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I’m not sure if this has been asked. But I’ve downloaded the latest theme version, but some reason my sidebar is not displaying on the product page. Any page I designate in the woocommerce settings as the “Shop Base Page” does not display a sidebar – most importantly a custom sidebar either. It won’t even allow me to go full with either.

Thanks in advanced. KM

Actualy this pages should display sidebar called “shop”, it should be created after woocommerce activation, if it wasn’t try to create new sidebar using Theme Options with ID “shop”


I have purchased your theme (from different user account), and we are using the most recent update version. I notice that our company logo is quite larger when viewing the website via FireFox and IE, but it looks fine in Google Chrome. Any advice how to get the logo sizing to be uniform for each browser type?

You can view the website here: http://bit.ly/13J5MJy

Best way would to be to resize it before uploading

template-page-comments.php missing include header and footer :)

Actually this template shouldn’t be in theme, I forgot to delete it, again ;)

Hi, in functions.php fo to line 411, you’ll see
'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'portfolio'),
replace portfolio with serivces. The shortcode for “recent works”, has attribute title, so just add it to it like [recent_pf title=”Our Services”]. The same goes for file single-portfolio.php, go to line 186 and replace Recent Works

Thanks for the reply. So I changed it to “services” and the link did change to /services/item but when you press the link, it has a 404 page and when you go to /portfolio/item it works…..

Also how do I change shortcode attribute title?


You need to go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and switch them to default, hit save, and then switch back to previous setting and save again. It will clear permalinks table with old records and fix this issue. For the shortcode just edit the page where you have it and add title=”Our Services” to the [recent_work]

Why is not the form of comments appears on my pages. Thank You

Hi Why am I not able to see the primary menu drop down as it should in mobile size of the website.

Where you don’t see it?

In my pages does not appear the comments form. How I can fix this?

How I enable the Login for my Customers? In the Documentation isn’t enought information about how to create the shop and enable the login for the customers. Sorry for my bad english, I’m german :D

Hey, I solved the problem ;)

i already pay for this NEVIA,how to download!??

You don’t have “Purchased” badge, be sure you are logged into account that you’ve used to buy it.

Hi. Why is my recent work keep showing me the oldest pofolio, and I have already changed the picture of that pofolio, but it always shows on my recent work. I want to show the latest recent work… can you please help me.. And in the http://nevia.purethemes.wpengine.com/about/ There is a column called ‘Meet the team’, with the picture ,name, position, and description.. How to show them?


Oh, and, how to show the photo stream in the bottom menu?

ok thats fixed. sorry

You can add attribute “order” and “orderby” to the [recent_work] shortcode, the column is just example of [team] shortcode usage, you can find it in “extras” as one of sample layouts. And the photo stream is just a Flickr widget

Why not put on line 74 of the archive content-page.php the code <? Php comments_template ();?>

It’s the only way to show the comments in the static pages.


Please help me. I need to add some own icons to the Header Social Icons and i don´t know where i can edit the list of icons. In the style.css i have already added, but it had no effect. Please tell me in which file i have to edit. thx

Hi, in theme-options.php around line 740 you’ll find array with icons for Header Social Icons, the last line is
 array('value'=> 'gplus','label' => 'Google Plus','src'=> '')
jsut add a coma ”,” at the end of that line, and create another the same type, just change names. The “value” is the class in CSS that shows your icon. After adding your own items there, you’ll be able to choose them in Theme Options

Thanks!!! it works

On the twitter feed, is each tweet supposed to link through to the twitter account? See here in the footer:


The tweets don’t have any links. Is this intentional or is something broken?

It’s actually a bug, but easy to fix, in file inc/widgets.php replace
in line 375 with
I’ll fix it for next update Cheers

Thanks, that makes it so links within the content of a tweet work, but the date still doesn’t link to the individual tweet. Is there a quick fix for that?

The line for the date in inc/widget.php reads:

<b class="date"><a>' . human_time_diff( strtotime( $tweet->created_at ) ) . ' ago </a></b>

It looks like there is no “href” for the link? (code block doesn’t show links, you might have to inspect to see what I mean)

Hi is there any chance to display the comments in my portfolio page ? I use a page with template ‘portfolio page with 4 columns’, and for each portfolio page I have insert a result table. I am wondering is there any way that allows the visitors to leave comments in all my portfolio page under the table?

And also, how to display comments for my posts and pages.

Hi, the comments for posts should be available without any problem, for pages it will be fixed soon, and for portfolio page would require some modification. It depends if you’re using archive page or page template to show portfolio, but you need to modify one of files: pftpl.php; pftpl3col.php; pftpl4col.php or archive-portfolio.php and add code
<?php if ( comments_open() || '0' != get_comments_number() )
   comments_template( '', true );
after the “endwhile;”
Hey, how I can figure it out to let the Portfolio a child-page? I mean, how I can reach the portfolio-page not under: http://example.com/portfolio but rather http://example.com/references/portfolio

I hope you can help me, I already try it out and messed up my permalink-structure.

Hi, Only way I can think of is creating page named “portfolio” with one of Portfolio Templates, and adding it as a child page of /references. But I’m not sure if it will work. You would probably need to change something in htaccess but it’s black magic for me. Sorry!

That’s what I tried out! But it don’t works. I will try it out now with .htaccess… Maybe some rewrite rules does it ;)

Hi there, In column shortcode if I want to style custom class. What format I should put in to? I have tried this:

[column width="1/3" place="first" 
custom_class="div style="margin-left: 25px;"  ] 
content [/column]

and it doesn’t work. Please could you guide me a format that works with it?

Hi, you can’t do it that way, you need to add your class to the CSS (there is Custom CSS field in Theme Options) like these:
.myclass { 
and use shortcode:
[column width="1/3" place="first" 
content [/column] 

My blog page doesn’t show any pagination links. You can see here – http://tasoffice.tandlit.com.au/axiomit/blog/

There are 13 posts but only 10 are displayed. Any help appreciated.

Hi, you should rather set blog page using Settings – Reading -> “Posts page:” then creating static page with template. http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/#getting_started_setting_up_the_static_homepage

Thank you!

Hey, please help me for this Problem: When using Flexslider with images on the head of the page and having any content beneath the slider in the design, the height of the Flexslider changes to that of each slide, which causes the content beneath it to jump up and down. Is there any way to disable this, and instead have it maintain the height of it’s tallest slide? Thank you!!

Hi, best way would be to create all slides with the same height, even if you set it to be always fixed height, it will create blank space which also won’t look good.

ok, All images are now the same size, but now the slider jumps from zero to the size of the images. How can I prevent this dynamic opening?

You need to edit file nevia/js/custom.js and replace “smoothHeight: true,” with “smoothHeight: false,” in lines 67 and 77

Hello, I don’t use the woocommerce plugin in my site, how can I remove the woocommerce css and js from the html header? Thanks.

Thank you, but I use a child theme of nevia and I don’t want to modify the parent theme files, how can I do this in child theme’s functions.php?

In that case just add to your child theme functions.php file line:
wp_dequeue_style( 'pp-woocommerce' );

tried, but this doesn’t make any change

Template blog cant add subtitle :(