking the menu system because it works great on Mobile Devices/iPad with full screen.

<a name=""> isn't working</a>

Replied via email. ;)

Thank you for your reply. I have removed the images from my sever from the above post. No worries – its non-issue!

Ok, cheers. :)

Is the contact form work ? (Include script ?)

Yes, it’s working.

* NEVER MIND, figured it out, must…have…coffee!!! **

Hi, great template.

Looking at the documentation it mentions (Contact Form):

To change email adress, open “contact.php”, find and edit code below:

// Configuration option. // Enter the $email $address that you want to emails to be sent to. // Example $address = "joe.doe@yourdomain.com";

I think “contact.php” should be “contact.html”? Furthermore, I did not find this setting inside contact.html – am I missing files?


We all need more coffe. ;)

Hi Mateusz.I purchased your Centum theme(wp),this theme wonderful design.Your work is outstanding. I waiting for the wordpress version. See you…

Thanks for kind words! :)

hey quick question… what to enable the comments on the blogs but i cant figure out how to do it… i don’t have the site up since i working on the changes locally. But i Cant figure out how to make it work. some help with that would be really appreciate it. – Jose

oh yeah, and the other one is how to make the search option work. thanks – Jose

Hi, unfortunately search form and comment section won’t work without any extra PHP scripts since it’s only HTML template. But the good news is that we will release WordPress version next month. :)

is there any place were you can point me for the php scripts or a tutorial at least. nah, WP wont cut it. at least for who i am doing this for. thanks a million.

You can try something from there: http://goo.gl/SaagJ :P

great item! i will buy it.

Thanks! :P