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How easily editable is this theme in Dreamweaver CS5? Also, what has the feedback for making navigation includes? SSI htms, php or JS?

What do you mean? Please clarify your question. :)

What software/method is generally used to edit the templates (i.e. dreamweaver, visual studio) or is it generally just editing directly to the sourcecode through something like NotePad?

It doesn’t matter, just use what you prefer. Personally I love this editor:

Hi Vasterad,

Beautiful theme. :)

It seems there are three “modes” for the responsive design – full desktop, a sub-desktop and then a mini phone-friendly mode.

If I wanted to disable one or more of the smaller modes entirely, how would I do it? Is there an easy way (e.g. just comment out a chunk of code)? The idea being that if disabled, the mobile devices would just render the page using the full-size desktop styles.


Yes, you can just comment some code here: and that’s all. :)

The header icons dissappeared from my menu. It works on my desktop, but not on the hosted website. Any ideas on the problem? I tried erasing the entire website and uploading again, but that didn’t work.


Hi, it’s related with your hosting and wrong configuration for .svg displaying:

If you don’t want to configure .htaccess you can change icon source from .png to .png in icons.css:

.halflings {
  display: inline-block;
  width: 14px;
  height: 14px;
  line-height: 14px;
  vertical-align: text-top;
  background-image: url(../images/glyphicons_halflings.svg);
  background-position: 0 0;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  vertical-align: top;
  *display: inline;
  *zoom: 1;
  *margin-right: .3em;


Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. For anyone else, I have a Linux hosting account with Godaddy not displaying .svg files. Finding the right commands with the .htaccess was a pain. This is what finally worked:
  1. Add MIME Types # SVG support AddType image/svg+xml svg AddType image/svg+xml svgz # I tried numerous combinations, but this was the only thing that worked. By the way, GREAT theme and good support. I appreciate it!

Thanks for tip! If you could, please rate this template. ;)

Thanks for the wonderful theme.

Thanks. :)

Hi Dev, When the comment in blog page has less no. of words(short in length) then message comes below the user image. Can you please help me on this ? Thanks, Ashish

That fixes the issue on main comments. But poses a new issue in sub comments.

Can you please help me on this ?

Thanks again for precise issue notice. Change float: right on float: left :

ol li ol.childlist .comment-des {
   float: left;


Hi, I have just bought nevia and i canot set it on my wordpress theme, the message:

Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation du thème…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Le fichier style.css ne contient pas un en-tête valide de thème.

L’installation du thème a échoué.

If i translate .css is not valide for the head of the page Please, help!

This is not WordPress theme, but HTML template. It’s placed in Site Templates category and it’s cheaper than WordPress themes. Please do not use big letters in comment.

WordPress version will be available for sale in February. If you want to get refund, you can contact Envato Support (

Cheers. :)

Ok, thanks you

Sure thing. :)

Excellent template I would like to buy it and I’ll do it. But I want to ask if you can help me with that. I need to put videos of multiple types (Flash, YouTube, Vimeo, etc., etc.), Is it possible that they can be included as part of a gallery? If you can do this. I bought this template at the time of receiving a reply.

(Centum Template Wordpress does, Centrum Template HTML not does). ?

Hi, every of my themes support videos in lighbox, slider… anywhere. If you’ll need assist – just write a comment. :)

I appreciate your prompt response and I will trust in your promise that you’ll be there to help in the details of the implementation of my project. I’ll buy the template at this time.

I’m trying to alter the classes “picture” and ’’image-overlay-link’; but I can’t find them. Where would I locate those styles?


Oh, my fault, thanks for informations! These classes are unnecessary and can be delete.

Ok, so can you tell me which class DO control the portfolio boxes? I want to change background colour to a gradient, maybe add a border.

It’s .item-description class.

On the Style-Switcher where do I change it to slide on on hover and back in on mouse out?

In switcher.js from 104 line.

Thanks, I am still having issues getting the template to work properly on IE8. Works with the NEVIA template on your site just fine. Can you please zip it up as a reply to my email?

Okay, but please drop me an email first. I don’t have your email.


Very good template. I am creating another form similar to the contact form . I have changed the php and included more fields and everyhting works fine.

Based on the below code..if soemone does not enter or keeps it blank then the form feld background turns pink and does not submit the form

<label for="email" accesskey="E">Email: </label>
<input name="email" type="email" id="email" pattern="^[A-Za-z0-9](([_\.\-]?[a-zA-Z0-9]+)*)@([A-Za-z0-9]+)(([\.\-]?[a-zA-Z0-9]+)*)\.([A-Za-z]{2,})$" />

How can I achieve the same for the below field as I seem to have multple fields that are mandatory to be filled.

<label for="title" accesskey="U">Title (Mr,Mrs,Miss,Ms,Dr,Rev):</label>
<input name="title" type="text" id="title"  />
I would also like to redirect the user to another pager after submit has been successful. Look forward to your support. Thank you very much in advance

Hi, checking if fields are filled you can add in (Validate as you type). Regarding to redirecting – it’s out of support, but personally I’ve no idea. Of course it can be done by JS or PHP, but I’m not expert.

Sorry for being naive. But where do I add it. Can you give me a code example for the field i have shown above

Please contact me via email, it’d easier to help you. I need to know what kind of fields did you add and want to validate.

great theme…

Thanks! :)

In the top navigation I have no need for the

Other Pages
but when I delete it all of the links under that appear as one when I view on the phone.

How do I delete that but still have each link in the

  • FAQ’s
  • list appear as individual links instead of one long link?


    I’d recommend to edit right-sidebar.html.

    Perfect, you’re a genius. I’d recommend adding this layout to your next update, it looks really good.

    I’ll keep it in mind for WordPress release. Thanks. ;)

    Hi, I really like this HTML template and may buy it.. I just wanted to ask you a question… I usually design Wordpress websites using themes…

    I noticed this one is HTML but has a blog in template.. What would one use if they wanted to incorporate a blog using this HTML template? Thanks :)

    Blog can be modified manualny since you don’t implementacji any CMS (like WordPress). However WP version will be available for sale next month. Cheers

    Hi great theme.

    Struggling to get it installed. Is there any ‘idiots’ guide? New to Wordpress.,


    Hi, unfortunately this is not WordPress theme. This is HTML template (cheaper than WP themes and placed in Site Templates category). However WordPress release of Nevia will be available next month. If you want to get refund, please contact with Envato Support ( Cheers.

    Hi, this is probably one of the best looking designs ive seen on this site.

    But before i purchase, ive noticed something strange. On the portfolio, if you hover over the first image towards the top left of it, it doesnt allow you to click on it but enables the filter even though the filter is not visible, this seems to happen on IE9 but not Chrome. Is there a reason for this? I would like it to do this if i purchased it. Any advice would be greatful. Thanks, Matt

    Try now, I didn’t save edited file. :S

    Haha. Yes that works now on your preview. Glad it was fixable, I am going to purchase at end of the week for a project. Great work!

    Sure thing, looking forward for your purchase. :)

    I would like to use your menu – Responsive CSS3 Mega Menu (available for sale at Codecanyon) with your great Nevia theme. If I buy the menu, could you kindly guide me how to incorporate with this nevia theme?

    Again, I need the guideline only so that it may become easier for me to incorporate the menu with this Nevia theme.

    Looking forward to getting a favorable reply from you soon.

    Regards, Zahid

    Sure I will but now I’m going to sleep, so tomorrow (drop me an email through my profile page). Alright? Cheers. :)

    How would I add two buttons inside the portfolio boxes of portfolio-4.html

    Where it says ‘Time is Running Out’ – ‘Photography’, under that text I would like to add a ‘Buy’ and ‘More Info’ button. I’ve tried using the following class ona link but it messed up the box.

    class=”button gray”


    Add this to CSS:

    .portfolio-item img {margin: 0 auto;}

    I’m glad you solved issues. If you could please rate Nevia, I’d be really grateful for 5 stars. :)

    Excellent, thanks a lot. 5 stars coming up.

    Thanks a lot! :)

    just a small fix:

    .js .selectnav {
        display: block;
        -webkit-appearance: menulist; 

    adding webkit appearance makes the native select list appear instead of a dropdown

    a Better mobile menu… add class=”no-mobile” to each h5, p, span, and primary nav href

    then modify jquery.selectnav.js

                for(var i=0; i < length; i++){    
                    var link = list.children[i].children[0];
                    var text = link.innerText || link.textContent;        
                    var isselected = '';
                        isselected = !== -1 || !== -1 ? selected : '';    
                    if(autoselect && !isselected){
                        isselected = link.href === document.URL ? selected : '';
                    if('no-mobile') == -1 ) {
                        html += '<option value="' + link.href + '" ' + isselected + '>' + prefix + text +'</option>';
                        var subElement = list.children[i].children[1];
                        if( subElement && islist(subElement) ){
                            var subOptions = parselist(subElement);
                            html += '<optgroup label="'+ text +'">' + parselist(subElement) + '</optgroup>';

    if anyone wants to preview the menu can be seen here:

    its the script you already used jquery.selectnav.js … you must open it and replace the for(var i=0; block with the above one

    I just made modifications thats all

    Oh, my fault. You’re right, ale thanks.