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Right now the position is absolute but i thought it wasnt suppose to move if it was fixed..

Do u need how to help , please tell me more details or submit throught ? Yes, our position use absolute for it so that move. Thanks.

Hi, that might be a small problem or I’m just stupid but yesterday I’ve made an order for New Idea theme. Wanted to install it ( upload it ) to WP but doesn’t really work. The communicate that I got from WP is: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Help… Please…

Hi,Did u follow our doc help to install theme? Please view our install theme post again. You must done some error. Please make sure your upload theme is named “” in down files and if you unzip the root have style.css . Utill now have no clients can’t install theme, you are the first man. Please follow the post.


Already done this, that was my stupit mistake. Sorry for that :) Cheers anyway :)

Hello… I created a slider but my page, the select a slider doesn’t display the slider name. Here’s my site:

How do I fix this error?

I checked the css file and the version is 1.1.7. I followed the instructions but still not working… what’s next???

Please send us your wp account and link let me check it. support[at]

Ok I got it working… Thanks

Hi activefocus,

I do love this theme, but before I buy I need to know. - can I add content to the front page (not just the slider but actual text under it etc). - can the content boxes sizes be adjusted in the css? So the content ‘boxes’ fill up more of the screen. - can footer columns be added fairly easily? Or is this difficult to do? (I prefer to have some footer columns for blog feeds, location and contact details).

If you can help asap, it would be great as a client is eager to use your design for their site.


First, you can custom any page for home not just slider. Second, now because of we keep 960 so box size is fixed. If u need other size, you can send us custom services with it, we already help other client do their needed size.About footer add more columns need u modify footer.php or also request us help u.Thanks.

Hi, Nice theme, very good work!

I was wondering if it’s possible to configure how many rows of images the portfolio page will have. The demo always use 2 rows of images, and I would like to change that… Actually, I would like to display all the images in ONE row – a scrollable, full height images, one-by-one…

e.g. like this screenshot: Imagine that these category-images are the actual images – and that it is re-sized to fit the actual available height (so that horizontal and portrait images will have the same height, with different width).

The images will still be click-able (I like the lightbox popup with the social buttons etc’..), but the user will also be able to scroll through the images right from the portfolio page..

Did you understand what I’m looking for? Is it possible? If not, will you consider adding this in future versions?


Hi, I understand u. We can help u custom the portfolio list image one row style, because of it’s different image size and layout with category .So, You just send us a custom services after bought it throught services[at] .Thanks.

Is it possible not to have portfolio categories? I would like to showcase all my portfolio items in the first level of the portfolio template. Is that possible?

It’s need u modify portoflio module for it.We can provide custom services for it if you can’t modify it. You can send us custom requestion throught here form. Thanks. :)


I have a client who wants a website comprising entirely dark colours.

How are background, menu, font colours and background images changed in the theme? Would any of these colour or background changes be over written if the theme is updated?



Hi, you can custom these color and images. It’s not overwritten when theme updated.Because of it’s save into database. Thanks.

Thanks very much for your answer but how are they customised? Is it a colour picker or another method?

You can setting them throught Admin Panel. Support color picker or input 0X number. Did u view our product “Theme Overview” , have some screenshot with setting , you can view them again .

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Is there any way to change it so that I can make the logo size bigger without losing the “One-page” effect of the template? Maybe move up the menu bar or something?

Also. My page is not coming up correctly. I have all plugins disabled and I have cleared my browser cache. Here is a screenshot.

Hi,please send us your online link and login account so that we can check where you done error or other question throught support[at] . Thanks.

Thanks. It’s been sent!

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare layerslider_enqueue_content_res() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 189

What can I do about this?

Hi, did you already Activate LayerSlider as your plugins? Your error show you’re using layerslider of your plugin so that conflict with our theme LayerSlider. If you use our theme please Deactivate your LayerSlider Plugin wp-content/plugins/LayerSlider/ . Thanks.

Thanks! That was the problem !

I added a portfolio, added a portfolio page, uploaded images and connected them with de portfolio but I don’t see them on screen when I open the page

Please send us email with your online link and login account throught support[at] so that we can help u check it , thanks.

Bullets not supported in this theme, as will cause text to overlap. :( Butother than that…GREAT Theme.

Thank u for your suggest , can u send us your screenshot with your bullets style throught support[at] . We’ll consider add this support. Thanks.


I sent you an email on your PB but no help !!!
Can you please explain me how to get your same home page slider on my website ?

All the best

Hi, we already reply your email and help u add our demo for your website -> Slide Simple ( ). About home page slider code , we already add into support forum.Please view these post.



You also can view all about slide post :


Just purchased and attempted to install, but got this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/content/80/7257380/html/wp-content/themes/newidea/includes/penguin/penguin-update-notifier.php on line 80

Hi, because of we add new feature plugin , it’s require wp3.4+ version. So you just update your wp version or change 2 files .


How do you add new testimonials to the about page? Can you only add one?

Now just have 1 testimonial clients because of height not good show 2+ testmonial items. If you need custom add more , please send us custom services for it and with your design style to services[at] . Thanks.

Ok, so went ahead and bought the template. It will look great, but just found one major issue if your site has more than a single topic, which makes it useless for me and my client (and for anyone wanting to do effective SEO and internet marketing, let alone have a blog using this template).

Basically the whole site (and all the ‘pages’) load as one. Do a view source code and you will see. The contact details, and all the other page’s (they’re not really pages) content is listed on the home page, rendering SEO pointless (and huge amounts of data to load if you have a substantial site).

The template really needs to utilize pagination if you are going to ‘slide’ between pages. It looks great as it is, but each pages content needs to be on an unique ‘page url’. Right now all the content is on one page. Bad for Google, bad for load times and everything.

I really loved the look of your template, but it’s just unusable now I have found this (and could not see it before as you can’t see the source code obviously on the demo site).

This will be a massive issue, if you wanted to include blog on your site, which will all load as well.

I need to request a refund, unless this issue can be fixed quickly, but I can’t see how it can.


Shame. Unfortunately I cannot use it for anyone else. As I said having all content on a single page is a bad idea (if you want any rankings in Google and for SEO, there is no if or but, unless you have very very little content and then it’s still not a great idea). Since I can’t view the source code before purchasing, I can’t see how your template does things differently to 99% of templates on themeforest (and that I have used).

Anyway, might be worth highlighting more clearly that it is a single page template (essentially) to prevent anyone else being confused.

Again , our demo show all in a page so it’s clean let u know the site is one page. Before purchase you can ask us about your question, if you did’t ask us then buy it, it’s yourself question. Many clients ask us question about they want before they purchase. We will don’t reply u about the question. Thanks.

It’s only a suggestion as other one page themes, have it written in the tittle. (Ie New Idea One Page Responsive Theme etc). It’s not very clear and easily missed (I actually thought you had it on a fast host and hence why it loaded so well between pages).

Anyway, guess I’m out $40 with a good looking template, but one that is useless for any SEO and Google Rankings (unless very niche), which is actually very important to be considered when designing a template. I’m just trying to help you out in how to make your template better.

Your template is great in design, but no one will ever find a website in search if it uses it, as there is no way to do effective and proper SEO in it’s state now.

Unfortunately I was too hasty in purchasing this theme and am now left disappointed.

I found you had done a facebook page version and it’s support use the same database content for the theme , awesome features. Can u tell me how to setting ? :)

Great and quickly answer. :)

Thank you so much and sorry for my mistake !!!

Great theme and help support .

All the best

NP, I just send u a email ,please check and thank u support us. :)

Hello ,

Sorry to disturb you again !!

1)How can I only get black background and not the big image( new york …)

2)I ve got a little problem with thelogo : 230 -56 is too short on my website !!! i ‘m using 290-56 ,where is the error ?

All the best

All the best

Hi, 1: don’t understand , you don’t need background? Please send us screenshot with your question to our email. 2. you can setting logo width,height and padding top,left so that show more good. Thanks.