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hello there I have just changed the logo in the header but I am struggling to the the column height in the code its under where do i go to change the height? I found similar css code in “responsive.html” file but I could only change the width. thanks for your help.

Height of logo you can change in style.css, .logo

hello again for the contact details in the footer my email address can’t seem to fit on the same columns as the envelope logo, the email address appears under the word “Email:” what do i need to change in order for it to fit onto the same line

and also in the header I want to add my email address right underneath the contact phone without a massive gap between them two, I tried copying Contact Phone: +48 880 440 110 but the massive gap is still there. Thanks again!

1. Use <br /> 2. Could you provide a a screenshot?

Having problem with the layer slider when I try to add another more slide to the slider it doesn’t loop from the last image to the first, but it does with 1-3 slides.

Please provide me a link to your site.

You’re not closing this article tags

<article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 5000;">
add closing tag behind image:

<img src="images/slider/slider_1.jpg" class="ls-bg" alt="" /> 

I love this template. It has been easy to use and work with. I’m just having issues with forms. If you put any text after the an input (e.g. text input) it wraps that text to the next line. I want to put a * after the input to indicate that it is a required field. But it gets put on the next line. I’ve tried adding a style with “white-space:nowrap;” but that does not affect it. You can replicate this by editing the contact form and adding any text in the div after the text input. I can’t find the CSS that is affecting this. The column is plenty wide enough to fit everything.

Any ideas?

Could you provide a link to your site? I would like to see it online and play around with code. :P

Thanks for your quick response. I found an answer in your response to a previous question 6 months ago about text moving to the next line on radio boxes. In the style sheet I made sure that both <label> and <input> tags had “float: left;”

Great, so is there anything else I can do for you?

I love this template, but I seem to have an issue that has been dealt with a few times before in previous comments, but I am not having the same success others have had with solving the problem. I tested the template locally and everything looked great. I then uploaded the full site to a sub directory on my live site just to test it and have others look for any errors before I took it live (public). Everything still looked great. After fixing a few errors, I uploaded the site (public). It was then that I noticed my icons were no longer showing up. I have tried to change the source in the icon.css file from .svg to .png AND I have also tried to edit the .htaccess file (as recommended by this post My icons are still not showing up. They are still viewable in the test sub directory, but not the main site. I can post links if you need me to. Thanks!

As I said there’s problem with source:

You didn’t upload fonts folder.

Thanks! I thought I got everything uploaded, but apparently not.

You’re welcome.

Hi, this template works with prestashop 1.5?

thanks and regards, Matteo

It’s HTML template, not PrestaShop theme.

Hi there, How do you change the slides? I just want to use plain images, no layering. Thanks.

Could you clarify?

Hi there,

Just purchased this theme yesterday thanks. Can you please advise where all the settings are for the layerslider? I’d like to add turn thumbnails on? Thanks.

Hi, it’s not possible to use some options in layerslider version included in nevia.

hi, you can find out from a template is the Russian language! and as I understand it is built Shop

thank you

Hi, could you clarify?


My client’s site ( is now online and working except for the menu of the index page on mobile view.

It doesn’t somehow adjust the menu for the mobile view, and this seems to happen only on the index-page.

Best regards, Markus

It’s broken js or css of mobile menu.


I purchased this theme approx 6 months ago and it has been terrific!

One problem I am having is with unordered lists

I see in style.css how to create an unordered list where a star, plus sign, or checkmark is used for the bullet, but how do I get a basic plan bullet (circle) to be used for my unordered lists?


that was supposed to be “plain bullet” – basically a dot or filled in circle – typically the default for unordered lists {list-style-type:circle}

    Just make an additional class for list with dots.

    Hello, I really like the template. I’m having a small issue with certain text having a different line height than the rest of the text – and I’m not sure how to fix it.


    The most obvious example is the footer where the contact info is.

    “Contact details” has their own line height setting in css, that’s why.

    Fixed it, thanks. One other thing I’m having trouble with is creating a new form. Everything functions fine except the warnings and red box highlights for errors.

    I can’t really help because I’m not author of the script used in Nevia and my PHP knowledge is basic.


    installed your template and build a very nice website in it. Checking everything before launching I saw the navbar isn’t displaying in IE8 and IE9.

    Could you please advise? Thanks in advance, Regards

    I can’t figure out where I go to change the width of the FlexSlider

    Do you need to change flexslider width on the homepage or subpage in content?


    You can put flexslider in container, I mean in a div with columns e.g. <div class="eight columns" />


    I want to report a product Vulnerability but I still cant find the contact email. For more info about this report please contact me at my email .Thank you!

    Regards, Jonathan

    Hi, you can send me an email trough contact form

    Hi, you have made beautiful templates. Before choosing one of the five html templates, I would like to ask the following:
    • Do you have 2 or 3-level navigation support in all templates or only Nevia does this?
    • Can template selection button be used for language picker (interested in website published in two languages)?
    • Can contact form co-operate with phplist list subscribe?
    • Is there support for including same header and footer (separate html files) in all pages?
    Thank you

    1. All templates support it.
    2. Yes, you’ve free hands as long as it’s HTML template and you’ve some knowledge.
    3. I’d recommend to use third-party plugin for newsletter.
    4. You can do this by PHP include.

    You have any plans to update this template?

    Layer slider updates with an update JS/php contact form?

    Just curious if you have any plans to update this template. The Twitter api is no longer working.

    Twitter API works, I don’t know what are you talking about. :P Check demo preview. As for updates, I’m not planning any right now because. You know, it’s HTML template and not much things need to be updated.

    I’ve tried to use a background image for #footer and #footer-bottom, but they will not be displayed…. I don´t know why ?!?

    oh, sorry… forget ”../ ” :|

    Great work! I love it. I have run into a little snag and I was hoping you could provide some input or advice. Some of the text seems to be off when viewed on iPad. It seems fine on the iPhone and on desktop. I was hoping you could provide some help. My test code is at: Thanks!

    Could you clarify what kind of texts did you mean?

    Hi purchased this awhile back but absolutely love it. Have one problem. How do I adjust the CSS so that it shows the mobile layout on a tablet (e.g. iPad Mini) and not the web version.

    Hi, play around with responsive.css. There’re all styles responsible for displaying Nevia on mobile devices.