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Hi, Can I make submenus??? I have to do submenus for my website, at least a second level!

Yes, there is my website in production :

I check it used alpha for it and show works , can us send me screenshots with you there show style? Thanks.

I just send you it at services[at] Thanks a lot, you are very fast to reply, it’s great!!

Hi, I have purchased this theme and really like the look and feel. There are a couple of issues that I could do with some help with – 1) When editing pages in the dashboard – I go to view after I have made an edit and it displays the incorrect page – its not a huge issue just slightly annoying – any thoughts? 2) I wish to create a page as a landing page for an email campaign but what ever I do ( used the correct URL for the page)it goes to the home page – is there any thing i can do to rectify this? It is really important as this is one way we are selling products.. Thats all…

Hi, this is one page theme so just show index page.About your question, can u send us screenshots with it to support[at] Thanks.

Hello ,

1) Can we use this plugin on a special page ?

2) How to delete:

( – ) before John Doe ? I cant do it !

All the best

First, the plugin, I don’t know can use it, because of I didn’t used it. ( – ) before John Doe ? I don’t understands, You can open content-about.php and change some, if you need.Thanks.

I want to use a Fontface font. I´ve tried to implemet it as I normally do: In the style.css file, but it seems like the Google Fonts overrides somehow.

How do I turn the Google Forts off? or how do I get the FontFace to wort with the NewIdea template?

Cheers Putte

I can help u add the font , you just send us your login account. I don’t know do u think our support not good? Our support is fast, Thanks.

Thanks, and… Yes, I think your support is AWESOME and rapidfast! :-)

Thanks again! (I´ll send you the info by mail)

Login account error, Did u got my reply, please check and reply me.


How may I change “powered by wordpress (white color) into Black color ?

All the best

Thanks, but where !!!

New Idea Options -> General -> Footer Copyright Setting

Thanks a lot


I sent you an email on your PB

How can I change the Arrows (preview, next) into white color ?

All the best

Hi, arrow is images, you can open images/arrow-next.png arrow-prev.png use your white color replace it. Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

Hi I like this theme and I’ll buy it


hi there

when i try to open a category of the portfolio i get this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /homez.666/visualfx/www/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 1451”

any idea ? thx erwan


thx a lot :-)

If you like theme or our support.Please give as 5 star support us. Thanks.

Hi. Can you please tell me how to remove the date and category from the News? I’m not using it as a blog and would prefer to remove them? Thanks

Hi, you just open content-news.php will find it and delete it.Thanks.

Hello again! I was wondering if there is any way that I can have the ‘services’ page or ‘default’ page linked from a portfolio image, so that when you click on the image it takes you to a new page? We want to be able to put a lot more wording related to the images than the normal portfolio allows. Thanks.

Can u tell me more details about your request, now have little don’t understand. You can send to services[at] Thanks.

Hi !

Is it possible to create a new page template or somthing else so when i create a portfolio-page the portfolios will be displayed and not the portfolio categories with a link to the portfolio-page ?

Why you don’t use the default template-hierarchie from the wordpress-codex and something other ?

It’s not possible for me to work with this theme.

Regards Ralf

I can’t work with this theme.

Please inform the Themeforest-Staff that i wan’t to redo the buying.

Why not work, if u can’t do like demo tell us,ee can help u.

Social Sites and Icons – I need to add a google blog to the social icons how do I add another Social site to the list or edit one of the ones that are already listed to work with a different site – thanks

Maybe you need custom modify little code with the new social link. If you can’t do , you can send us your login account and icons let me add it. Thanks.

i should be able to if you point me to the right files and thanks for the offer i might need it

Hi, you can replace a social icon of you don’t used in images/social/ , then open includes/newidea-functions.php on 311 online search the social link change it with your link. Thanks.

ACtive focus…I have added a support ticket in your forum and have not had a response regarding a separate issue than below. Also, Im not sure if this is a bug, but on your demo you have the logo and menu system on the bottom which works fine in the demo om smaller screens. When you switch the logo to the top and make the resolution smaller, 800px or less the body container moves upwards into the logo. Is there a fix for this?

See screen shot:

Hi, default our the theme design best works 960+*600+ size. Looks you just change some css style throught “newidea options” -> “color” -> “custom css” add like :
body {min-height:800px;}

I also find you didn’t change footer header, you can reduce footer header throught newidea options setting.

Thank you for your reply but that didnt work. I added it to both the responsive CSS and custom CSS boxes. Any other ideas?

Here is the URL again:

Maybe need custom more code for it.

hi i need to change the height of the LayerSlider sliders from “width: 860px; height: 360px;” to “width: 860px; height: 460px;”

but i search in css in php … nothing found any idea thx

layerslider height we had hide so that client don’t any change break. If you need change , you need open plugins\LayerSlider/edit.php on 527lines.
<tbody style="display:none">
delete style=”display:none” Then will show setting height and width. Thanks.

great thx :-)


How to delete (D,M,Y )into Post or changing the orange color !

All the best

Hi, open content-news.php then delete here:
<span class="newsDate"><?php echo get_the_date('d M Y'); ?></span>-<span class="newsCategory"><?php     $categories = get_the_category();
                            $seperator = ' , ';
                            $output = '';
                                foreach($categories as $category) {
                                    $output .= $category->cat_name.$seperator;
                            echo trim($output, $seperator);

activetofocus, youre killing me here. I sent you a private email communicating I would be willing to pay you at this point to fix this glitch with the body content moving into the logo and nav bar. I have narrowed it down to a javascript file that is automatically setting no top margin. This is a not a CSS issue. I would really appreciate some help here.

NP, I will check your email and reply u.Thanks.

hi here i use an iframe in the page to show some videos but i need to load the page two times before the videos appear

here is the iframe code <iframe id=”dm_jukebox_iframe” style=”overflow: hidden; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; height: 370px;” src=”[]=%2Fplaylist%2Fx2h98g_petitlubzh_video-visual-fx%2F1&skin=default&autoplay=0&automute=0” height=”370” width=”154” frameborder=”0” marginwidth=”0” marginheight=”0”></iframe>

any idea thx

Looks it’s the plugin problem. If you insert a youtube or vimeo iframe it’s works.

i think it’s a theme problem or wordpress because if you look here everything is ok

Because of this is one page so first our theme ex hide all page so that the plugin no do anything so show nothing!

Hi Activefocus Please look at a problem with Internet Explorer the box where the page and slider go are bigger in ie then in Firefox and Chrome and sticking out at the bottom Please help

Hi, it’s depends screen height maybe.Here I use IE view your site looks good. Thanks.

just compare it to chrome and the frame is very not present at the bottom in ie and the frame is present in chrome and your demo??

Don’t understand , can u send us screenshots with your question! support[at] Thanks.

Hi email recipient section is not working. I checked everything about the codes but when i submit a message it doesn’t send it to my email. How can I fix that problem?

Hi, I had test it on our demo , it’s works. About email problem also depend on your host, you can contact your host admin about the question. Thanks.

How can I tile my background? Do I need to change some css to achieve this?

Hi, about upload your background:

Default background – Open Newidea Options -> General -> Background Images

Page background – Open page then will find “Page Options Setting” -> Page background image.