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Hi again,

I have reuploaded the site to here:

All users loading on Windows XP Professional and browser IE 8 are getting a broken site. Please see screenshot here:

Any idea as to why this is occurring? I thought this theme was compatible with IE8?


It’s compatible with IE8 but I’m sure you broken the code… and have wrong doctype. Please repair it, download original files and go on. ;)

I think this happened when I tried to remove the style switcher. It is as simple as just removing everything between <!- Style Switcher and <!- Style Switcher / End—> ?

Yes, code between those html comment should be removed.

how can I save the settings Ive set up with the Style Switcher tool? and remove that icon so others cant change it?

Hi, to “save” changes from style switcher you need to set for each option CSS in style.css. To remove icon just remove style switcher’s code in HTMl markup. Please read documentation of Centum, it’s described there.

I was looking at adding a reCaptcha to the forms.

Does your code require any major modifications before I attach the reCaptcha script on the Nevia Template?

Hi, sorry but I don’t have much experience with jQuery and captcha so can’t really help you.

None of the SVG files are showing up online. I can see them when I test locally but not online. I’ve tried on two separate servers using unmodified site files taken directly from your download.

Every time I try to replace the logo the style goes to rubbish. I get a grey row at the top with a ”?” in it and the menu disappears. Am I missing something?

Hi, I have just removed ”?” character from HTML markup via your FTP and it must be related with your text editor and / or unicode. I’d recommend to use Notepad++ and UTF-8 unicode.

Hello Vasterad, it looks like the issue was being caused by my HTML editor (Coffee Cup Free FTP). I’ve changed to Notepad++ and the problem seems to have gone. Thank you for your help.


How easy is it be to add a ‘third level’ to the menu?

Ahh, please ignore this – it’s very easy :-)

Just started to set up my website

A couple of things:

1. in the header, the social icons i’m using (from addthis) look fine in Firefox, IE & Opera but in Chrome & Safari the last icon is missplaced under the others – is there an easy fix for this?

2. I have an image in the 1st footer column which looks ok everywhere except when viewing the site on a tablet in portrait mode. Should i be applying some ‘style’ to the image so that it resizes correctly?

Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

Looks like i’ve wasted my money on this theme then…. Oh well, you live & learn

It’s because of your hosting not my template. Please be serious…

Of course my apologies. Funny how out of all 8 people in 8 different places who have loaded the page only you have had any problems!!!!!

how mega menu rollover change to other color?? the rollover color just too light.. hardly see

You can adjust everything in “Menu” section in style.css

Vasterad, is there a help file for this template anywhere? I don’t see one in the download. I’ve just changed “slide-01.png” in index.html to my own image and it’s not showing the image. Is there something else that needs to be changed as well?

Sorry, I see the support file. I’ll go and investigate there.

All fixed. Thank you.

Hi, I really like your nevia theme but I would also like a sticky header (navigation). Can you add that?

Hi, unfortunately I’m not planning update.

Is there a way to have the default switcher to be active? I tried reversing the js function but I can’t find the default value for in or out. Does that make sense?

Oh I’m dumb, it’s in the css

Sorry for all the questions but the “pervious” and “next” arrows on the flexslider isn’t working for me. It works find in your demo so I know it’s not an explorer issue. Any suggestions?

Actually, I doesn’t work in your demo either?

Hi it works for me.

It’s not compatible with Chrome, luckily I don’t use it often ha

I have a small problem and maybe someone else has figure this out yet. I have been working with the news slider recently, and have noticed a small problem. For some reason header tags are removed from the mobile form of the template. I know this is not a result of my modifications, because I actually tested it on the demo version on here. Has anyone else noticed this at all, and if so, anyone have an idea as to why?

Text on mobile devices is unreadable mostly so I turned it off. However in should only be disabled on demo live preview.

Hey, can you tell me what css classes i have to customize if i want the site with for e.g 1280px .. ?

It’s not possible without making a new structure of media queries.

i bought this theme and i can’t insert floating social media share button in the dreamweaver program. please tell me how to do it ;(

What kind of social media share button? Facebook, google plus, twitter?

yes all of that :)

I still don’t get you. Social icons are included in template and if you want to use for e.g. “Like” button go to Facebook api and copy code or just google it. ;)

Hi Congratulations on a great theme. Just one small issue I have included an iframe that will not load on Iphone

works great on Ipad, IE8, Chrome Safari Firefox etc

If I remove <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>

It will display. Any idea what may be causing this thank you

Hi, to be honest I don’t know anything about that bug, no one before has similar issue and during test everything worked fine.

will you be following it up and test it ?

Could you clarify what kind of iframe you included and how it looks like? Link would be helpfully

I am new to this website thing with no coding experience and I accidentally chose this HTML-5 Version rather than the WordPress version. Is their a way to get my money back and purchase the other version? Any Guidance on this would be helpful

Hi, sorry but I’m not able to give you a refund. You should contact Envato directly on

Great theme! Only problem I have so far is it appears the documentation is missing some stuff! “Icon Usage, Style Switcher, Portfolio Filtering, etc.”


Hi, I know about that. Cheers. :)


Having trouble with second and third level dropdowns in responsive mode. The submenus show ??? at the beginning of the page names i.e. ???Motor Solutions Overview.

Everything works fine on the desktop but not on any mobile devices.

The first level is also fine on mobile devices. The problem is only on 2nd and third levels.

What can I do to fix it. Here’s the URL for the mock-up site


Yes it works as I’ve said before but it displays with ”???” in the responsive menu on Android (4.1.2) smartphones and tablets. It is not just the FAQs but all submenus.

It’s because you didn’t save custom.js in right unicode (UTF-8).

indent: '& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;'
it’s responsible for displaying character of menu level

OK, I replaced it with indent: ‘     ’ in custom.js, saved it in the right format and uploaded. It now indents correctly instead of the question marks. I hadn’t edited my custom.js so I’m not sure how the problem happened in the first place. Thanks for your help.


Need to add something to my earlier comment about dropdown menus.

The HTML pages are inside folders within the root folder. The ”?” shows up only on those pages.

Have you tested the template with HTML files inside subfolders?

Of course, does it happen only online or locally too?

Happened after I uploaded the files to my testing server and not locally. Anyway, the problem is resolved. See my other reply.