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About the Newsletter sign up is it possible to put it next to the top link (right side of the last right link inside the linkbar). Or can I replace Search by a Newsletter join us field where a message would appear to confirm the address has been sent). Or anywhere you thinks that could be quite visible. Thanks again.

Hi, I thinkg changing search field to newsletter field would be the best option, but still, it’s a customization of a theme, and if you don’t have knowledge how to do it you’ll need to hire someone for that job. Thanks

Hi! Please, can you tell me if the WooCommerce section supports vertical images for the products? I mean something like 170×226 px (width x height). Thank you.

It will work the best with images with 300×255 or similar proportions

Hello. I’ve few questions.

1. How can I change “RECENT WORK, Adding portfolio entries with this shortcode is now easier then ever.” on HOME PAGE to something else?

2. How can I change text “Recent News / Stuff From Our Blog” to something else?

3. I want to have more fields in PORTFOLIO, how can I have those? more filterations…

4. How can I have different template for Portfolio Pages?

5. How can I remove/change text for PORTFOLIO in Admin Menu, left bar?

how can I delete featured image from PORTFOLIO PAGES,

also 2. How can I have left or right sidebar on PORTFOLIO pages?

3. What is the way of displaying latest portfolios on left or right sidebar?

Widgety sklepu w stopce powinny mie? inny kolor t?a. Albo w konfiguracji widgetu ustawienie stopka kolor sidebar kolor.

Przyda?aby si? te? opcja zmiany kolorów stopki.

First off let me say that this is one of the best themes I’ve ever worked with. I’ve used themes from most of the major theme developers and this is an excellent combination of power and ease of use. So far the theme has come along very well, but I’ve run into an issue on my client’s site. It appears the theme isn’t respecting when you resize an image using the WYSIWYG editor, I resize it in the page to the size I want but when I view the page its still the original size. I had an issue like this on another theme and it was a pretty easy fix so I’m hoping that’s the same case here. Thanks in advance.

Hi, be sure to have the latest version of Nevia installed, this bug is fixed. Cheers

Hey! I’m having a problem with the menu when the screen turns small (the one that’s a part of the responsive-feature). Even though I’ve added a menu as normal, it won’t show up. Here is my link: http://dev.havpet.no/infralogiq/ . What do I do wrong?

Hi, please update Nevia to latest version (1.0.7, you have 1.0.4) this bug is fixed. Thanks!

Hello, I want to know why does not work my portfolio, I get error 404. thanks

You can see an example here: http://www.tocinalosrosales.net/eventos-y-publicaciones/

Ok… Thanks, now works OK

Just to tell you I purchased the theme. I’m happy it and I already began customizing it to suit my needs.

One thing I noticed is the lack of sharing options for posts and pages. Did I miss something or they are not available?

How would you center the icon boxes? I’m setting three (like in the live demo) but I would like them to be centered.

If I encounter other issues or if I have any more questions, I will post them in the support site.

Hi, there’s no sharing options, there’s so many different plugins for that that I think it’s better to not add it to theme.

How do you want to center them? To have icon in the middle and header with text below? The icon is just HTML element
<i class="icon-bullhorn"></i>

so you can wrap it in paragraph with centered text.

Can you recommend one sharing plugin that you have used and blends in nice with your theme?

I was referring to the whole icon box section. Do I just select the whole shortcode structure and align it to the center in the visual editor?

Thanks for the answers.

Following up the sharing options, for anyone interested. I’m using the WordPress JetPack sharing options and it works great.

Hi, I installed the wp 3.5 and installed the nevia theme. I adjusted the all things. But I did not see anything about woocommerce in wp admin. And tried the install woocommerce plugin with a zipped woocommerce.zip but it did not install. Help me. I can not see woocommerce options and I can not install it.

You won’t see any “shop” features in theme unless the WooCommerce plugin is installed. Just go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add new, search for WooCommerce and install it.

Yes I installed. Should I see the Shopping products and Items on Shop page?

If you have any products added than yes.

I can’t display available updates to the template in WP. How can I do? Unfortunately I can not save the location of the Primary Menu too!


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

I dont know if it is just me but I am working on the contact page and I cannot find the short code to make the quick contact form. Where can I find that at?


Can you please tell me how can I remove the themeforest page from the menu, where u ask the API KEY or something to make it updatable…

I wanna remove that… Also want to change PORTFOLIO in LEFT menu to something else… how can I? even I want to remove it, please guide me the way…


ad1. Open theme-options.php and replace
        'id'          => 'sidebars',
        'title'       => 'Sidebars'
        'id'          => 'update',
        'title'       => 'Update'
        'id'          => 'sidebars',
        'title'       => 'Sidebars'

ad2. in functions.php you’ll find function “register_cpt_portfolio”, you can rename “Portfolio” inside that function, or if you want to remove it simply remove line “add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_cpt_portfolio’ );”

Is there a way to force the Accordion to be open or close in the shortcode?

I want them all closed at the start

Hi, in nevia/js/custom.js you need to change line
to just

I am very happy with that theme, but I am not happy to translate the 800 strings with Poedit. May someone can give me the german language-files, please? Would be really nice & I would be REALLY happy. Sorry for my english, I’m german.

Unfortunately I don’t have German translation for this theme.. Thanks!

I would like to change the header so that there is a background banner image that takes up the exact width and height of the header. I have the image ready with the proper dimensions, but I need advice on how to edit the CSS or maybe just the header.php? Please help. Thanks :)

You basically need to edit header.php, remove everything between “header” tags and put there your image.

When I’m writing a paragraph I’m unable to pick my own font style for the paragraph I’m typing. Is there a way to change the font style for a specific text? normally I should see an option the text editor. Thank you.


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Thanks I have opened a private ticket for this issue.

I could not see an add to cart button? Why ?

Do you have WooCommerce installed and configured properly? Can you send me link to your website?

How I can get the style-switcher and the bar above the footer menu? http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/7255/unbenanntli.png
Style switcher is actually for a demo just to show what’s possible to change in theme, you can add by editing footer.php and adding this line
 get_template_part( 'switcher' ) 
after wp_footer(); The bar above footer is widgets area, just add widgets in Appearance – Widgets to each “Footer” column

Thanks. It works how it should.

New update is available for download!

Version 1.0.9 (05-21-2013)
+ enqueue isotope only on portfolio pages
+ fixed some tinymce shortcode generators
+ new! [clients_carousel] - display carousel of your clients logos
+ fixed some styles for WooCommerce