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hi,i want to set up database to this template. is this supported? how can i do it? thanks.

Hi, what do you mean exactly? This is WordPress theme btw.


Before I purchase this theme…

1) Does it work with an iPad including iPad mini?

2) Some themes are too wide for the iPad want to make this fully comparable including all animations / short codes / effects everything?



It’s responsive theme, so it adapts to the device it is displayed on, for iPad mini resolution is 1024-by-768 pixels, you can resize your browser to that size and see how theme looks, but it will be almost the same as ‘standard’

Hi, The close button of the popup-box for images is gone.. I am not able to close the popu (fancybox..) how can I solve this problem?

You may ignore the question!

Jak rozwiazac taki problem z pagebuilderem: wstawiam kolumne o szerokosci four do niej wstawiam widget text i po zapisaniu widget otrzymuje szerokosc six czyli wystaje poza kolumne.

A powinien dostosowac sie.

wersja z szablonu. szablon sam wymusil instalacje

odkomentowanie aq_unregister_block(‘AQ_Text_Block’); powinno wiecej popsuc niz naprawic, wiec sie dziwie ;)

dodalam komentarz pownownie i jest ok pewnie w cachu cos siedzialo

Recent Works pokazuje wszystkie elementy dodane do portfolio. Mam strone “oferta” gdzie ustawiony jest tylko Filtr “oferta”. Na drugiej stronie “Portfolio” mam ustawiony filtr “Portfolio”.

Tak samo dziala paginacja. Mozna pzejsc przez wszystkie elementy dodane do portfolio nie wazne jaki jest filtr ustawiony :(

Narazie mam to lokalnie. Mowie o Recet work i paginacji na pojedynczej stronie portfolio.

Ok teraz zobaczylam opcje w theme. Ale paginacja tez moglaby zostac poprawiona. Bo w tej chwili mozna przejsc przez wszystkie bez wzgledu na ustawiony filtr


i problem z glowy (trzeba tylko zmienic szablon single-portfolio.php)

Na nast?pny updejt postaram si? doda? to w szablonie. Dzi?ki!

There’s new update available for Nevia, and it comes with awesome Page Builder!

Version: 1.3
* added Page Builder!
* added multilingual logo 
* you can use multiple maps shortcode
* fixed sidebar for shop
* all portfolio pate templates have now option to display content of page along with portfolio items
* option to show recent works from the same filter that current item
* fixed dropdown on portfolio in webkit browsers
* some small CSS fixes

If u ve Nevia child theme u need to copy layerslider.zip to themes/nevia-child/plugins/ after updating to 1.3 to update it properly.

Yes, sorry I forgot to mention it. The LayerSlider is delivered in new way in Nevia (according to new TF rules)

HI. But I purchased HTML version. How can I use this theme with WP for blog and portfolio. Please advice me asap.

Hi, you need to buy WordPRess version to use in it WordPress. If you haven’t downloaded the HTML yet, contact Envato support and they will refund you.

Hi, Can I specify a certain CATEGORY instead of showing the latest woocommerce items in th WooCommerce Recent products shortcode? [nevia_recent_products limit="10" carousel="yes"]You can also showcase products from your store using this carousel.[/nevia_recent_products]

Unfortunately no, it would require custom modification of that shortcode

Thanks for the update. Downloading now to check if shop issues are fixed under responsive mode. :) The page builder looks like a great addition :)

Hi, Could you please tell me, which file(s) I have to edit / replace to get this working? —> fixed dropdown on portfolio in webkit browsers


Hi, you need to update style.css to the latest version, but I’d recommend to update whole theme

somehow my slideshow keeps having a throbber showing .. how can i remove it?!

Also, where do i change the “All” in categories for portfolio? i want to change the language, everything else i could find

Hi maybe instead of removing it, show me the URL and I’ll check what might be wrong? ;) But if you want to remove it, you can just disable slideshow in Theme Options (assuming we’re talking about home slider?)

You should translate theme using included .po file, which should also translate ‘All’, but if you’re just changing it in source file (which is bad practice) you’ll find it in pftpl.php, pftpl3col.php or pftpl4col.php, or in one of the portfolio page templates. You’ll need to search for:
<?php  _e('All', 'purepress'); ?>
For example on this page: http://nevia.purethemes.wpengine.com/4-columns/

In the header it says “Portfolio / 4 Columns” How can I change the “Portfolio” part.

I want it to say “Services / 4 Columns”


NVM! FIgured it out..But i have a different question..


On the bottom its says “Related Works” or “recent Works” and have portfolio items..

How can I change that to say “Services we offer” ?


Hi, you need to edit file single-portfolio.php, you’ll find it close to the end of file.

Oh okay, THANKS!

Hi, please let me know, if these things could be possible. Thanks!

1 Where could be the language icons for language switching – is it in the template to activate?

2 Does the template offer the possibility to put the logo on the right side instead of left side?

3 Would it be possible to have an individual header-grafik for certain pages and articles?



ad1. There’s language switcher in header that can be activated in Theme Options

ad2. No, it would require some simple CSS customization

ad3. No, it would require custom modification

Kind regards,

Lukasz Purethemes.net


ad1. Would it mean, there is a pulldown or two flags for choosing language in the frontend for users?

ad2, ad3: would you offer customization and would theses changes function after updating wordpress and updating nevia theme?

King regards,

ad1. There are small flag icons next to each other

ad2. Unfortunately I do not offer customization services, but I can recommend hiring someone from http://www.microlancer.com/

Hi I’ve just puchased NEVIA theme…unfortunately I can’t install it because of this error message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” I just checked and in the folder CSS the stylesheet “style.css” is present. Anyone can help me?

Hi, you need to download and install “Installable WordPress file’ http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif not the ‘Main file’

oh thanks a lot


Is it possible to display the date on the ‘recent work’ shortcode? Currently, it only displays the title and its filter.


You would need to modify source file, if you’re using Page Builder it’s in inc/blocks/pp-portfolio-block.php if you’re using shortcode it’s in inc/shortcodes.php

Perfect! Thanks a lot! On a different topic, I tried changing the background color of my header. However, it leaves a white space in both left and right sides (*like a margin). I tried modifying header.php or style.css but no go. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Portfolio type video does not display video only black hole :) on the list of portfolio.

Any fix ?

firefox and opera displays wrong :(

Z tego co pami?tam to jest zwi?zane z CSS3 animation na portfolio, trzeba doda? transformsEnabled : false do $(’#portfolio-wrapper’).isotope({ w pliku jquery.isotope.nevia.js ale tracimy wtedy ?adny efekt

nie pomaga :(

Hi, I’m not able to disable breadcrumbs. Please help!


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Thanks just did that.

Hu how to center the things in 2 columns? Please look on my site: http://jakubadam.pl pass: zychu

i cant the youtube movie place into right place…

Hi how to center the things in 2 columns? Please look on my site: http://jakubadam.pl pass: zychu

i cant the youtube movie place into right place…

I think it looks ok now, but there’s some problem with html tags, for example the youtube iframe is wrapped in h3 tag which is wrong. Please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll try to fix it.