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Is there a way to change the notification errors messages in the contact page: - Please include an ’@’ in the email address… - Please include a part following ’@’.... - Please match the requested format. ...

for example for a website in french, having the messages in french.

Hi, I can’t see your buyer badge.

I didn’t buy yet. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to have a website with all the error messages in french.

Oh, sorry then. Are you asking about WordPress or HTML version? Anyway, it’s possible in both versions.

Please help. They css breaks the ReCaptcha layout.

Hard to say. It may be because of you didn’t use clearfix or did something wrong but definitely CSS from Nevia does not have any influence on how captcha looks

Why is it then when I remove the nevia style sheet it looks correct? The conflict appears to be with the table css code as recapha uses table css or it could be a Line hight issue or something, but I guess you are not willing to troubleshoot it but rather just deny that it is a conflict. I am also not the first one that asked for help from you regarding this and those users were ignored. Oh well..

I’m trying to help everyone since they aren’t tactless and their issues are not because of their laziness. You didn’t even include any link to your site that I could check…

In IE 10, when entering text into the top-search input, the “search.png” image is getting a strange background. Do you know why? [it does not happen on IE 9]

tested on IE 10. maybe IE10 understand it is a “search” input and it adds the “X” to clear content, but it overlaps the “magnify” icon ?!

Hi, thanks for providing tip. Unfortunately (or fortunately :P) it worked for me so I was not really able to find the solution.

Hi, i change in CSS the them to rtl , when I run it in IE11 the js file for the nav bar is not working and it’s not showing the nav bar .. you can see it in url- Please help

Hi, hope you can help! I recently noticed on the Nivea theme I recently purchased that when I shrink the page all the way down to phone size (260px I believe) that the images and footer tend to get big again and go off screen. It is also acting weird on the iphone. In every other way it seems perfect and normal. Can you take a look? Thank you!

Sorry for the bother… I found it. I had added some new sizing and found it to be the problem! Thanks!

Ok, I’m glad you solved it

Hi, how can I add my twitter account so I see my tweets published on the site? Thank you

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased / installed the Nevia HTML template and noticed that the icon images are not appearing in IE10 for the “icon-box” classes (displays fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome).


I tried changing the icons.css to use glyphicons_halflings.png instead of glyphicons_halflings.svg but it made no difference.

If I view index.html natively via the Windows filesystem then the icons appear.

Screen shots are at:

I’ve tried this on multiple webservers and the problem remains for IE10 (other browsers are okay).

Any suggestions?
Regards —Russell

“icon-box” is not related with glyphicons. I’m sure there’s something wrong with your FTP uploaded. Did you try to use another one e.g. FileZilla?

Hi Vasterad!

I just began recently receiving spam contact emails through my form. Is there a way to add security like a captcha or similar? Thanks!

Hi, I can’t help because I’m amateur in case of PHP. :P

I feel like you meant this answer for the other person’s question below?

Nope, adding captcha or something similar would need some PHP knowledge. That’s why I can’t really help you in this case.

Hi, My problem is about contact.php. When i want to send e-mail, it shows me an error. Error message is: ERROR! Please ensure PHP Mail() is correctly configured on this server. How can i configure my mail server. I couldn’t see SMTP settings in contact.php file. Thanks and regards.

Please ask hosting provider how to set SMTP auth if it’s needed.

Hi. I purchased this about a year ago, and I have noticed that the emails to a domain-specific email address ( do not come through. I am using Google Apps for my email based. The emails come through when I test it to a Gmail account, but come through as spam.

Any suggestions?


i want to change the menu from style1 to style2 in the switcher, but i cant find the code on the documentation.


Hi, add class="style-2":

<nav id="navigation" class="style-2">

hi, I purchased nevia wordpress version but now I dont want to use wordpres to develop my website Can I get the html5 version?


Hi, unfortunately you need to buy other license with HTML version.

Hi, I just recently purchased the html version of nevia. When I start to change some things in the style.css the whole site becomes broken after I redo my changes.

For example step by step what I did: 1. Open the style.css and change a random thing 2. save 3. Open index.html or just refresh 4. Site becomes broken as if the style.css is not used anymore

It seems that my html editor breaks the css because when I do the same thing with notepad, everything works. Is there a perticular editor that needs to be used? I’m using CoffeeCup free html editor.



I’d recommend to use Notepadd++, Sublime or Intype. ;)

Hi, After submitting a contact form the details I filled are still displayed. I would like to know how to stop this from happening. If you provide a contact email I can send a print screen with this.


I bought your centum and nevis Template. Great works!

Do you have an recommendation for a blog system?

Thank for response

Hi, thanks for purchasing. I’d recommend WordPress to use as blog cms.

Hi Vasterad,

I have expressed myself wrong. What a system or code you can recommend to allow comments from guests. best regards mike

Is it question regarding HTML version? :P If so, have no idea. Anything you implement would be fine

Hi, again, having some trouble with the iPhone part of this website. It seems that there is some right margin or padding somewhere, but can’t seem to figure out what is causing it. It is allowing the website to zoom on the iPhone and it shouldn’t. Can you help? Thank you!!!!

Hi, I’m having a problem with left-aligned images hiding the bullets in my unordered lists. The text wraps around the images, but the bullets do not. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

It made the period at the end part of the link.. delete that and it should work.

I just noticed that the tabs aren’t working in IE either. I must have done something to the CSS, but I can’t figure out what. Would you have any idea what might be causing the accordions and tabs to display all of their contents?

Have no idea, because I don’t know what did you change in code. I’d suggest to use default CSS and JS code of tabs/accordions then check when it stops working during your modifications

Hello, I just purchased this theme and want to view the documentation but can’t. When I try to view the index file in Firefox a blank Google page opens up. This doesn’t happen with the other html docs. Please advise. Thanks.

actually when I view it live in DW it opens but just not directly.

That’s odd, are you sure trying to run index.html in docs folder? :P

Almost love the theme. I have 2 questions.

1. How do I edit the size of the logo? 2. How do I add the little icons to the main menu like you guys have in the demo?

Hiho, questions regarding wordpress release please post there thanks :)