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Hi, i’d like to show (in portfolio carousel) my works by id. I need to do different previews on different pages. Please, can you help me?

The full shortcode for recent work is
[recent_work limit="4" title="Recent Work" orderby="date" order="DESC" filters="" carousel="yes"] [/recent_work]
you can replace orderby=”date” with orderby=”ID”

Hello, I’d like to change the word ‘Portfolio’ in the breadcrum. It’s not changing to the page name like for the other pages.

Could you please help?


Hi, the breadcrumb name is based on Custom Post type name, so you’d need to rename portfolios to something else by editing function register_cpt_portfolio

Thanks! Just one more question. Where can I change the word ‘All’ on the dropdown menu on Portfolio page? Thank you.

If you’re translating the page it’s in the .po file, if you just want to change you’ll find it in pftpl.php, pftpl3col.php and pftpl4col.php

When an update?

1.2.3 is released, but it just fixes all issues that came up recently, the 1.3 with page builder and some new features still have to wait a little bit.

to czekamy :)

From http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/90565:

“[...] I am also having this problem with the responsive menu, what did you do to make it work?

Thanks in advance for your help. The support for this theme is terrible.”—Josh

In fact , yes it is. We are waiting for an update about 2 months(Nevia author declared update on http://themeforest.net/item/nevia-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/ comments site). Default WP(especially in default WP installation) widgets must work in any theme and author is resposbile for programming this – not us. No information is mention on main theme site or documentation that this does not work. I`m not going to reprogram this by myself cos if smth really changes in Nevia code after update – i will need to rollback all changes even in child theme.

Similary, imagine default installation of any Linux distribution but you need to compile TCP/IP stack by yourself ? And after 2-3 months author release update with his libraries. Nice waste of time.

At this time I ve created manually HTML ul list using WP Text widget.

Also what is very important If in your main menu(with mega menu enabled) you have to many entries you must change in php.ini max_input_vars to e.g 2500(defualt is 1000, this opiton is only av. in PHP > 5.3.9 and only server administrator can modify this value). If you won`t php will not save _POST data generated by menu creator.

Hi, I’ve just uploaded version 1.2.3 of Nevia (it is available to download) that fixes the issue with sidebar. I’m really sorry it took so long.

Good job :) thx

I think i noticed a shortcode bug: Adding a second tab group with less tabs than a previous one will always show the 2nd tab group with as many tabs as the first tab group (along with their content).

I ended up adding the following line 683, in shortcodes.php which fixed the issue.

function etdc_tab_group( $atts, $content ) { >>> $GLOBALS[‘tabs’] = null;

$GLOBALS['pptab_count'] = 0;

Also, is it possible to get shortcodes for column, tabs, etc to work in an accordion? They work ok when nested within toggle boxes…

Also, I think it makes sense for content to appear in Portfolio pages with multiple columns. Please consider for your next update. More flexibility is better and someone can always choose to leave the content of their page blank.

Currently, the portfolio templates (all of them) do not show the stuff in the main ‘content box’ from the admin—the big multi line box below “Add Media”. It would be nice if that stuff displayed (an author can alway leave it blank). The filter-able items work fine in all column configurations.

Also, on Chrome, the filter drop-down box is behind the portfolio items. I haven’t had any luck fixing it with custom CSS yet.

I’ll add new templates for portfolio with content for next update. As for the filters problem, does it happen on your Mac? I can’t see anything wrong on any windows based browser.

This is an awesome theme, this is how our site turned out!



Nevia – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Cant install. this comment come up ( In Norwegian )

Are you sure you what this. pleace tray agian. > > Do you know what the problem can be?

Nevia – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Cant install. this comment come up ( In Norwegian )

Are you sure you what this. pleace tray agian. > > Do you know what the problem can be?

Have you downloaded the “Installable WordPress file” from ThemeForest? if yes, just upload it in Appearance > Themes> Upload. If you’ve downloaded “All files & documentation” you need to extract it first.

tenx,but i have traid both of them. still truble. what to changes theme on this page www.trondheimvvs.no.

Please open a prive ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check it.

How can I use my own shortcoes in child theme? I have such a thing but it does not work, all the while loaded the parent template


WPML translation of Homepage Flexslider

How can I translate fist page slider image? I need different images for different languages. I am using WPML.


“Thank” you, support team, for “fast answer” (never got it). I’ve tried luck on support side, but same story – no answer.

I already resolved it by myself: just insert LayerSlider plugin php code to template-home.php and wrap it with IF statement depending on language code.

Hi, I’m sorry but we do not provide ‘instant’ support, sometimes it takes up to 48h to get answer to your question. And as you asked about Flexslider, you could try to use WPML String translation to edit FlexSlider slides

“If you choose the sidebar layout, please choose a sidebar from the list below. [...]”

These settings do not work for the store: (

hi, i am trying to set the layerslider but it doesnt appear. I want it to look exactly like your demo site as when i use page template with layerslider option there is a huge breadcrumb menu below the slider with i dont require. How do i workabout this?


Hi, you need to select a page template named “Home Page Template”

if i select that.. layerslider is not detected. what might be the issue? it just go on loading loop.

For the home page you need to select slider using Theme Options

Hi Purethemes, I want cancel, in nevia theme, the record “you are here : ” under menu. Is possible ?

Thansk ! David

Hi David, you’ll find it in nevia/inc/template-tags.php line 250:
 _e('You are here:','purepress');

i need another help on this


example the link above, i am using this template as a restaurant menu and i need to change /portfolio to /menu how do i work about this?


Hi, please edit file functions.php and replace line
'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'portfolio'),
'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'menu'),

Now you need to go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and switch them to default, hit save, and then switch back to previous setting and save again. It will clear permalinks table with old records.

to show sidebar in portofolio page i have to change the code?

Yes, it would require some customization of theme.

Hi, is it possible to have the logo on the right side?

Yes but it requires simple modification of header.php.

How I can use Language switcher in header ? WPML plugin, I need to buy or not.

Just enable it in Theme Options

What’s the best way to add a background image in the top right corner of this theme. This would be an image that is quite large, going through the navigation (behind that is) and halfway across the page, sort of a watermark image.



You can try in Appearance – Background, if that’s not enough that would require custom modification, so you’d need to hire someone to do it for you.

Thanks, that works but it’s not responsive. As the screen size shrinks the image just gets cut off. Any way to make that background image responsive?

Unfortunately it would require some modification, try with this http://webdesign.about.com/od/css3tutorials/a/browser-size-cover.htm

Mobile View Problems”

I have some serious question about the Nevia wordpress theme problem.i always got my web site in mobile view mode when i use my mobile phone or tablets,i want to disable mobile view mode function,because i can not see completely pages when i use mobile phone or tablets,i just want to see it in full desktop view in all devices,did anyone have that issue or experience having that problem?i really need to solve it out,thank a lot!

i would like to disable mobile view function!


in Theme Options you have option for that, it’s called ‘Responsiveness switch’ just set it to Disable