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Pre-sales questions.

Which editor do you recommend to get the most of the template? It is necessary Photoshop or similar? Blog works out-of-the-box or does it need something else? The same question for Contact form

I am an advanced user but not an expert. Is the template easy enough for me to put it to work? :-)

Thanks in advance. Regards.

Yes, fonts and colours are really easy to change however to put the blog to work you need any PHP script as you said, but keep in mind that Nevia doesn’t include any scripts for a blog. :)

I understand that is only a template and that does not include any script :-) I have just purchased the template. Thanks for your work and your kind explanations!

Thanks for purchasing! If you’ll have any further questions just drop me an email or write here. :)

Contact form not working :( Yahoo hosting, yes, I did change my Email…

You’ve probably Basic Plan ( ) that doesn’t support PHP, isn’t it? :P

Premier Plan

ERROR! Please ensure PHP Mail() is correctly configured on this server.

It is working! :)

in some browsers only….

Well, I’ve no idea why do you have this issue. Contact me via email, please.

Hi, will you be developing this theme in wordpress?

Yes, the middle part of February.

Really nice work! Like the clean and simple design, good luck with the sales


I fixed my previous code, this is the complete navigation menu dropdown just replace jquery.selectnav.js

WHat my fix does over the previous post, is if you add class=”no-mobile” to an entire block resulting in an empty group it wont display that option group.

To use this script correctly add class=”no-mobile” on h5, a, and p elements that you do not want to show up… also put it on each primary navigation “a” element for instance home, contact, about.

For example see here:

// SelectNav.js (v. 0.1)
// Converts your  navigation into a dropdown list for small screens

window.selectnav = (function(){

"use strict";

    var selectnav = function(element,options){

        element = document.getElementById(element);

        // return immediately if element doesn't exist    
        if( ! element) 

        // return immediately if element is not a list
        if( ! islist(element) )    

        document.documentElement.className += " js";

        // retreive options and set defaults
        var o = options || {},

            activeclass = o.activeclass || 'active',
            autoselect = typeof(o.autoselect) === "boolean" ? o.autoselect : true,
            nested = typeof(o.nested) === "boolean" ? o.nested : true,
            indent = o.indent || "?",
            label = o.label || "- Navigation -",

            // helper variables
            level = 0,
            selected = " selected ";

        // insert the freshly created dropdown navigation after the existing navigation
        element.insertAdjacentHTML('afterend', parselist(element) );

        var nav = document.getElementById(id());

        // autoforward on click
        if (nav.addEventListener) nav.addEventListener('change',goTo);
        if (nav.attachEvent) nav.attachEvent('onchange', goTo);

        return nav;

        function goTo(e){

            // Crossbrowser issues -
            var targ;
            if (!e) e = window.event;
            if ( targ =;
            else if (e.srcElement) targ = e.srcElement;
            if (targ.nodeType === 3) // defeat Safari bug
                targ = targ.parentNode;    

            if(targ.value) window.location.href = targ.value; 

        function islist(list){
            var n = list.nodeName.toLowerCase();
            return (n === 'ul' || n === 'ol');

        function id(nextId){
            for(var j=1; document.getElementById('selectnav'+j);j++);
            return (nextId) ? 'selectnav'+j : 'selectnav'+(j-1);

        function parselist(list){

            // go one level down

            var length = list.children.length,
                html = '',
                prefix = '',
                k = level-1

            // return immediately if has no children
            if (!length) return;

            if(k) {
                    prefix += indent;
                prefix += " ";

            for(var i=0; i < length; i++){    

                var link = list.children[i].children[0];
                var text = link.innerText || link.textContent;        
                var isselected = '';

                    isselected = !== -1 || !== -1 ? selected : '';    

                if(autoselect && !isselected){
                    isselected = link.href === document.URL ? selected : '';

                if('no-mobile') == -1 ) {
                    html += '<option value="' + link.href + '" ' + isselected + '>' + prefix + text +'</option>';

                    var subElement = list.children[i].children[1];
                    if( subElement && islist(subElement) ){

                        var subOptions = parselist(subElement);
                        if(subOptions.replace(/\s+/g, ' ') !== ''){
                            html += '<optgroup label="'+ text +'">' + subOptions + '</optgroup>';

            // adds label
            if(level === 1 && label) html = '<option value="">' + label + '</option>' + html;

            // add <select> tag to the top level of the list
            if(level === 1) html = '<select class="selectnav" id="'+id(true)+'">' + html + '</select>';

            // go 1 level up

            return html;


    return function (element,options) { 



Your design method with this template is amazing, not only the design but the use of the easiest 960 grids I have ever used… simply just adding and removing blocks as needed was a breaze… It will be a design that I hold all other designs to this new standard. Making modifications and expanding up this couldnt be simpler.

THank You so much!

Thanks for kind words, I’ll keep your script modifications in mind and if I’ll be planning update, add it.

If you understand html and css you will be able to work on Nevia instantly after it has arrived on your PC. Nevia is a model template, complex but not complicated, well designed but not rigid, satisfying in its ‘naked’ state and open for further development into a great website. I really enjoy working with Nevia and can recommend it without any restraints!! Thank you!!!

Nice to hear kind words from customers, thanks! :)


I’ve just bought your theme and like detecoc I also get the style.css missing error. I’m not sure I understand your comment though: do you mean that there will be a new version for the latest wordpress version (that I would have to buy separately?)? It would be great if you could clarify.

Many thanks .cl

This is HTML template, not WordPress. If you want to get refund please contact Envato Support (

Hello I just want to know if is possible to have the lasts tweets now I can see like in row, is possible to have in column? I change to have 2 tweets then for example : I want this : tweet 1 tweet 2 Not like now is : tweet 1 tweet 2 Thank you very much.

All twitter feed styles you can do by modifying #twitter / #twitter-blog (depends what do you want).

Hi Vasterad, How can I autoplay jcarousel elements? Like this sample

Hi, please replace an old custom.js with this: Cheers.

Works! Works! Works! Thanks for this special modification :) You are themeforest superhero !!!

Thanks! :P

Hey, quick question…can i disable the mobile version so that the way the site is on desktop it shows on any mobile?

Not whole, but those parts: #Tablet (Portrait), #Mobile (Portrait), #Mobile (Landscape).

i tried, can you elaborate?

Could you write comments form account where you bought this template? I need to verify your purchase. :P

I can’t install this item on my Wordrpress Themes…the error i get on upload is:-

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


This is not WordPress theme. It’s HTML template (cheaper than WP themes and placed in Site Templated category).

Hi, how do i add the link to slideshow? thank you.

I know but, what kind of hyperlink, button from shortcodes or…? ;)

yes, button from shortcodes

Does it<a href="#" class="button color">Button</a> work?

Hello. Firstly thanks for the great theme, it ROCKS! One question. Is it possible to have page stretched do 100% width of the browser windows when screen is 1024px and smaller? How? Thanks. Martin

In responsive.css you can remove all media queries (tablet, mobile portrait and landscape).

Thanks for reply, but actually this hasnt worked for me…:-( I just need a bit different funcionality of responsiveness. From width 1024px down I need the design to be totally fluid that there are no margins between “boxed page” and window border. (Something like this: Is it possible to change this somehow?

Oh, now I understand what did you mean. Unfortunately Nevia is boxed and to get effect you want needs custom work.

Issue : GAP reduction – above and bottom of the Jcaroussel.

I need to reduce the top gap till the divider and the bottom gap till the footer of Jcarousel of my homepage.

If you visit my site at : will understand the problem.

Please advice me how to do it.

Edit .entire (padding) and .portfolio-item (margin) in style.css. It might helps.

Your attitude for helping others is really exceptional. Wish you great success in life.

If that helped you – thanks. :P

Hi. Question. I saw it posted by another member but no public reply. I’d like to have the template display in a mobile browser as it does in desktop or some workaround to achieve this. Can you help?

Could you clarify your questions? Do you want to disable mobile layouts?

yes please. I’m looking for the layout on a mobile device to be rendered the same as on a standard desktop on just rely on viewport for the screen sizing.

I’ve made a modification for you: replace this file with an old responsive.css file.

wonderful thank you so very much. You are awesome!

You’re welcome. :)

Hello everyone, I’ve just made an update and added brand new shop design, enjoy.

P.S. It’s because WooCommerce will be available in WordPress version of Nevia. ;)


I want to test the layerslider with other images – but it doesn’t work.

I replaced slide-01.jpg, slide-02.jpg and slide-03.jpg with other photos but now it isn’t sliding anymore.

The first image will show up but I can’t change to the second image. If I click backwards, the third image will show up.

What I am doing wrong ?


Sorry but it’s not related with template, but linking your images I guess. Please read documentation. ;)

I just bought this theme and tried to install it. But it does not work. I recieved an error with the message: “The style.css is missing in the stylesheet of this theme.”

Can someone help me and tell me what am i doing wrong?

This is HTMl template, not WordPress theme. It’s cheaper and placed in “Site Templates” category.