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Found another bug, as soon as you call the Permalink of your page ‘Portfolio’ it displays all portfolio categories in stead of the portfolio-categories you have selected to display…

Hi, the /portfolio page will always display all categories, it’s the same as /blog page which always shows all posts from all categories. If you want to have only selected portfolio-categories (filters) you need to create new page, choose one of Portfolio Templates and then choose which filters to display in options below editor. You have this “bug” because you’ve probably named your custom page as “portfolio”, but it won’t have /portfolio address as this one is reserved for archive of portfoilo custom post type

Contact widget doesn´t work fine for me. It doesn´t show the icons like in the live preview of the theme.

Can you take a look at it?


Oh! I forgot! Beautiful theme! I really love it!

Hi! Actually this contact widget is designed only for footer, we’ll fix it in next update. But for now you can add simple text widget and use that code:
<ul class="contact-informations">
    <li><span class="address">123 Seward Street</span></li>
    <li><span class="address">Los Angeles, CA 90185, USA</span></li>

<ul class="contact-informations second">
    <li><i class="halflings headphones"></i> <p>+48 880 440 110</p></li>
    <li><i class="halflings envelope"></i> <p>support@example.com</li>
    <li><i class="halflings globe"></i> <p>www.example.com</p></li>


Just a short info! The cart widget on shop page on demo of Nevia might not work properly right now, but that’s caused by a cache system used on WPEngine (where we host our demos), they will fix it shortly, just letting you know that there’s no bug with that and it works great everywhere else ;)

Hello sir,

I upload the theme and active it. After that, when I click on Theme Options, there is an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::add_help_tab() in /home/bonjour/public_html/addon/esmokerbg.com/wp-content/themes/nevia/option-tree/includes/ot-settings-api.php on line 180

There is an error on index page ot website:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_main_query() in /home/bonjour/public_html/addon/esmokerbg.com/wp-content/themes/nevia/inc/template-tags.php on line 413

How to fix it?

Hi, be sure to have the latest version of WordPress, (at least 3.5) Nevia is not compatible with older versions, and it looks like you have something previous. Thanks!

Yes, I update to 3.5.1 and the errors disappears! Thanks!

Hey there, great theme. Quick question, is there an easy way to remove the breadcrumbs from the pages? Thanks

Hi, yes, just go to Theme Options, General II, and set “Enable breadcrumbs” to “No” ;)

whoops, totally missed it, it has been a long day :)

Hi, I’m considering to buy this template, but is it possible to have the menu-bar displayed all time? (in a nicer way then position: fixed) thx

Hi, unfortunately no, it’s not possible without some modification. Thank you

Wow, another outstanding theme. I moved from Centum at once. One question: is it possible to change the entry “Recent Work” which now is the title of the portfolio.? Haven’t found a possibility yet. Great work. Thxs

Hi, that’s awesome to read! :) Thanks!

Do you mean the shortcode for recent portfolio which is on home page on demo? That shortcode has title attribute: recent_work title=”Recent Work”

Thxs, that helps a lot. Solved :D

Hi all, Nevia 1.0.1 was released just now! The list of fixes:
- fixed CSS for Contact info widget in sidebar 
- fixed CSS for Custom menu widget in sidebar 
- h2 tags on titles of single pages are changed to h1 for better SEO

Hey Purethemes

Awesome work with this release, I spent most of last night experimenting with the theme and found it to be pretty flexible for my needs. I’m not sure whether I’ve discovered a couple of bugs :

None of the List Item Icons don’t display when creating lists, all other icons etc work fine such as Iconbox.

LayerSlider options don’t appear for me at the bottom of the WordPress menu? Am I missing something? I’m cool to use Flex though I wanted to check out LayerSlider too.

I’m using a child theme [ should there be more updates :-) ] and to make sure that everything worked, I set up a fresh brand new WordPress install with no plugins / no child theme etc and still encountered both issues.

Any idea why this could be?


Keep up the great work.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! Would it be possible for you to open a private ticket on my support forum purethemes.ticksy.com with login details to your wp-admin? I could check that way what might be wrong :) Thanks again

Hi, I am considering purchasing your theme, however, my primary purpose for my website is to SEO optimise it. How well is your theme coded for SEO? Also, i tried to run a Google PageSpeed Insights Speed test on your Demo site and it gave a score of 55/100 which is not very good for SEO. Can you comment as to how well your theme is optmised for SEO. Otherwise, its a great theme with excellent business layout. Thanks


If you’ll check the Google PageSpeed results you’ll see that the High priority erros it shows are connected to image quality and size (which is slightly bigger because it’s showcase site and it has to be the best quality possible), and HTTP redirects but that’s caused by our demos hosted on WordPress Network installation. For SEO purposes the markup is used correctly on h1 & h2 tags, it’s almost 100% valid code ( affected by 3rd party plugins, but just a theme is valid) and we’ve tried to stick to the basic SEO coding rules.

However it will be good idea to use some SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast http://yoast.com/wordpress/seo/

I can’t seems to use any of themes shortcodes in the footer widgets, there is a way that I could use them with widgets?

I have tried to create a button here is my code

[button color="color" size="medium" url="www.google.com" icon="tag" iconcolor="black" ] click here to chat with support! [/button]

it only works inside a page or a post

Hi, yes, shortcodes by default in WordPressare not active in widgets, but there is a quick fix for this. Just add this to your functions.php file:
add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

it works! thank you

hello purethemes.

I like your theme very much. I would buy it but also.

on the front page is not a basket and no login. login pranding, launch pad, maintenance mode, newsletter widget would also be nice.

The cart does not update properly.

maybe you can take that into account in your next update? Is your theme really woocommerce 2 ready?



I might add, instead of a social icon up a link to sign in or to my basket?

Thank you.

Hi, sure, it won’t be hard to modify, you just need to replace few lines in header.php with your HTML code with links

Hello purethemes.

I like your theme really well.

I would need the theme for a Woocommerce shop. But for that I have too few features. Is it possible at least one basket, and a login/logout function installed.

You would your theme with a little bit better Woocommerce compatibility intended for sale much more often.


Good morning I wanted to buy this theme for one of our customers. I wanted to know if it was compatible with this plugin:


Thank Silvano Lonardo

Hi. Yes and no :) Nevia is fully localized so there shouldn’t be any problems with translations on front end, however it might be problematic on the backed mainly because it uses OptionTree. But WPML compatibility is a priority on our list for update, so I’m sure we will make it soon

Love the look and all the accessibility to change many details. Is “Shipping Table Rate” missing from Shipping page? I can’t find a way to set a price for under and over a weight of total order. Thanks.

Hi, isn’t it an additional paid module for WooCommerce? I’m sure I didn’t removed anything ;) it’s just mainly CSS customization of default WooCommerce template

I watched the standard Woo Commerce video thats on their site: http://vimeo.com/29198966 (placeholder 00.49) This did talk about extras that can be purchased, but this wasn’t one of them. I think the video demo is out-of-date, perhaps. Method table: International Rates might have replaced Table Rates – if so there must be somewhere I can add in Country + weight/size = $postage?

Sorry – just found that was a extension. Ta.

This is an awesome theme! Just a quick question though:

I was wondering if it would be possible to make the homepage slider 2/3’s of the width and the last 1/3rd would be an accordion menu, like the one your have in the Shortcodes page?

Hi! Thank you! Unfortunately it won’t be possible without some modifications

Hi! I was not able to upload the Demo Theme. there was no file “Extras/imports.XML? Please help. www.mr.ericnguyen@gmail.com. if can please send to this email.

So there is no other way to make it look like the demo? I’m new at all this?

Cuz right now the site looks really bad.. and everything is everywhere. :(

Just follow the documentation, it’s really easy, but you won’t be able to have 1:1 copy of Demo, as images are copyrighted and I simply can’t include them in theme. If you’ll have any problems, please open ticket on support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ Thanks

hey there, another easy question I am sure. How can I make the flex slider slides links? To other parts of the site etc.

Hi, actually I forgot to add it, I’ll post official update with this soon, but for now you can just grab that zip https://dl.dropbox.com/u/354598/nevia_flexslider_links.zip , extract it and upload both php files to your wp-content/themes/nevia folder. I’ve added there option for links in flexslider. Cheers

is there is a way to set custom color for buttons? currently colors is being inhering theme color scheme, which is fine, but I would like to set custom color for some of the buttons.

Hi, sure, you can use shortcode with attribute customcolor:
[button customcolor="#000"] text [/button]

one last question: twitter feed is not working, I have added username: purethemes and others, but it just doesn’t show anything, is there is anything else I need to check? other plugins to install?

Thank you

Hi, be sure to read “Nevia Twitter Widget” http://www.docs.purethemes.net/nevia/#widgets This widget uses new Twitter API 1.1 where it’s required to have API keys, current API 1.0 will be disabled any day now.

In your “portfolio page” you have a Filter: - All - Architecture - Identity - Photography - Technology

Is it possible to choos two categories e.g. Architecture AND Technology, so it displays both categories at the same time?

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes it is, you can do it using Page templates, under page editor you have list of filters with checkboxes, so you just select which you want to display. Thanks