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How can I change the contact page so that the word “email” is beside the email address instead of on top?

Like: Email: info@envato,co

Not Like: Email: info@envato,co

I want to do this also with the phone number, please help!

You can change “page-contact.php” files.About email address you can change through newidea options -> contact.


The “page-contact.php” doesnt allow me to change the stacking to side by side

It’s php files, you you there not allow to change? You can local change it and upload your host.


Can you please tell me, why i’m facing too many issues in the theme this time ? No Browser Compatibility ? No responsive ? Why ?? and also you’re not getting me on support tickets ??

Sent! and please also check the prettyphoto for Post’s detail page ..

Any update for my Ticket #522219? Need your urgent response bud :( What I Can’t getting from you this time …

We had checked, it’s already reply u.Thanks.


I have added a second menu to this theme, at the bottom (the default menu is on top). How can I do for the responsive design, I mean how to to for the menu items appears in the menu for mobile, just under all items of the default menu?

Ok I need to do for custom services?

I saw any problems on IE and Chrome : the slider have bug when I click on logo (first slide) and also the background image isn’t the good…

Hi, you can use layer slider for it , as my test it’s just one slider content and have no problem with chrome.Custom services please submit ticket on support forum.


hi, where can i change the social icons? cant find it under theme options.

Our social account you can setting through new idea options -> socials. About icon, you can view theme files -> images folder will find these icons.



How do I remove the social icons from the prettyphoto image box?

You must add code for prettyPhoto.Thanks.

I added the code to PrettyPhoto and it didn’t work. In there another way?

You need add all you use prettyPhoto code.Have no any method as prettyPhoto provided method. Thanks.

I have installed a lightbox plugin. But the images on the page dont show up unless I refresh the page every time. I have tried several other lightbox plugins and having the same issue. It has to be an issue with the website, please help.

Our theme didn’t use lightbox, if you use it means extra modify.Understand? Thanks.

I have issues on everything with this theme not just plug ins. You should remove it from envato

Our demo works fine as showed.If theme have bug, we can change and update.Thanks.

Right now my external hyper links show up blue – How do I change that?

Did you add css style for the links color?

Found it. All good.

How do I make the social media icons bigger. I tried increasing the image size in photoshop and tried changing the html code size but that didnt work.

Never mind, got it!

I would like to add submenu. What have I do for this? Maybe make some changes in the code? Thank you!

Yes, it’s not support submenu, so if you need must change code. Thanks.

Hi! How can i put a second portfolio Page on my website ?

I want to put the two folders “Parutions” and “Clients” on the “References” Portfolio Page =>

Thx to help me

Please post on support forum, our support will check it.


there is a major issue with this theme slider 1. Default Slide and 2. Layer Slider it has refuse to slide even in the demo view what are you doing about this before i purchase

I had checked demo didn’t found slider problem and works fine on demo, if you find problem please tell us details.


Dear Support team,

I have realized that if I click to enlarge any image in portfolio in a mobile phone the left side of the enlarged image is cut. How to fix that.

Furthermore, in mobile preview when you scroll the page down the background image becomes lighter in color as there is a semi transparent white background over the actual background image! How can it be removed so when I scroll a page down is has always the same background color?

Best regards,


Please post on support forum with your site link, our support will check it.


New Idea V4.0 Update Had Online. It’s important for WordPress 4.1 & Big Improve.

More details:


I wrote twice asking questions and didn’t get any replies. I would appreciate if you could reply to my questions.


We had checked and reply u, you can check email. Thanks.

I am about to buy this theme, but I need to ask you a couple of questions first. 1. Is it possible to have only one background image that does not change or reload when you click on a link to a new page/section? 2. Is it possible to have a background image slider if my client wants it? 3. Is it possible to add a ‘Close’ button to the top right corner of a page/section and reveal the background image or background image slider?

Hi, 1. You can custom per page background image then will change when you click menu. 2. We can provide custom service for the background slide when you need. 3. If you add close button will how to display when click it?


I have both emailed and posted at your forum with no reply. I need to know a few things, mainly how to enlarge the main content area.

Nevermind, just saw your forum reply.

Hi I can’t seem to register on your support site. It says there is an error with my Purchase Code but I am using the one I just got in my receipt when I purchased the theme. Also, I am having trouble putting soundcloud media in my portfolio. Is there a special code for this?

Please send us your purchase code let us check it through -> Email ThemeFocus .


New Idea V4.3 Updated Had Online for WordPress 4.2!

Update information please click link view details.



Great theme, but I need to disable all responsive functions as they do not display properly on many phones. All I want is for the theme to appear the same on all devices. Please help me accomplish this asap. Thanks.

Please post on support forum with details. Our support will check it.