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Hi there, I just wondered if I would be able to use the same images that are used in the top slideshow?


Yes, but you have to buy them on PhotoDune.


If in any form you add a drop-down control, its style is different from standard text boxes. What should I change to fix this?

So why don’t you add some padding in inline css (style="padding: 3px 9px")? ;)

I expect that every form control looks the same way for one template. Try adding a select in the contact form and you’ll see what I am talking about. It looks shrank compared to other controls.

Yes, adding inline css works, I will try to guess the right padding size…

I also noticed, that I cannot put a text beside a checkbox: it always move to a new line. Why?


Add style="float:left;" to that text.


Lovely design and code! Thanks! :)

Thanks. :)

Very clean and responsive design. :) One issue with the drop-down menu on the mobile devices though. All elements under

 <h4 /> and <h5 /> 
tags become clickable menu items when being converted by “selectnav.js”. Apparently those links go to nowhere. This is the case even with your demo site. Any idea how to fix this?

Ah, thanks!

Features : . Valid HTML5 / CSS3

W3C validator returns so many errors :

So, what do you mean by valid ?

Most of errors are because of compressed and stripped CSS (for demo live preview only), however these errors are really minor and don’t have any influence on how template works. What’s more try to make well working template on IE8/IE9 without making classes that validator “doesn’t support”, good luck. :P

This template looks impressive!

I’m not sure how the images in the main page’s slider work. I see that the images that slide in all have a grey background. Is this grey colour a requirement? Else, how do you have to treat the images you want to use so that they they blend in the background seamlessly?


Images has transparent background, you’re probably using Firefox.

Images has transparent background, you’re probably using Firefox.

Great them, thanks. I still cant configure the gmap. Can you put some tutorial ? Thanks.


By Uni-code you mean the validation program ? I think it’s html4 and coldfusion MX7 (my dream doesnt offer HTML5…)

By unicode I mean UTF-8 or ANSI, what text editor do you use?

Having problems with the twitter. It won’t even show up when i open the files in dreamweaver…

Hm, I don’t think. Make sure all API’s keys are correct and you set your nickname in HTML file. Twitter on demo live preview works perfectly:

Got it! thanks!

Great. :)

Hello, thanks for this wonderfull theme ! I want release a dropdown menue with a second level – klickable right! Can you hel me?

Thanks a lot with best wishes from gemany

Could you clarify your question? :P

Thanks i have found it myself, test under and “anlagenbau” -thanks for your fast answer

Hi, the Chrome’s Console tell me that in the home page:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost/layerslider/skins/fullwidth/skin.css

How can I fix this?

(Sory for my english)

This style is unnecessary.

Ok, but there is no way to avoid that error?

To be honest, I don’t know. I wouldn’t care about that.


I have created twitter application with all the tokens required. But after changing it in PHP file. Its not refelecting on HTML pages. I had replaced your name with the name , I created application. I tweeted one tweet. But its not showing. Need assistance.

Thank You,

You need to add your domain authorization in Twitter.

Run this and you’ll see the bug.

I have verified my domain from @Anywhere Domains, but i get domain is in your registered callback URL and cannot be de-authorized.

Please be sure you did everything correctly, I cannot help in this case because it’s not template bug or something.

Hello, thanks for this cool theme! Is there a simple way to completely disable the responsive design? Maybe a silly question, but my client wants the site to be static at maximum width. I hope you can help us out :D

In responsive.css remove all media queries (tablet, mobile portrait and landscape). It’s not built in theme options but it’ll be on to do list before next update. ;)

Thanks! I will try the solution :)

Want standard <ul /> bullet style back! We use bullet in many places and I am tired to mark everything like <ul class="star-list" />. For some code generated error messages I cannot even change the class of the unordered list tag.

How can I recover it?

What doesn’t work? Did you set it as: {list-style:circle outside}? Please before asking do research ( )

Solved, thanks!

Great. :)

Beautiful theme. Where do I control the flexslider? want to slow transition time down…


Hi, in jquery.flexslider.js


Great template! Simple and clean. I’d like to purchase this, but I do have a question. Can I easily get a “wide” layout instead of the boxed layout? (similar to your Centum template). I’d like to gain that extra space on mobile devices.

Unfortunately it’s not possible with Nevia.

It is great template ! Thank you !


I’m having an issue with the Mega Menu navigation on iPad. When I click to expand the menu it appears but if I want the menu to close I can’t get rid of it. It stays on screen even when I click off anywhere else on the page.

If I click one of the links and go to a new url and then click ‘back’ the menu is still there.

Sorry, but I didn’t notice any issues like yours. Hm…

Great template! Which framework is the theme using?

ah yes.. any plans on making the theme based on Bootstrap? :)

Well, unfortunately not. :P

is it possible/easy to have the top navigation and logo static so it always remains on top of the screen even when you scroll down the page?

Thank you

Yes, but I cannot provide guide how to do it because it’s above support. :P

ok I understand. I have a much easier question. I have set a large image as the background, I need this to resize as I change the browser window. (sample)

where and what do I change the CSS?