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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘]’ in /home/content/*//*/wp-content/themes/circadiance/plugins/LayerSlider/edit.php on line 338.

when adding or editing a slider? what can i do ?

Hi, try to overwrite that file, I’ve checked it and there’s no problem on my side

Can you please help.

i don’t wanna see in the menu bar in the right the “You are Here” menu.

How can i delete it please in editor ?


You can disable it in Theme Options, in General II – “Enable breadcrumbs” set to No

Hello, would you please help me for these two questions:

1. How can I translate the Layerslider texts with WPML 2. How to backup my old theme options while update the theme files to a new version and apply it to the new theme files, for example: from 1.0.9 to 1.1.1.


Hi, you can’t translate slides directly in WPML, you need to duplicate slider/create new one, and change all text from it to different language. That way you have i.e Slider DE and Slider EN. Then in Theme Options you can select which one will be shown on homepage for each language version defined in WPML, or if you’re using page template with layerslider, you can change it in Page options.

It’s alway good to make a backup before update, you can use this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/backupwordpress/, but you don’t need to worry about theme options, update won’t change them.

It’s not possible to translate theme options panel with WPML, it’s just for front-end.

Thank you so much for your useful feedback, another question: how to add an fax line in Nevia contact info widget? should I write a new widget?

The Nevia contact info widget can not be translated in WPML either.

We released the latest version of LayerSlider (both jQuery & WP versions). In 4.6.0 we added WPML support (for WP version) and a lot of minor bugfixes! You can download them from Codecanyon.

- https://www.facebook.com/kreaturamedia

In woocommerce setting: Catalog: -Pages

Shop Page Display: Show subcategories did not work

wszystko ok :)

Tak swoj? drog? macie super fajne te szablony, mo?e zróbcie co? dla prestashop. Co? w stylu bestsport com pl :)

Dzieki, skupiamy sie na WP ale mamy w planach cos typowo pod ecommerce

Add the a top bar where they will be placed links to social networks, flags, etc. Now after you all getting chaos (balagan) :)

Hi. I’ve tried to change fonts using the built-in theme options but they don’t change, even when trying on different browsers/deleting their cache.

I have a recommendation about versions when you guys post updates. Even if you change just a thing or two, please change the version as well. It can be confusing if you release, say, v1.1.1 and then update the theme using the same version again, specially for guys like me that like to have an archive so if anything goes wrong with an update we have previous working versions.

A comment for buyers looking to add social icons, print/mail functionality and/or quick forms: install WordPress JetPack. It has these functions (and many more!) and they work great with Nevia.

Keep up the good work!


First, be sure to change “Enable custom fonts” to “enable” in Typography tab, it’s often overlooked.

Second, we always change version number during update :) current one is 1.1.2, I just forgot to add it to item description.


I enabled that before changing fonts. It’s been a couple of versions since I last tried. I’ll give it another go tomorrow. Thanks!


I love the theme but I have got a big issue with the menu not looking right for the ipads, and an issue with the shop being responsive for the iphones.

For example the following page:


When looking at it on an iphone the comments boxes are cut off and the shop sidebar menu is not centered but aligned to the left.

Can this be resolved.

So my questions are:

1) can I change the code somewhere to force the menu to go to select given a certain width, this will fix for the time being the issue with displaying on the ipads

2)Can the shop side bar be displayed properly for iphones on the page I linked to?


ad1) You can choose the breakpoint for menu, go to Appearance – Theme Options – General – Menu responsiveness breakpoint.

ad2) I don’t see any problem with comments, the avatar is just hidden, but the text is visible. I’ll test it and make an update for a sidebar issue.


Thank you so much for you quick reply.

ad2) I have attached a picture and circled the issues in red. I know this is taken on a web browser on a computer but I have also tested this on the iphone and can confirm the same issues occur. On the add a review the text boxes do not close properly, and the icons for the people commenting should disappear completely. To fix the text box issues I can change the default width to be something smaller. So this is not a problem. But the sidebar widget looks untidy as it is aligned left, and so is the background color.


ad1) I check my admin panel but I don’t have that option. Is this in the latest download? Appearance > Theme options > general .My options are only:

upload logo, Logo area width, Logo top margin, Logo bottom margin,favicon, tagline top margin, header type, header social icons, language switcher in header, search form in header, contact details.

I can’t find menu responsiveness breakpoint :(

Thank you so much for an awesome theme and will be even better if those issues can be fixed :)

Hi there, Can you tell me if this issue with the responsive template is fixed?

Hi there,

Simple question, is there a way to make a button shortcode to align in the center?

Also, how can I add some margin/paddings on a button?

Many thanks,

Hi, I need urgent help. From the last 2 days, my website is displaying 2 parallel vertical lines below the menu. I have not changed any settings at my end in this time period. Can you please check and revert?

url: http://burhani.co/contact/

Hi, you have too many items in menu, just organize them to submenus or remove the one you don’t need.

Thanks. Somehow my menus got messed up!!!

Can you please update your change log so we can see what’s new in the latest version prior to updating? Thanks!

Hi, sorry, I forgot to add it. Update fixed problem with category page on WooCommerce and I’ve added latest LayerSlider.

How can i add like 2 columns of text to the right of the logo? To the left of the icons..

I want to have 2 columns with cities.. How would i do that?

You’d need to edit header.php and add it after “clearfix’ in line 100, but I need more details what you want to put there and how it should look like.

I should look like something on here..http://myremodels.com/ There is a list of cities to the right of the logo

Pre-Purchase question. I am wondering if you are able to place widgets or plugins on the home page and in the sidebars? I’m creating a sports teams website and want to be able to display league standings, next/previous games, schedule, players stats, etc. Also, is it possible to have a custom image in the background?


There’s no “widgetized” page in theme, but you can place widgets in sidebar and in footer. You can also change background to custom image using Theme Customizer

A question I have always before purchasing a Wordpress theme. When I install it, the main page is a blog, and I would like the main page as the demo.

Hi, yes, by default WordPress sets home page to blog page, but it’s 3 clicks to change – check the instructions http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/#getting_started_setting_up_the_static_homepage

Can you please help? My homepage doesn’t have all these features like the demo, I have activate the slider for homepage, but it won’t show up. The only thing showing on my homepage is the recent posts and the sidebars. And, when I install the nevia theme for wordpress, it doesn’t allow me to install by zip file, therefore I had just copy and past the nevia folder under the template folder in wordpress. Is there any way to fix this?

First, be sure you’ve downloaded “Installable WordPress file” http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif and uploaded this to WordPress. The blog page is always set by WordPress as a home page, but this is easy to change. Just follow this instruction http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/#getting_started_setting_up_the_static_homepage and also check “Importing Demo Content” section.

Add New Sidebars in the theme options is not working.

What is the problem ????


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hello I have some problem with the container size. I don’t know how to increase the container size. Please provide a solution. I tried changing the css code, but could not do it. I also want to keep the layout responsive.

Hi, Nevia is based on Skeleton grid http://www.getskeleton.com/ you’d need to edit responsive.css but it’s not as simple as changing width of one element, you’d need to redo whole grid with new sizes.

Hello, I got this error in my site: /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-1.10.2.min.map 404 (Not Found) after update wordpress to 3.6, do you have any ideas to fix it?

another questions is the portfolio project launch button can not be translated via WPML, can you please help me for this? Thanks.

I’ve just realised that latest Nevia (updated last week) comes with the latest LayerSlider (4.6.0) so maybe you don’t have the latest version of the theme? It should be 1.1.2

Hello, I’ve already downloaded the nevia latest version 1.1.2, but the layerslider inside the theme is 4.5.1, checking \nevia\plugins\LayerSlider\documentation\documentation.html kindly please confirm. Thanks.

Documentation may be not updated, but if you’ll open file layerslider.php you’ll see line 17: $GLOBALS[‘lsPluginVersion’] = ‘4.6.0’;


I actually have a problem with the icons using WPML (as icon-glass, icon-music… when I use some iconboxes). Indeed, for my main language (French), there is no problem. But for my other languages (English …), they doesn’t appear .. only a little square with the icon code (f002 for example)... My different languages are inside specific subdomaines (en.XXX.com)

Do you have an idea to fix it? Maybe inside the icons.css?

Thank you very much !


Hmm, that’s strange, I’ve used it in different language settings and it didn’t affect icons, maybe it’s something with the subdomain, but I need to take a look at it, could you send me URL to your website?

it is people-vox.com

Hi, it works without any problem on Chrome, but doesn’t work on Firefox, it gives error that “fontawesome-webfont.woff” was Aborted. I’ve googled it and most cases were fixed using that solution http://alittlecode.com/font-awesome-icons-not-working-in-firefox-probable-cause-and-a-fix/

How do I force the mobile drop down menu to show on the Portrait Tablet version of the website? I don’t want to mess with any container sizes, simply have the mobile menu show. Thanks!

Hi, in Theme Options panel, in General tab, you have option named “Menu responsiveness breakpoint” – here you can adjust width after which menu will be changed to dropdown.

Awesome. Did you recently do an update that added that option? I’m not seeing it in my current Options panel. If there was a recent update, how to I go about updating the theme. Thanks again!

Hi, yes, it was in one of latest updates. Just go to http://themeforest.net/downloads and download Nevia again, extract it and upload to wp-content/themes/Nevia to overwrite old files. Or just fill the Update form in Theme Options with your API key and wait till the “update” info will show in a dashboard, you’ll be able to update it with one click ;)