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I see a Services Section setting in your forum. Do you have a sample of how the services page will look like? It is not in the current ‘live preview’. Thanks

Hi, ‘live preview’ Project = Services page. Just deponds on you use it as what. Thanks.

Hi… Great theme! Everything works perfectly! I would like to remove the page title from the Page box that shows up in the left top corner of the sliding box. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

Hi, you just need open content-page.php on 23 line. Delete the title code.
<h2 class="title"><?php echo $post->post_title; ?></h2>
Save it , then will not appear title. Thanks.

Well… I am sure there is a way to do this because it is done in the example on this page. I just can’t figure it out. Please help…

Hi, I had replay u about the title question, please check. Thanks. :)

Nevermind… Figured it out. Great work by the way. I’m so use to having to go to the editing panel to really customize. Its nice to see you have made customization very easy and user friendly.

Hi, I had replay u about the title question, please check. Thanks. :)

Thanks, I must say… 5 stars on the product support. Going to be making more purchases from you activetofocus! Thanks again!

Last question… How do you change the transparency of the page box?

I had add a post for it, please view our support forum for the question .

The small semi transparent sliding page background that is….

I had reply u , please keep message clean don’t push too more same question. Thanks.

great theme, here’s what I did with it for your consideration.


Sorry, I didn’t see it with our theme.Thanks.

Hi! The steps for activating the LayerSlider WP are not working. What could be the problem? I activate it in the bottom page section, select Slider Nr1 or something like that, but it isn’t working.

Also how can I set that the frame from gallery does not resize itself if there are pictures of different sizes? Thanks

Hi, about layersider, please first create your sider with layerslider WP, then follow our support forum : About gallery size , if you need change size need change code. Thanks.


I am using the New Idea theme for WordPress.

I have a problem in that I require displaying a larger panel of information at one time than will fit into the height of the content pane.

By content pane, I mean a <section class=”... contBg”> element within the main <section id=”content elements”>

The content in this instance is pulled into a which, from what I can gather, is hard-coded to that height through various manipulations in script.

Looking further at the scripting, I see various places where related measurements are hard-coded to specific pixel sizes. I understand this to indicate that it would require manual recalculation of all associated measurements just to change the height. This, of course, would be a change that, even if successfully implemented, would be destroyed when updating the theme.

To get around the problem, I had initially entertained the idea of simply avoiding the scroll pane structure altogether by having the a menu item lead to an external page. However, as all of the content is encapsulated within this structure client-side and the menu items are generated to basically switch between what amounts to “slides” of page content instead of linking to actual pages, I can find no practical solution.

The main issue is that the information I am trying to display contains images which must be of a certain height and fully visible at one time, because it contains wording on the image. It is part of a step-by-step tutorial and each “step” must be fully within view to make sense and not be hugely off-putting.

Can you shine a light on a solution?


Hi, now because of we keep in 960 for all platform ( like iPad ) so box size is fixed and don’t recommend anyone to modify. If u can’t change and need other size, you can send us custom services with it, we already help other client do their needed size. Thanks.

What I really need to do here is add an additional page that is not in the theme format. One page just has too much info and large images that won’t work with the small text platform. Can this be done. When I try to add an external link it put it in the text box!

Please send us email with more details of your custom request , best add a screenshot for it. services[at] .Thanks.

good day. but our website will be the artist’s need to add a page into the mp3 player. I’d appreciate if you help.

mp3 player for example: our website:

okay. at one mp3 player you wanted to homepage. Although it may be in the mp3 player we want to open different pages? If the distinction needs to be done? or in simultaneous possible?

Can I have your email address?

Please send to services[at] . Thanks.

Is it possible to embed a youtube video on the homepage’s slider?

We already add LayerSlider for u choose, so it’s possible.Thanks.

Hi.. I like this them, but will I be able to have a playlist or songs/music that people can click on and listen to on this?

Hi, Default our theme support soundcolud play sound maybe it’s not you needed. If you have any playlist plugin , we can provide custom service for u add it . Keep 2 point : 1. playlist plugin source code . 2. screenshot image of your push style.

If all ok then send to services[at]


Hi. I’d like to remove buttons “tweet” and “like” from photo gallery. How could I do that? What code should I remove and from where? Thanks a lot

We use PrettyPhoto plugin , you just need open js/jquery.theme.js looking for .prettyPhoto , then add params social_tools:”” for it.

Here is a example on 533 line:
// prettyPhoto
        if($.fn.prettyPhoto != null) $("a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({social_tools:"",animation_speed:'normal',theme:'facebook',slideshow:3000, autoplay_slideshow: false,'overlay_gallery':true});

AN EXAMPLE on 533 line?? add params social_tools:””? I found but I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t have any lines.

Hi, example just tell u how to do, you can search with prettyPhoto in js/jquery.theme.js not jquery.prettyphoto.js . If u still can’t do it, please send us email ,we will help u change it.Thanks.


I ve got double image on my homepage !!! Can you fix it please. I sent you all the details on your PB.

All the best.

I had reply u email, please check . Thanks.

yes but it still doesnt work !!! Can you check it please.All the best

Ok, please keep email with the question, don’t post too more ! Thanks.


1) Slide simple :

how to delete number of slides cause I have got only one slide : 1
2)How to change the “Testimonials “color text into white color :

All the best

Hi , you just use custom css for them throught Admin Panel “new idea options” -> “Color” -> “Custom css” . Don’t forget check enable custom css checkbox.
.nivo-controlNav {display:none;}
.testimonials h2 {color:#ffffff !important;}

Thanks a lot. it works fine.

The option to change Opacity in the header is broken. Footer works fine.

Hi, I had check and test it. It’s works. Maybe you some miss. Please don’t forget check “Enabled Background Check to enable header background” check box button. Thanks.

How do you allow Vimeo videos to play in the portfolio section? I want to have videos where all the photographs are now in your preview page. Also will the issue of videos playing after you leave the page be resolved soon? Thanks!

Hi, about vimeo , PrettyPhoto is support. Here is a help post, please view it will help u .

Also, can we have options to customize the PrettyPhoto that is used in the theme? Having to manually do it is a pain.

Hi, about it now you just open js/jquery.theme.js then search:


and use your want theme style replace it. About theme support “dark_rounded” , “dark_square” , “light_rounded” , “light_square” . Thanks.

When using the Portfolio Page, I enter into a category and for going back there is a ” Back Category ” button. How do I change the text of ” Back Category ” Button. Sorry i am a newbie at this. Can anyone help ?

Hi ,please open portfolio-list.php and portfolio-subcategory.php will find it and replace it. Thanks.

Hello ,

I dont know how can I get on my news page :

1) “Read More” with some text

2) How to translate “Back” on “News” page ?

3) How to hide the date on “news” page ?

4)How to get this white title on “News” and “projects” pages ?

5) Is it possible to get “read more” on “Projects page ?

All the best

Thanks , and what about the others questions !!!