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I have seen discussions about icons not working on a live site (even though they work when i’m testing it on my mac). I really don’t understand how i can get them to work. Have changed to .png in icons.css but still no luck.

Please can anyone help me.

Thanks very much

Sorry….have sorted this now. My fault…hadnt uploaded fonts folder….apologies. Theme is great thanks

I’m glad you solved that


I bought theme yesterday but icons not working on a live site (even though they work when i’m testing it on my PC) after upload PHP server. I really don’t understand how i can get them to work.

Please HELP

Thanks very much

no,i mean icons not working if i upload webhost server just HTMLbut icons work when on my local PC ,i already sent you web address,did you receive?

i change png then solved thank you verymuckh

Ah, I didn’t read carefully your comment. Sorry. :D

Hey Vasterad,

i have a little Problem with the included Version of the LayerSlider (see for more informations). Can u help me? – I need the new Version of it to resolve the Problem.

Thank you very much.

Greetings Johny

Contact me trough profile page. I’ll send you an updated version

Thank you, i recieved the updated version, but my efforts to update LayerSlider failed. The Slider won’t work. Is there an update of the Nevia Template possible? – Alternative a hotfix for the linkin problem (see Link in my first post).

Many thanks for your support!

Hi, unfortunately there’s no update right now.

Hello, I added the code to make tablet vertical view show the pull-down menu. How can I get it so the menu creates a parented menu, one that indents the sub-menus? Right now on the ipad it just shows a straight list.

Thanks, Adam

Oh great! Thank you so much! Really a great template!


do you have sitemap format??? I can’t find it, thanks..


Hi, there’s no sitemap page

Regarding the twitter feed, I have followed the instructions at and found out the step three is out of date: Step 3: Authorize your domain

Go to the @Anywhere domains page and add there your domain without “WWW” or “http” prefix e.g.

Please advise how to get my twitter api feed to work again. It did the first time but no longer works. I went through the dev.twitter process but it appears the website code is not working. Thank you.

I did what another poster suggested. I added the letter “s” here in front of http ( ) on line 16 in twitter.php : Therefore: base_url’ => ‘'

it works now.

Ok, I’m glad you solved that


I want to remove the mobile and tablet version. I read your reply on of the comments where I should remove the #Tablet (Portrait), #Mobile (Portrait), #Mobile (Landscape) parts from the responsive.css. I removed them already but still the website is showing in mobile version not desktop version. Please HELP URGENTLY.

Remove also media queries from style.css (at the bottom of file)

Hello Vasterad,

is use the wordpress version, but it seems the menu icons do not appear. I select them in the menu (menu Icon) but they do not show up. Background of the menu is grey, as standard, should I change the icon color?

Second, how do I get the social icons on top of my search bar in the header.

Thanks is advance

Sorry, already solved it..

Ok, great

Hello thank you

i got problem,  if put three lines  in  address of contact details in footer,then format not left-aligned?where can i revise this format ?

I’m using the Nevia theme and am loving it, but I do love the mobile menu bar user interface of your latest Trizzy theme: Trizzy’s beautiful slide out menu vs. Nevia’s dropdown menu in mobile/narrow screens.

Might you advise on how I can incorporate Trizzy’s menu bar interface to work on the Nevia theme. What particular files or code snippets would I need to change?

Hi, It’s rather much work and I don’t have any guide how to do it.

Hello, I have the follwing problem, my marker on contact’s form map is placed 3 cm right from the original position, maybe you can help me with this?

It’s rather an issue with google maps than Nevia theme. :P

Maybe you suggest something to solve this problem?

Hi, sorry but I’ve no idea. Maybe try to add put more exact direction

Good day,

Love the template.. . Couple things???

1. I have added a paypal script into this template, however, I noticed the file. do you have a sample of this working?? how would I implement this???

2. How would i modify the menu script so that, I would highlight the active tab and the add an icon to the sub menu item?? right now it highlights the sub menu and not the parent.

regards, Brad

would it be possible to get sample coding for a product?

1. this file is related with price filtering on shop page

2. It’ll needs some custom work that I can’t provide in range of support

Hi, great theme. Do you happen to have access to the updated GLYPHICONS icons? I am looking for Google Plus and Yelp. I see them on the GLYPHICONS page but they are not included in the folder.


Hi, sorry but I’m not planning glyphicons update for nevia

hello admin!

i saw that you provide this theme only in three version, i.e, wordpress, drupal, and HTML, will you provide this theme in blogger xml format as we required this in both HTML and blogger format.

Waiting for your response.

Hi, unfortunately not


I have a question on toggles. How can I set them up so that they are all closed initially, instead of the first one being open when the page is initially loaded?


Remove “opened” class from first toggle

Great Theme! But i have two little problems with it. 1. My site will provide german content which means that i need to use the letters äöü. The Theme seems to have problems with these letters. Are there any solutions i could do to solve this?

2. The pagination css classes set the “current” class for the a-Tag. Is there a way to change the css to let this be done with the li-tag?

1. Since UTF-8 is set everything should work. I’m sure you’re saving files without utf-8 unicode. Use Notepad++ editor.

2. Hm, not really because that hyperlink in li tag is styled in css, not list element.

Hi, it possible to insert the tabs inside the accordions? Thank you

<div class="accordion ui-accordion ui-widget ui-helper-reset"> <!-- Section 1 --> <h3 class="ui-accordion-header ui-helper-reset ui-state-default ui-accordion-icons ui-corner-all ui-accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top"><span class="ui-accordion-header-icon ui-icon ui-accordion-icon ui-accordion-icon-active" />Prima Linea</h3> <div style="display: block;" class="ui-accordion-content ui-helper-reset ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom"> <ul class="tabs-nav"> <li class="active"><a href="#tab1">Prodotto 1</a></li> <li><a href="#tab2">Prodotto 2</a></li> <li><a href="#tab3">Prodotto 3</a></li> </ul> <div class="tabs-container"> <div id="tab1" class="tab-content" style="display: block;">Testo 1</div> <div id="tab2" class="tab-content" style="display: none;">Testo 2</div> <div id="tab3" class="tab-content" style="display: none;">Testo 3</div> </div> </div> <!-- Section 2 --> <h3 class="ui-accordion-header ui-helper-reset ui-state-default ui-accordion-icons ui-corner-all"><span class="ui-accordion-header-icon ui-icon ui-accordion-icon" />Seconda Linea</h3> <div style="display: block;" class="ui-accordion-content ui-helper-reset ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom"> <ul class="tabs-nav"> <li class=""><a href="#tab3">Prodotto 1</a></li> <li class=""><a href="#tab4">Prodotto 2</a></li> <li class=""><a href="#tab5">Prodotto 3</a></li> </ul> <div class="tabs-container"> <div id="tab3" class="tab-content" style="display: block;">Testo 1</div> <div id="tab4" class="tab-content" style="display: none;">Testo 2</div> <div id="tab5" class="tab-content" style="display: none;">Testo 3</div> </div> <!-- tabs-container--> </div> <!-- Section 2 --> </div> <code /></code>

I resolved the problem with toggle, thank you!

Hi, I’m glad you solved that. Sorry for delayed reply.


I have purchased the theme. Upon trying to install it, I got the following message in Wordpress.

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Please help!

Best, David

Hi, you bought HTML version. You need to buy WordPress release.

Hello, I try to add an additional field to my contact form, but struggle to get it working. I want to insert a field for a phone number that has to be required. Its no problem to insert a new field with <div> <label for="phone" accesskey="O">Phone: <span>*</span></label> <input name="phone" type="text" id="phone" /> </div> .

But how can I make it required? And how does it get displayed inside the e-mail?


You need to edit some part of code in custom.js (contact form section) and JS as I remember however I’m not php/js expert so can’t really help. I’ve provided just premium script, I’m not author of it.


I like your theme but when its open in Mobile or tab the menu converts to a single drop-down menu, is its possible to kept menu in its original form also the dropdown of megamenu and menu will open in mobile in its original form.

As my one friend purchse it in WP And I also want to purchase it in HTML, in WP the MENU is KEPT in ORIGINAL FORM by setting it but its not open in Mobile, So plz resolve it So that I will Purchase it.

If possible plz send the code required to add in WP to check it.

It’s possible but it doesn’t make sense. It would be unusable…

how it applied in WP theme, I want to test this on it, i required this, and as my friend use WP them so tell me so that i will see the demo on it will it work or not.

plz reply i am waiting for your reply, its 5 days ago msg