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Thanks for the update, Just a quick question, each of the images I insert in the page it shows with underline line each image, is there is a quick css fix for it?

I’m not sure I understand “shows with underline line each image”. Can you show me link to that page?

What is the precise code you put between the brackets of the [clients_carousel] to get the images working? I would also like to change the text “some clients we worked for”. Additionally I still have issues with the list items since update 1.0.4. all my list items (wich i styled with the glyphicon icons) all have bullets before theme (only in IE and firefox) i opened a ticket for it in support forum :-). For the moment i’m pleased to get the carousel working because it’s a neat extra feature of the theme!

Hi, it’s the same code as for old [clients]. Just regular “ul” list with images.

Oh, and it has attributes
 [clients_carousel title="Clients" subtitle="some clients we worked for"] [/clients_carousel] 

Hey there! Really like the theme, but I got a problem with the flexslider options.

If I pick the “Page with Flexslider” Template, the images for the slider are taken from the slider tab under the theme options and NOT, as I suspected, from the “Gallery slider” Tab in the specific Page Layout. Whenever I add pictures to the “Gallery slider” in the specific Page Layout, another flexslider (not full width) is added beneath the full width theme options flexslider.

This basically means that I can just add one full width flexslider with the same images on every page. I could use the Layerslider, since that template actually just takes the selected Layerslider in the Page options, but I prefer the simplicty of the flexslider.

Any idea how to fix this?

Well too bad. Thanks for answering so quickly!

I got two more questions though:

1. Is there a way to add the Layerslider to the single portfolio page then?

2. On your sample portfolio page, the flexslider uses cropped images of a specific size but links to the full size images. How can I archive that? I can’t find any crop options for the portfolio flexslider.

Thanks a lot for the answers.

Nevermind the second question, I just saw the add_image_size in the functions.php and added the specific height to the ‘portfolio-main’ instead of 0. Works like a charm now.

ad1. Everything is possible but it will require some modifications of theme, you’d need to hire a developer to help you with that, but it should be maybe 2h job

cannot display slider.the slider position display “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” THEME>Theme Options>Slider>Choose LayerSlider>just only one option“No slider found”

Hi, did you add any sliders? If you have problems with this, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hello, I like the “flexslider” left-right navigation arrows as shown in your theme preview.

When I activate Layer slider I don´t see them. Where do I set this option? Is it in various skins?

Thanks for answer.

P.S. – themeforest doesn´t show “Licence Certificate” in downloads no more – how do I prove I purchased the theme?

Hi, when you edit slider, you have button “Global Settings”, you can choose there “nevia” skin, here’s a screenshot http://awesomescreenshot.com/06f1bd3r29 and here’s where you can find License Certificate http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif ;) Cheers


I can not see the add to cart button on products page. And Also I can not see the Quantity on Product page. And Sale Button will be show every product? or can I disabled?

Hi, all shop options are handled via WooCommerce plugin, Nevia just provides style for the shop, it doesn’t change or affect any functionality. I think the option to show “add to cart” button is either on product settings or in “WooCommerce” -> Catalog -> Add to cart.

When I install WooCommerce plugin, I cannot active. It has “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /home/fuli1009/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-core-functions.php on line 2367”.

How can I fix it?

Hi, that’s common hosting issue with WordPress, not caused by theme or plugin, here’s a solution http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP

Wanna ask you about the portfolio page(2 Columns), anyway to put some kind of description just below the title and before the filter dropdown?

Thank You

You’d need to edit file pftpl.php and in section “item-description” add
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
but that probably will also need some adjustment in CSS


I think i’m not very clear with my question. What I mean by description is the content of the portfolio page (The wrapper page), not the individual description of the projects. http://www.hepelle.com/projects I have content for the projects list page where I set the template to show the list of projects/portfolio.

Oh, so just create a page with “Portfolio page 2 colums + content” as Page template, and write your description as you would create normal page.

Hi I have noticed that my sites shop and woo commerce are not viewable and these are missing from the dashboard. Please tell me where to start. I have run updates, looked at cpanel (may last backup was in March and I haven’t saved for a while..) Thanks.

Did you install the WooCommerce plugin?

I did initially at the beginning – it has been viewable OK for some month, now this problem. The dashboard looks different with the All in One SEO title, is that the problem?

Do you have the latest versions of WordPress, Nevia and WooCommerce?

Yes to WordPress. Its 3.5.1 How do I get the latest of Nevia? – I wasn’t sent an update notification. I no longer have any evidence of WooCommerce on my dash board. What should I do here? Thanks.

Updated Woo commerce – works now – thanks!

Great, thanks!

Great Design! Will there be a version with a Page-Builder-Modul in the future?

Hi, yes, I’m planning to add Aqua page builder in one of next updates, but I can’t say exactly when it’s going to be released. Thanks!

Great! I would be glad.

Does the actual theme option support wide-layout?

Hi, no, it’s max 960px wide.

hello! i noticed there was a post regarding the client’s carousel:

clients_carousel title=”Clients” subtitle=”some clients we worked for”

the left and right buttons are not working for me though! any idea why>

hmm definitely over 10!

any additional thoughts on this? :)


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin. Our support staff will try to help. Please be informed that I’m currently on my holidays, so if the issue will require my attention it migth take some more time, sorry for that!

Hi there,

Having one or two carousel issues as well. I changed the code to remove the buttons, and have four items in the portfolio instead.

Unfortunately, it’s been reported that on iPad the carousel still tries to jump around and rotate, whereas on my laptop/desktop it works perfectly.

Is there a way to force disable the rotation of the carousel?

Best, Chris

So you want carousel without carousel? ;) Have you disabled autoscroll in Theme Options? That should stop rotation for every carousel.

As a secondary question, with WooCommerce, when I try to display via subcategory, the entire shop interface disappears.

It works fine when using just products.

Any ideas?


Hi – I’ve been doing a big theme modification (it’s taken since 1.0.4!) – how much of this would be lost/overwritten in this upgrade?

Hi – I’ve now updated the theme to the latest version, and the issue’s still persisting. Any ideas?

What do you exactly mean by “shop interface disappears”. I check this URL http://nlpbusinessschool.co.uk/courses/ and it looks like a standard shop page. I don’t see any problem.

hi there!

i was just browsing through the comments… and stumbled across this regarding a write-up before showcasing portfolio items..

“Oh, so just create a page with “Portfolio page 2 colums + content” as Page template, and write your description as you would create normal page.”

can you please explain in detail how it works? i cant find the template anywhere under page.

thanks so much for your help!

I’m really sorry, I now checked it and I thought this question was for my other Centum theme that offers that templates. Nevia currently doesn’t have it, but I’ll add it to next release. Sorry!

PLEASE DO! that will save my life. haha thanks so much :D


First of all, I wanted to say that I’m really happy with the purchase.

I just wanted to know how to show icons on the left of page name in the menu.


Hi, please follow the documentation http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/#getting_started_setting_up_the_menu the image below has it clearly explained. Thanks!

Yes, I found out about it after i commented. But thanks for answering. Really good documentation.

Hi, I installed the wp 3.5.1 & Nevia theme & WooCommerce , I add a Product category and a product item ,but I can’t see anything in my shop Page : http://www.lumstar.com/shop ,and in product detail page only show the sidebar(I’ve add some Text in Editor):http://www.lumstar.com/product/cycling-gloves.What’s the problem?

Ticket Opened named “Shop Probleam”

Problem solved?THX for your support !

You’re welcome, cheers

I am wondering again about something. Take a look: http://imageshack.us/a/img809/2839/unbenannt1cl.jpg It seems like the button for switching the sliders but i have disabled sliders! May you can help me.


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

I don’t know why you suggest a private ticket, because I have found the solution. You don’t know your code?
I think you just don’t see the forest, because lots of trees.
For everyone the solution who has the same problem:
In ‘template-home.php’ in line 19 replace:
if($sliderstatus 'yes')
if($sliderstatus ‘no’)