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file “scripts\custom.js”, at the end of “Fancybox2”, “rel=fancybox-gallery” code,

remove the last redundant comma, to avoid IE error “Expected identifier, string or number”

The new code:
      openEffect : 'elastic',
      closeEffect : 'elastic',
      nextEffect : 'elastic',
      prevEffect : 'elastic',

      helpers : {
        title : {
          type : 'inside'
        buttons    : {},
        overlay : {
          css : {
          'background' : 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85)'
      }           // !! // => remove this comma: ,

a href rollover how to change the color.. white is very soft… i want something stunning. thanks

This may be a dumb question, but if I wanted to add in a services option in the navigation bar, is that something I could just edit through html coding within this theme? (I am new to this, but i like this simple theme)


Yes, you can edit everything trough HTML.

product page slides … how to control the speed of sliding???

How to change the “slide-03.png” after entering the page load time with the iPad “slide-03@2x.png”

sorry for my english

Hi, sorry but I’m not sure if it will work with LayerSlider.

Hi guys,

another thing:

especially since shop pages are included in the template: an absolute must for any shop owner is social media. Please, by all means, include sharing options for the most important channels! Please, please, please! ;)


Hi, I’m sure it’s really simple by using e.g. Facebook’s API. Just copy & paste code and… that’s all.

Cheers. :P

One last question. When adding a new blog post, what program do you recommend to create it?

If you want to use HTML release then Notepad++ or Sublime would be best solution.

can I easily change the BLUE to Red? fully responsive? is twitter programed? is your content form programmed?

Yes, it works. You just need to put your email in contact.php file and upload template online. ;)

thank you !! love love love your support!!

You’re welcome.

Is there a trick to embed YouTube videos?

Could you provide a link to your site with youtube embed code?

I figured it out. Problem was the file was not online but from file system. For some reason the browser will not load the YouTube embedded video but will from we server.

Sorry about wasting your time.

No problem. :)

Hi Hope you can help

I’m displaying a google calendar in an iframe. It displays fine on desktop and on ipad in landscape mode, but when the ipad is in portrait mode, the iframe extends further than the in which it is placed.

I hope there is a simple explanation. The website is


Seriously, how can I help you if you even don’t attach link.


Previous replies show the website(s) I have mentioned

The problem seems to be similar to a previous one I mentioned where an image in the footer didn’t re-size correctly in portrait mode on tablet. I found my own work-round for this as you couldn’t help with that problem…

Seriously because I can’t open your site (connection timed out).

The content to the right side using left sidebar page slides all the way to the left when zoomed out in Firefox, is there any fix for this?

Could send an example?


On the example below, both href links goes to sample_1.htm. Slide 2 just ignores sample_2.htm link and redirects to sample_1.htm. Any help? Thanks!

<!-- Slide 1 -->
        <a href="sample_1.htm">
        <article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 7000;">
            <img src="images/slide-01.jpg" class="ls-bg" alt="" />
            <h3 class="ls-s1 caption-color" style="top: 217px; left: 656px; slidedirection: right; slideoutdirection: right; durationin: 400; durationout: 1000; easingin: easeOutExpo; delayin: 1000; background-color:#3b559c; ">text</h3>

        <!-- Slide 2 -->
        <a href="sample_2.htm">
        <article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 7000;">
            <img src="images/slide-02.jpg" class="ls-bg" alt="" />
        <h3 class="ls-s1 caption-color" style="top: 247px; left: 656px; slidedirection: right; slideoutdirection: right; durationin: 400; durationout: 1000; easingin: easeOutExpo; delayin: 1000; background-color:#3b559c; ">text2</h3>

That’s weird because it works for me on my demo files.

I really dunno… Nearly nothing changed on css files nor scripts. But not working. Can you share a link of your working link demo so that we can examine it in detail?

Hi, I can’t do it right now so please download pure package from themeforest and try to set blank slider to have links by following this

Nice looking theme, however I did have some issues throughout the development process. Some of the CSS is very greedy, it gave it me issues with Google Maps, Recaptcha, and just basic styles such as unordered lists, etc. In your future themes you may consider making your styles a little less greedy so they don’t have such a negative effect on so many third party scripts, etc. Other than that, nice theme.

Nothing is perfect. Thanks. :P

The mega menu title is clickable in the mobile version of the page. It shouldnt be in the drop down.

I can’t see your buyer badge so didn’t provide fix.

Crap, its on my companies account. I will create a new comment.



I really like the theme, however just thought I’d let you know that the contact.php has some serious security issues, and as such really shouldn’t be used in production environment (especially since you can obtain the source for the fee of 15USD)... The problematic parts are on lines 20-23, get in touch if you want and I can provide details.

Hi, I’m not an author if this script. It’s premium plugin from CodeCanyon on Extended License. :)

When an item with a tooltip is near the edge of the page the tooltip just flows off the screen. Example here:

Is there a way to keep the whole tooltip on the page/visible?

Is it question regarding HTML or WP?

Sorry I posted in the wrong spot. It’s WP.

Hello, I want to add ‘Postcode’ or ‘Zipcode’ to the contact form, can you direct me to the code to add/change?


Hi, unfortunately I cannot provide that kind of guide because it’s premium plugin from CodeCanyon and I’m not PHP expert.

Please can you direct me to plugin and I can purchace

Love the template! So far I am finding it very easy and straightforward to work with, but I am stumped by one thing. I would like to display the social networking icons and telephone number underneath the logo when in mobile formats. Currently this content is set to be hidden. How do I modify the styles or html to display this? Thank you in advance!

Hi, it’s disabled in style.css (find in media queries .social-icons and .contact-details)

Got it. Thank you!

No problem. :)

Hello, I found working with your template extremly pleasant and straightforward! I have already rated it 5 stars :grin:! The website is online and has valid Html and Css code. Now i have a serious issue with the display on different mobile devices. After I got complaints from my users I tested the site live on browserstack. The responsive layout on mobile phones (android and ios) is too narrow for some devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy nexus). People do not find the menu because the word ‘menu’ is sometimes missing in the menu tab etc. etc. There is no perfect rendering of the site on any mobile device I have tested. I really would like to make the website non-responsive!!! What do I have to do?? I am looking forward to your response. Thank you very much! Michael

Hi, you just need to remove media queriers from responsive.css and style.css

I am very grateful for your superfast response. The solution is great and easy at the same time, I thought it to be more complicated!! Thank you very much!!

You’re welcome. Cheers.

Can I make the Map more accurate to a physical address OR location? It’s only going to the City now…

It should work as well.

okay – but i posted the exact address (from google maps) into the contact.html -> *but the map is just showing the middle of the city – not the address within that city. -> *im sure im doing something wrong… im fine with finding the lat & long—but how do I make that work in your code?

address: ‘Aero Advertising, Estevan, SK, Canada’, // Your Adress Here

Try to use basic embed with map from google maps.