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We’re still considering the wordpress vs non-wordpress version of this theme. In terms of files and directory organisation, could you tell me if the wordpress theme includes the non-wordpress directory structure (i.e., if we opt to buy the wp theme, can we quickly create a non-wp version of the site)?


Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, HTML and Wordpress are quite different, otherwise it wouldn’t be so hard to develop good themes ;)

Hi My template version is still 1.0.1. How can I update. Please help



Best Regards

Hi, there were some problems with update API recently, so best way would be just to download theme again from your profile -> Downloads tab, and using FTP file manager overwrite old theme.


Hi everybody, Lukasz’ll be away till March 25th, please post all you question on support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com.

Any chance of adding a styled responsive menu, instead of using the ugly default menu on mobile devices? Thanks!

Hi, the menu on mobile devices is set to simple select box, and it is styled according to Nevia design, but some mobile browsers just ignore it (like Safari) and show not so nice style box, but there’s not much I can do about it.

Hi .. I love the theme!

I need a complicated mega menu. With this megamenu can you have 4 or 5 lists horizontally and a few lists with separate headings under each?

Is it possible for this structure to be reflected when viewing with a mobile? Looking at the example the menu is flat and there is no hierarchy.

Thanks Karen

Hi, it’s not possible, simply by the fact that you won’t fit 4 horizontal list next to each other on small mobile screen, and even if you do, user would have to scroll or text would be really really small. Thanks!

Hello purethemes. I like your theme really well. I would need the theme for a Woocommerce shop. But for that I have too few features. Is it possible at least one basket, and a login/logout function installed. You would your theme with a little bit better Woocommerce compatibility intended for sale much more often. Thanks!

Hi, I’m not sure what’s the problem here, there is a cart and all the other functionalist of WooCommerce in Nevia.


I’m using accordion short code, but it always display the content of the first accordion section, it is possible to have them all enclosed, and collapse when a user click on + sign.

Thank you


you can just edit file custom.js and replace line

thanks it worked

Btw, I have also noticed, that when I click on – sign after expanding the accordion it doesn’t work.

Hi, Is it possible to have thumb images for the Recent Post on homepage, just like the Recent Work.

Thank you!

Hi, yes, it was introduced in latest version, the shortcode is
[recent_blog_carousel limit="4" title="Recent Work" orderby="date" order="DESC" ] [/recent_blog_carousel]

Hi, thank you very much! It seems this shortcode didn’t show up right, please see my screenshot http://www.icyydesign.com/test/screenshot.jpg. How do I remove the scroll bar, padding and border around it. Thank you!

looks like you’ve copied it with “pre” tags, be sure to delete them

The icons on my accordion are not + signs. Any insight on how to fix it? The site was moved from a subfolder to root recently.


Try to reinstall theme, you’re missing some files from /images, for example the one with icons http://denovix.com/wp-content/themes/nevia/images/ui-icons_454545_256x240.png

Wow man my client is in love, and so am I. I will be a continual customer.

Really quick would it be an easy line of code to make the Flickr photos in the footer open in lightbox, or even in a new window? I don’t want traffic to divert away form site as much as possible.



sure, just edit file nevia/inc/widgets.php and around line 91 you’ll find
$print_flickr .= '<li><a 
change it to
$print_flickr .= '<li><a rel="fancybox-gallery" 
and photos will open in fancybox. Thanks!

I changed it to

$print_flickr .= '<li><a rel="fancybox-gallery"></a></li>
and it didn’t seem to do anything differently. I added
as a temporary fix which is at least keeping the original window open. Thanks.

Send me login details to your wp-admin, I’ll change it for you

I would like to remove the sorting option and the showing: x results of x on the woocomerce shop page like on the live preview. Could you help with that or is that a question for the woocommerce forum? Greetings!

At the end of functions.php you have this lines:
/* remove comments if you want to get rid of sorting and results counter
remove_filter( 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop', 'woocommerce_catalog_ordering',30 );
remove_filter( 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop', 'woocommerce_result_count',20 );

just uncomment them ;)

Sweet! Thanx

I’ve noticed that the breadcrumbes for a single product are missing i have: You are here: Single Product instead of You are here: Shop Single product so people cannot easelly navigate back to shop page

Sorry! I Just figured out the conditional logic of the navigation through categories. No further explanation needed :-)

I’m currently using the theme Aphrodite and it is blocking me from using Jetpack Comments and the author refuses to help me fix it. I’m asking if this theme will also block me from using Jetpack Comments, and if it does, would your support help me solve this issue? (FYI: Jetpack is a Wordpress plugin, not a third party plugin)

Hi, there’s no problem with Jetpack features, you can test Jetpack comments here http://www.demo.purethemes.net/photopassion/2011/03/gallery-example :) Cheers

quick question; where can i change the link color from purple to gray? (for logo, textlinks,...)

the link problem was fixed in latest update, sorry just noticed!

No problem :) thanks

can the homepage support a sidebar?

Hi, yes, you can use page with sidebar as home also

Witam. Swietny szablon. :) Mam z nim tylko dwa problemy:

1. nie dziala mi normalne, Wordpressowskie punktowanie rzeczy jesli nie wsadze go w np. list type= “check” (lub star/sign/plus) chociaz dziala numerowanie

2. w Google Chrome we wlaczonym trybie Responsiveness gdy lewa strona witryny jest wzglednie krotka to obcinany jest sidebar – przyklad tu: http://crackingcookies.pl/index.php/tag/pobieranie-backtracka/


Witam dzieki :)

ad1. No niestety lista jest “zresetowana” w postach, ale sproboj dodac do Custom CSS w Theme Options
.post-content ul {
list-style: disc;
margin-left: 29px;
tylko nie wiem czy to nie wp?ynie na inne elementy. ad2. Problemem tu jest facebook, generalnie tre?? jest wyrownywana do sidebara je?li jest za ma?y przez JS, ale JS sie wykona zanim za?aduje si? box z Facebooka, wi?c nie jest znana calkowita wysokosc. Jesli wszedzie uzywasz ten sam sidebar mozesz ustawic w CSS min-height rowny wysokosci sidebara, czyli np
.eleven.floated {


Dzieki za pomoc. :) Wlasnie pojawilo mi sie drugie pytanie:

W widoku wpisow mam ustawione male miniaturki “small thumbs”, jednakze gdy uzywam wyszukiwania w witrynie, to widze duze miniatury. W podgladzie tagow i kategorii jest OK. Da sie to naprawic? http://crackingcookies.pl/?s=szukaj
a to moje niedopatrzenie, w search.php zamie?
 if( false === $format )  $format = 'standard';
                    get_template_part( 'postformats/'.$format );
                    //get_template_part( 'postformats/'.$format.'-medium' );
$formatslist = array('status','aside','quote','audio','chat','link');
                    if( false === $format  )  $format = 'standard';

                    if (in_array($format, $formatslist))  $format = 'standard';
                    $thumbstyle = ot_get_option('pp_blog_thumbs');
                    if($thumbstyle == 'small') {
                           get_template_part( 'postformats/'.$format , 'medium' );
                    } else {
                        get_template_part( 'postformats/'.$format );

The right margin of the recent work appears. Where do I fix this?

Could you show me link to your website?

Hi, This may be off-topic, but i figured that you could probably help.

I have purchased your theme and its great. I am unable to find a good, reliable hosting provider for wordpress.

I intent to host a business website and need to be sure about the host before i spend all that money, time and effort in developing the site.

Since you use wp-engine, how would you rate them in terms of speed, security, backups, support and reliability. Which plan have you subscribed to? and how is their support?

I have a paranoia about a host server crashing and i losing all those months of hard work in developing a site in a flash.

Thanks in advance.


I have PROFESSIONAL plan, but for single website it should be ok to start with Personal plan. This is the best hosting I ever had, and I’ve tried quite a lot. Yes, they are expensive, but it’s insanely fast (sometimes I feel like working on my localhost) and never had a downtime yet, they do daily backups, support is fast even on weekends. I can highly recommend it. And now they have 2 months free so you can test them ;) Hope you will be happy as me with wpengine. (I do not work form them even if I sound like I do :) ) Cheers

Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it