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I want to buy this template because a friend of mine recommend it. One question. I saw that my friend has several templates for Nevia like “Blog Template – Small thumbs, Blog Template – Large thumbs, Page with Flexslider, etc”

If there a way to put a flexslider or layerslider on Blog template? I need to know because my customer wants that. Like for example: “Blog Template with Flexslider”


By default it’s not possible, it could only work if the blog is on home page, but there’s no template for blog + slider, however it’s not complicated to create a template for this.

Hi I have purchased your theme. Could you give me a quick run down of how to use the ‘icon boxes’. The insert box does’nt seem to do anything!

Hi, the basic structure for this shortcode is
[iconbox column="one-third" title="" link="" icon=""] [/iconbox]
where icon=”” is where you put a name of one of this icons http://nevia.purethemes.wpengine.com/icons/

Hi, in addition to last comment I am having real trouble with many functions just not working. As above the icon boxes are not allowing me to insert into the page, aswell as other features not working even changing font type doe not work. Thanks in advance for looking into this


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong, maybe there was some problem with installation

Hi, I have left a support ticket RE the above but am unable to sign back into my support account now, the system says the email address doesn’t exist. Thanks

Hi, do you think you could get me a responce on the above?!

Hi there. I purchased the Nevia Theme ($45 template) and I am following the steps as given in the documentation to download the theme. 2.WordPress Upload

1. Unzip the “zip” file you’ve downloaded with theme, you’ll find “nevia-theme.zip” inside 2. Navigate to Appearance Add New Themes Upload. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen, select the zipped theme folder (“nevia-theme.zip”). 4. Hit Install Now and the theme will be uploaded and installed. When I clicked on “Install Now” buton in step 4. It’s giving me an error message error page url on our server is : Not sure what is wrong. Please help. Thanks., Monika

What kind of error is that? Could you make a screenshot or copy text?


I’m having trouble with the twitter “widget”

Image Error: http://goo.gl/zU5Un Website: http://goo.gl/6aZ8S


Hi, I’m working on a fix right now, it should be available really soon, sorry for that problem!


Please let me know when corrected!


Hi, I’m almost finished with my personal site. I would like to have the option to enable comments on some pages, not all. I think that this can be solved with a new template, something like “Default page + comments” so I can display comments on any page I need.

You already posted a modification in the previous page (14) to another user but I guess it will enable comment on all pages.

Can you help me make a new template to allow comments on pages?

It would be great that the next update includes a template like this. Thanks!

Hi. This is great, but sadly it didn’t work. The only things that load are the page title, the breadcrumb navigation and the comment section.

Can you take a look at it? I created a page for you to see at this link: rubenalamina.mx/page-comments

I can open a private ticket at the support site to give you login details if you need them. Thanks again!

Sorry, I forgot to add footer and header ;) I’ve updated gist https://gist.github.com/purethemes/5934115

Now it works but it doesn’t show the sidebar (either left or right) if you have set up the page with any sidebar. I think one more modification and it will be 100% complete!

I also saw that you included the template with the 1.1 update, but it was the first modification that didn’t called the header and footer.

For anyone interested in having comments on individual pages, I used the one from your Github link after seeing that the included one in the 1.1 update didn’t work.

Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

There’s an update to version 1.1 available, it fixes Twitter issue. Don’t forget to fill the Twitter oAuth form in Theme Options if you want to use Nevia Twitter widget :) Thanks!

Hi there. Kindly support on the below points:

  • I need to add a flash based Apps to one page. How do i go about doing that without using plugins?
  • I would like to have social sharing icons as well as print option for any page that i desire. How can this be done without using plugins?

Thanks in advance MYP

Hello I just updated to the latest version and my site is down. I’m getting the following error ” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homepages/23/d261401004/htdocs/dt wp/wp-content/themes/nevia/inc/extras.php on line 220”

Line 120 has: } else {

Please help!

Hi, the line 220 should be
Codebird::setConsumerKey( $consumer_key, $consumer_secret );
Could you check it or try to re-upload it?

Ok thanks. I believe I’m all set now.

It is possible to know what files have changed in the last update in Nevia or Centum theme? Thank you

DO NOT UPGRADE Apparently myself and several others had to restore from backups because of an issue with:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /**//inc/extras.php on line 220

I attempted the pure themes fix above and it simply kept pushing the erro through other files, first 220 then 221 then codebird.php.. then I restore from backup :(

I’m really sorry, I used a library for Twitter widget that needs php 5.3.0, if you have older one it will throw error.. I’ll update it ASAP.

There’s update available that fixes that issue, please upgrade your theme! Sorry once again

I will give it a shot tonight, thank you for your fast response

hi im thinking about buying your theme, looks great! i just got one question, can i get the navigation centered and how? then it would be the perfect theme for me. thank you!

It’s not possible without some customization, centering menu might be tricky in that case.


I´m having a problem with NEVIA theme. It seems not working “comments area” on regular pages where the ítem “allow comments” is ok.

The “comments area” does not appear on common pages which are sitting for allow comments.

What is the problem?? How can i resolve it?

Thank you.

You’d need to add
        if ( comments_open() || '0' != get_comments_number() )
                 comments_template( '', true );
after the_content() in content-page.php, content-pageleft.php, content-pageright.php

How to change the default homepage? The homepage is the BLOG without slider and other stuff.

TBH I’ve downloaded it from a different source and I’m trying it out. I won’t really use it without buying, and I want to buy it. But I need some pre-purchase support first, so I know if it will satisfy, please.

I can not provide pre-purchase support in that case. Don’t forget that if you’ve downloaded some pirated version it could have some malicious code or not work properly. Also it’s probably not the latest version. Anyway, the documentation is available here http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/

Okay, thanks!

My Widgets page doesn’t have a sidebar although I created one in Theme Option already. So I cannot drag and drop to activate any widget. Can you help?

Hi, be sure that for ID in sidebar generator you’ve used something like “sb1”, not just “1”, you can’t start with a number.

Requesting for a response on my query below which was posted 9 days back. Please revert

Hi there. Kindly support on the below points:

I need to add a flash based Apps to one page. How do i go about doing that without using plugins?
I would like to have social sharing icons as well as print option for any page that i desire. How can this be done without using plugins?

Thanks in advance MYP

If you don’t want to use plugin you need to hire a developer to do it for you, as that would require some customization of theme.

We released the latest version of LayerSlider (both jQuery & WP versions). In 4.6.0 we added WPML support (for WP version) and a lot of minor bugfixes! You can download them from Codecanyon.

- https://www.facebook.com/kreaturamedia

Hi, I will update theme with latest LayerSlider before weekend. Thanks

Hi your theme is really cool.

Can you tell me please how to delte the indication in the menu “You are here” ?


If just the text “You are here” you need to edit file /inc/template-tags and remove it from line 257, if the whole you can disable it in Theme Options, General II tab, “Enable breadcrumbs”

I am one of those that really got disappointed from NEVIA. There are several bugs that are just bad!

I would not recommend to buy the theme.

  • When visiting the site on a mobile device, too MANY issues pop up which is really frustrating.
  • Once using the Mobile version, it looks really bad! And there is no other option as with classic, you can’t switch pages.

Anyways, I am so bit by this theme that I actually went online to try and help other avoid my mistake. Specifically if you care about your MOBILE clients.

Thank you,

Sorry for the negativity this time.

Thanks for reaching out and trying to help. Being somewhat condescending is not much appreciated though (“1300 buyers….”). If nobody mentioned that, it does not mean it can’t happen.

The bigger problems are that if I am using your responsive template with a mobile device, the user will NOT be able view other pages when selecting them, only the home page. Also, the site can’t be viewed using some android devices. You can try it your self in the next few days before I change themes if I don’t find solution at: Thelocksmithatlanta.com

Reply back if any questions.

Thanks again.

Hi, so the problem is that when you visit your website on mobile device you’re getting redirected to http://mobile.thelocksmithatlanta.com/. That’s not how it should be working, you probably have some plugin installed for that, please disable it and you’ll see that the theme will switch to it’s responsive view like on Live Preview. The “mobile.thelocksmithatlanta.com” is not part of Nevia theme.

And also please update theme to latest version, you have 1.0.5, latest one is 1.1.1, and there were some important changes

Deos this portfolio support a simple lightbox open instead of going to the single product portfolio?

Hi, unfortunately no, that would require some customization