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Where can I find the list of shortcodes? I’m trying to add in a large notice and I can’t figure out how. Thanks!

Shortcodes are as icon in your page editor.

Hello, I got this template and it does not work properly in IE8. The banner slider does not load and the drop down menus load behind the banners. This is happening even when I post the original code I get when I download the template. Has anybody experience similar issues. Developer insists it works fine, but I tested on several computers, and it does not work. Thanks

Please do not post huge images here and reply me via email. :)

I’m trying to imbed a YouTube clip in the slider. I checked the documentation but was still unable to do it. I’m sure it’s something small. Can you shoot/post a short example of how to imbed a YT clip. Thanks

Hi, this must works:

        <article class="ls-layer" style="slidedelay: 7000;">
            <div class="ls-s1">
                <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How can i select a Tab by internal link, its possible?

  • Tab1
  • Tab2

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible.

thanks for your answer – great theme

Thanks. :)

Lovely theme, using it is a breeze in general. Only thing I’m really missing is a form page with some demo elements (textbox, textarea, etc) with the nice styling. This would make it a lot easier to work with for input oriented sites.

I’m not planning update right now, but there’re styled inputs. :P

Top Theme!

Just one question:

I want a content area (11 cols) with right sidebar (4) but below I want a full width row again. At the moment the sidebar takes all vertical space, or if I hack it a little, it does not grow with its content (only with the content in the main 11 col area). Can you provide me some hints regarding the necessary divs and classes to use to accomplish this?

Yup, but it’ll cause some issues when your content is longer than sidebar. :P

Hmm, until so far everything is perfect. The sidebar just does not extend to the height of the main content but at least it grows according to it own content. :) Will see. All checks positive so far, but maybe I changed sth. more, but don’t remember :)

Hello, I bought your theme and I’m wondering if it is possible to set the size of the slider bar to have the right bar to avoid having the slider over the whole width of the page.


Hi, unfortunately not.

Hello, Great theme. Can we add a 3rd level dropdown? Sorry if question posed elsewhere already. Also how to edit width of dropdown and/or mega menu.


I have tried abd connot find how to add 3rd level menu, pls advise how to add in code if possible thanks – should be last query!

Thanks so much, over and out!

Can’t get twitter to work. Always get “URL is not authorised”. I have set my application up and got the tokens, added the username etc. But if I change the “Request URI:” in the OAuth tool to “” it always switches back to “”. Do I need to change that at all? Do I need to change it in the twitter.php to “”??

I test it via calling the twitter php like this'+encodeURIComponent('statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=USERNAME&count=1')

Did you authorize your URL in twitter?

How to install this theme? The archive is a folder Documentation, HTML, PSD. But this is not the theme files? Error in file?

This is HTML template not WordPress theme. Here’s WP release


Sure thing. :P

I am having trouble in IE10. The site looks great in chrome and other browsers but in IE10 it aligns to the left of the screen and the only button on the menu that is visible is “Home”. I am afraid that this may be an issue with IE not supporting some of the HTML5 features in the template? has anyone else encountered this?

Hi, sorry but I’ve IE10 and didn’t notice any issues. :P

It would be nice if tabs could be split into several columns. I tried this with:
It works relatively well, but for smaller resolutions (and if xxxx is an image or a full paragraph) the image/text will extend to the tab’s margin (see example url in gist)

1. How could you add a padding so that doesn’t happen? Could you add that to your theme?
2. Also in that page, the tabs look rather ugly on small widths. Is it a bug?


Well, I’m not planning update soon but I’m sure you’ll fix it. It’s not big issue. :P

Oh, that’s unfortunte – some updates now and then will really help you build a solid customer base! What about issue #2? This one seems harder to fix.

2 Yup, looks like a bug. I’ll take a look but now I’ve other project that needs attention so update can be delayed.

When in full screen, the h5 titles for my top navigation are not links (as is the case with the live demo). With small screens the menu becomes a select and the title becomes a link that gives a 404 when clicked. The live preview of the template does the same. Example: “Page Layouts” and “Other Pages”. In a perfect world, I would love these to disappear. Thoughts?

Perfect! Thanks.

question about the menu drop down – when the drop down appears under a menu button toward the right end of the menu, the drop down may go off the screen depending on the size screen, is there a way to make the menu drop down to the left? Does that make sense?

It’s possible by adding style="right:-1px;" to ul element with drop down.

perfect – thanks!

You’re welcome. :)

I am using ie9, and the main slider will not load.

What should I do?


Hi, it works for me. Does my demo live preview work?

we have 20 oiffice computers here each with different configurations. It doesn’t work 14 of them. If i move the template to the root directory of my server , it works. <<<== NO WORK <<<==WORKS

I hope that clue helps.

Well, sorry but both sites works on my IE. It must be related with slider script, but I’m not author of Revolution Slider and cannot say what’s wrong. However no one before reported similar issue. :(

what about the post 11 days ago? That is exactly what my screen looks like. Is that resolved?

There’s nothing resolved because there’s no bug imho and that guy switched off debug mode and it solved issue. I’ll upgrade layerslider to new version, maybe that’s problem. It’ll take me a few days but promise that I will. :)


I replaced the logo.png and after uploading, I can see the logo when viewing the local but not on the remote server. I see the file there… weird. Can you help me see what is happening?

Hello, really like this theme. I made my own png glyphicon for one of my menu items, (it’s 14×14, just like the ones provided with the template) but when I add it in the menu, it’s moving the text for that menu item down a line, below the glyphicon, instead of beside it. Any ideas how to fix this? Tried adjusting css and other things, but no dice.

Please show me your site online

Hello. Great theme. I would like to create links from the homepage slider. The h3 class objects that are blue look like buttons – how do I make them link to a page? Here’s where I am so far:


Just by placing h3 in a href.