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I have the same problem as others regarding the cart buttons. The promo code, update cart and proceed buttons located above the cart subtotal do not work.

I have Nevia Version : 1.5.10 installed. When I switch to the Twenty Fifteen theme, all the buttons work. Has a solution regarding this problem been published somewhere?


Hi, I just updated Nevia to version 1.5.11, it fixes that issue

Hi! I must say I did not update the theme at the time, because we were in the process of selling tickets and I was a bit worried to run into issues during the update.

I’m ready to update it now. However, I don’t see the automatic update link in WordPress. I thought that option was usually available. Is this normal?


automatic update from dashboard is available on from free themes from wordpress.org, you can add this functionality for themes from ThemeForest using this plugin https://github.com/envato/wp-envato-market

I have the same problem as well. The promo code, update cart and proceed buttons located above the cart subtotal do not work!!!

Hi, I just updated Nevia to version 1.5.11, it fixes that issue, sorry for a delay

Thank you!

How do I change the woocommerce product category images to a square. It seems as though the theme uses a hardcropped image at 300×218.

It uses the same size image as the portfolio thumbnail. You can change it in functios.php line 164: add_image_size(‘portfolio-thumb’, 300, 218, true);

change to

add_image_size(‘portfolio-thumb’, 300, 300, true);

and run this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

hi there, do you have a full width option in this theme? or only boxed width?


Only boxed

Hey there! Very nice classic theme. Answays I would completely want to switch to visual composer as the composer plugin therefore my question is if the themes components are supported in the JComposer.

I know that the JComposer might work independently. But then usually one cannot use the predesigned elements: Is visual composer integrated in the newer versions of the theme, so that these design elements can be used?

Thanks in advance :)


Nevia doesn’t have support for Visual Composer – I mean it will work, but the predesigned elements are not integrated. You may check our other theme with full VC support https://themeforest.net/item/trizzy-multipurpose-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/8724702

Can you help me use a different menu on the mobile pages? I just want the top items listed and none of the drop downs. My primary menu has too many options to view on a phone.


Sorry but that’s customization that is not covered by theme support


Be careful. This line in header.php / header-full.php

<link href='http[HERE]://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=<?php echo $fonts.$fontl;?>' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

must be updated to // or https:// to avoid insecure mixed content on https website.

Thanks ;-)

Noted, Thanks!

Still not ready for HTTPS with the update of the 7 April 17.

Sorry, I totally forgot about it

I’ve installed this for a friend and when on the shop page. The sidebar is blank where it suggests other items and the cart. Can you advise?


Shop uses Sidebar Shop, where you can drag widgets, it’s in Appearance -> Widgets

Image Maps on Slideshow – Hi, is it possible to use image maps on a single slide, in the slideshow? I want to send users to different locations based on the part of the slide they click. Thanks!


Nevia uses LayerSlider for a slider, I’m not sure if it is possible but you can check in documentation https://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layersliderwp/documentation.html

Just to confirm Nevia 1.5.11 is your last update and it works on WordPress 4.7.
(It doesn’t show I’ve purchased the theme because is in my client’s account)


yes it is 1.5.11, no one reported any issue with WP 4.7 and I also haven’t notice any problem

can I have your theme with layerslider updated to 6.0?

i want add image at the right side of header ?


You don’t have Purchased badge on your comment

Can you update to be compatible with Woocommerce 3.0.3?

I will, but those are just minor changes that doesn’t affect any functionality, so it’s safe to use


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After upgrading to the newest version things like button shortcode (it’s a checkmark instead of a button now) or the visual editor for adding a icon box etc. isn’t working anymore? (iconbox.php and tinymce giving me 3 errors in admin). I’m using the latest wp version.

we are looking to change the portfolio’s permalink to /products. Could you guide me through the steps? Thanks, Grace

In nevia/functions.php find line
'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'portfolio'),
and replace portfolio with ‘products’ – but this won’t work if you have WooCommerce installed.

After that change visit page Settings -> Permalinks in your Dashboard, this will clear permalinks table.

Please consider renewing your support as your included support period has expired. That help us maintain the theme and develop it further. Many thanks!


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Hi, Does the updated theme support wider layouts? Or is it still the same width? thanks

Hi, we didn’t change anything with layout width

Hi, I was wondering how we add our google analytics tracking code with this theme?


Congratulations on the subject, very nice and complete.

Is it possible to ask yourself how can I insert the various blocks without creating the home page from scratch?

Thank you for your availability.



I’m not sure I understand that question. There’s a import content that should import the demo homepage, so you can modify that page if that helps.


Yes, thank you, correct. I would like to import the carousell blog block and the block icon box, for example. I entered the EXTRA folder provided with the purchase of the template, but I do not understand where to enter the codes.