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Nice Template

Why doesnt the Styleswticher stay at the same color?

If i choose orange and go to another page it gets reset to blue. How can i prevent that?

Yes but needs custom works and would be out of support range.

How much would you charge for that?

I’m not freelance available, sorry.

Hello again

I have been waiting for wp release, any chance we could see it in the next 2 days?

Depends on how fast review process will be done.

how would i go about adding two or more address in the google maps in the contact page?

Current script used for gmaps doesn’t provide this functionality.


This is an awesome theme. Very easy to modify and a superb way to learn how to do a responsive design.

One quick question for you. In one of my modifications to the template, I needed more spacing between elements. One element was 9 columns in width. Another was 6 columns in width. What I did was put a blank one column width in-between these two elements using this code:

<div class="one column">  </div>

My big question…is this the proper way to get spacing between columns? I had to add the &nbsp to get this to work, so I’m fearful this might break something! Everything works and looks fine, but I’m always fearful of using &nbsp to make something work!



removed link. not sure if it is allowed on this site!

If you want to have extra spacing only in your case, then of course your solution is right. However if you want to make spacing between each column bigger then it’ll need custom work with columns in responsive.css.

Cool. Thanks. Just needed more spacing between columns for this particular container. I have no desire to mess up your beautiful code in responsive.css!!

Are you going to make customisations for clients? I have a bootstrap website and not sure how to implement this template without destroying the code layout. If I’m buying this are you gonna help me with that?

Hi, sorry but I’m not freelance available. :)

I would like the FAQ page to only show one open item. When a user clicks on a second question in the FAQ, the last open question closes. How can I accomplish this?

I understand “trigger open” and “trigger closed”, but how can you ensure that only one is open at a time? As in the last one closes when a new one is opened?

Great template, by the way!

Works like a charm. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. Thanks for the quick answer!

Sure thing, you’re welcome. :)

Did you know that if you choose style-2 navigation it destroys the phone layout? I’ve tried it on iphone and android the same error happens, the site displays as a tiny column to the left of the screen with lots of unused space to the right. What is the fix?

Add this to CSS:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
.style-2 {
    width: 100% !important;

Thanks, worked a treat.

You’re welcome. ;)

sorry to bug you again, but are we going to see wordpress version this week?

Thank you

Tomorrow I think, it has been uploaded 2 days ago but still waiting for a review.

okay thank you

Everyone who’s waiting for WP release – please be patient, it’s soft rejected right now because of plugins issue.

Thanks for the WP update, Vasterad. Any thoughts on how long it might be to resolve the plugins issue and soft reject?

We’ve submitted update a few hours ago and hope will be available for sale tomorrow. Here’s demo anyway (you can take a look) :P

Awesome! Great. Thank you.

Sure thing. :)

I’m really digging this theme, but I’d like to deactivate the “responsiveness” alltogether. I just want a “static” page, what do I need to modify?


Hi, in responsive.css remove all media queries (tablet, mobile portrait and landscape).

Worked great! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome. :)

Awesome product! BTW have a look at the Parallaximus for your future themes:

Thanks, but I’m not sure if there’s any possibility to use it in my templates. :D

The template is incredible, awesome work.

I’m not a web developer and will be using the template as is. However, I do want to add a left aligned image to the accordion and wanted to know if this was possible and if so, how?

Thanks, Alan

Please ignore my previous question above as I now have it working. However, does paragraph space work in the accordion as the text just seems to flow. Cheers

Seems to happen with or without floated image. Where do i send a screen shot too?

info[at] – I’ll reply you later, because currently I’m outside home.

all good, thanks

I cannot seem to find the icons for ‘bullhorn’, ‘magic’ and ‘beaker’ inside the glyphicon_halflings.svg file.

I want to add some of my own icons but can’t locate these in order to edit. These are the icons shown on the homepage.

I’d recommend to change .svg files, instaad of make changes on .png then set source from .svg to .png in icons.css.

Yes I can change the .svg file but liek I said, when I open it I cannot see the above mentioned icons. They are not in the svg file. Are they in the png? Is the png the file that the css is using?

To be honest, I’ve no idea. I’m not an author of Glyphicons.

Hi, Just wondering if there is a video player for this template. Thanks again

Unfortunately there’s no custom video player.

Question about the flex slider – when the window size is the narrowest, the caption text disappears. I was looking at the Aqua template ( ), which doesnt share the same problem – the text on the slider marked with H1 and H2 tag stays for all widths.

Please clarify how to achieve the same with the Nevia template.

I removed text and headline for mobile devices because there’s no space for text what makes it unreadable.

Hi, great template. I am having a problem validating will using fancybox with the jcarousel. It works fine, everywhere but when I use this code for the jcarousel:

  • <figure> </figure>
  • I get an error code while validating:

    Error Line 156, Column 77: Bad value fancybox for attribute rel on element a: Not an absolute IRI. The string fancybox is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

    …ior-white.jpg” rel=”fancybox” title=””> and <area>: A whitespace-separated list of link types listed as allowed on and <area> in the HTML specification or listed as an allowed on and <area> on the Microformats wiki without duplicate keywords in the list. You can register link types on the Microformats wiki yourself.

    How can I get this to validate?


    Sorry, that code line for jcarousel and fancybox is:

    <li class="four columns portfolio-item"> <figure> <a href="FSimages/mozart/1-living.jpg" rel="fancybox-gallery" title=""><img src="FSimages/mozart/1.2-living-thumb.jpg" alt="" /></a> </figure> </li>

    Please clarify your question again because I’m not sure what need to be w3c validated.

    All set with validation, on another note, is there any way to hide the menu on mobile before the responsive menu appears? On a slow load the desktop menu appears first before the mobile menu displays.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible because it uses java script. :P