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Great Theme, thank you! Do you plan also to realise a html only version?

Hi, is this theme compatible with the WPML language plug in?

Hi, not fully yet, but we’re working on it!

Hi, the new update 1.0.3 is WPML ready!

Hi, Do you have any idea when this theme is fully compatible with WPML ? Really interested in this theme… Kind rehards


The WPML will work for the post, pages and most of contents. Only things that will be difficult to achieve are multilingual sliders and some settings from OptionTree.


Your work is outstanding! I am enjoying working with your latest WP theme.

In the documentation (which is great), you have the slider size as 940×400px.

Is it possible to have the slider less pixels in height and still be as beautifully responsive?

For instance, can the slider be 940 wide x 300 pixels high (or 250) and still be responsive? Is there a preferred size less than 300 pixels high that works best?

Thanks. Dan

Hi Dan,

of course, the height is not really important, but it should be 940px wide, you can even have different height of each image and the slider will adjust.


Great. Thanks!


How can I change the color of the top menu and footer?

Thank you


in Custom CSS box in Theme Options add:
#footer {
background: #YOURCOLOR;
#footer-bottom {
background: #YOURCOLOR;
#navigation {
background: #YOURCOLOR;

footer-bottom is that are at the bottom where copyrights text is displayed

Thank you

Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme but i have one question before I do. I used http://iphone4simulator.com/ to see how this looks on a mobile platform, and it seems some of the content is going off the screen (there is a scroll bar at the bottom and you have to scroll to the right in order to see all of it.)

Anyways please let me know if the mobile theme really has this issue. If anyone who owns this theme can vouch for the mobile version of this theme, please reply.


Hi, the iphone4simulator.com is not really reliable source for that ;), it’s just simple iframe that resize website. I’ve checked Nevia on few Android devices and iPad 3 and it was re-sizing correctly without any additional scrollbars, so I can’t be 100% sure right now if that won’t happen on iPhone (but I’ll try to confirm it asap), but I’m 99% sure it won’t ;)

Thanks PureThemes, that puts my mind at rest. Here comes my purchase ^^

Side Bar Widget working but when making an edit all sidebar items disappear from the widget menu. Unable to make changes to the widget from this view or remove items.. They are like stuck but invisible.

The widget items are still available and show on the page but going back to the Widget area they are gone.

Hi, be sure you’ve correctly installed the theme, which means you’ve uploaded just nevia-theme.zip to your WordPress, not whole “themeforest-4118819-nevia-responsive-wordpress-theme.zip” (the nevia-theme.zip is inside) This is the main cause of that kind of problem, however if you’ve installed it correctly, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, we’ll check what’s wrong.


There’s new update to Nevia, (version 1.0.2). We’ve added support for WooCommerce 2.0, so please update your shops ;) Please be informed that by default 1.6.x version won’t work with Nevia, but if you still want/need to use older WooCommerce, you can find previous template for WooCommerce in “extras” folder in theme package. More instructions are in documentation. Thanks!


I purchased this theme and love it!

I would like to use an image in the header area as the background. Possible?


Hi, yes, just add to Custom CSS box
#header {
background: url('URL TO YOUR IMAGE')

Hey there, great theme. just updated to the new woo commerce and theme updates. The issue I am having is that in the shop base, the page numbers, are hidden behind the products now. Am I missing something> Thanks

Hi, could you show me URL to your website?

hi, this theme have alt tag for images ?

Hi, it’s WordPress theme so you are creating content, and you are adding images, so you need to add alt tag for them also ;)

Great theme, is it possible to add a google+ social icon in the header please, I can’t see it in the list. Many thanks!

Hi, we will try to add it in next update. Thanks!

Any idea when the next update might be, I need to add this pretty soon now. Many thanks!

Don’t worry, I modded it myself ;)

Hi, The theme is great and I would like to buy it. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it possible to place a sidebar on the homepage (which will contain some links and my categories etc)? 2. Is it possible to make the slider smaller? (width and height) and to place the sidebar right next to the slider and not below the slider? Thanks, Eyal


ad1. There’s no problem with that, you can use standard sidebar template page for Front Page.

ad2. This is unfortunately not possible without some more serious customization.


This is the format I am looking for : http://www.mrclab.com/htmls/home.aspx

of course that the design should be better but the sidebar is next the slider.

Do you have anything similar?

2. So where can I put the right sidebar? Will it fit below the slider?

After update to 1.0.2

Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)

Add to functions.php
add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ );
Sorry! I’ll add it to update asap.

Buttons short code in menus or sidebar, doesn’t highlight when I hover mouse over it , it works fine inside post or pages, is there is a way to fix it?

Thank you

one more question, is there is a way to reduce page sidebar width?

Thank you

Hi, yes, but it’s not easy, the layout is made on responsive grid framework, so changing one elements requires changes in others. Sidebar is wrapped for example in div class=”four floated sidebar left”, You could change four to three to reduce width of sidebar, but in the same time you need to change div class=”eleven floated” to div class=”twelve floated” to fill that blank space. You would need to change it in source files. You can also try just editing CSS and overwrite default values for columns.

As for your previous question, I’m just finishing update of Nevia with full support for WPML, and I’ll try to fix the issue with buttons also. Thanks

There’s new update to Nevia, (version 1.0.3). We’ve added support for WPML! and we’ve fixed some small issues with WooCommerce. Don’t forget to update your themes!

Which version is best for WP Nevia ?

Multilingual CMS Multilingual Blog

Actually I use CMS version but it should be enough with Blog version. If not, they have 30 days money-back guarantee and great support, so it shouldn’t be a problem to switch or resign from this.

Hi, I am using an icon-box and have added the link, however on the frontend the icon box area is not clickable, please advise

Thats what I mean, not even the title is clickable..

It looks like
        { $output .= '<h3>'.$title.'</h3>'; }
    $output .= '<p>'.do_shortcode( $content ).'</p></article>';
    return $output;
Instead of:
        { $output .= '<h3><a href="'.$link.'">'.$title.'</a></h3>'; }
Any ideas?

Be sure you have “link” in shortcode in post content, not “url”. There’s a bug in shortcode generator that returns “url=” instead of “link=”, it’s fixed in the update that’s still in the review queue

Hello again,

Is there a relatively easy way to use the social media icons and your design in your Centum WP in the Nevia WP theme? (instead of the social media icons/usage in Nevia)

I would like to replace the current Nevia social media area with your designs, icons and rollover effects in Centum.

Is that relatively easy to detail – or is that above the regular support?

Thanks! Dan

Hi Dan, I’m sorry but that’s something not difficult but rather time consuming, and I’d really love to help as I know your my regular customer ;) and I appreciate it, but I’m very busy right now. If it’s not something urgent, you can make a ticket on my support forum and I’ll get back to you with that when I’ll find some free time.


Thanks. I understand. I am glad you are busy and I hope your sales keep increasing! Your work deserves it.

Thanks for your generous offer to help on your support forum. I will create a ticket.

I almost have the Centum social media design and icons incorporated into Nevia.

I created a Child Theme for Nevia and added the Centum social media code from the Centum css into my Child css.

I also copied all of the Centum social media icons into the Nevia images folder. The correct icons are now showing up on my Nevia Child, but the color rollovers are not working and the position on the page is not correct. I am also not sure if I integrated with the Options Tree.

I will keep working on it. I am pretty close.

I will also create a support ticket in your forum with details and login in case you have time to review. If not, no problem.

Thanks again for all your great work and support.