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I am having trouble with the contact form – It just isn’t working with any type of email.

Can you help?


Did u setting your email througth newidea options -> contact ? Can u send us your link , let us check it. Thanks.


is there a way when someone click to “News “to redirect him to another website ?

All the best

You just create a custom menu in admin -> menus with a link.Thanks.

Is it possible to add music on the home page?

Hi,it’s one page, did u notice? I think it’s possible as you want, we can help u add it if u need.Thanks.

Bought! Can you help me put music on the homepage?

Hi, NP. We are provide custom services if you need any custom services about the theme, please send us all details about your request to . Thanks.

How do you add a set of images to a category, I noticed i can only set the category thumbnails/images.

Hi, you can’t use category as a menu so it’s not appear.You also can’t change size it’s fixed.Thanks.

hi, my home page loads fine but the rest of the pages dont load the content on the first click, they only load when i refresh the page, i have updated my theme to 1.2, that didnt help either. I found this on the help section Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/24/d189398838/htdocs/wp-content/themes/newidea/includes/penguin/module/faq.php on line 60

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/24/d189398838/htdocs/wp-content/themes/newidea/includes/penguin/module/faq.php on line 60 Can’t load any data,please check your net is ok!

About them warning is load our theme faq file, don’t worry it. About your question, please send us your site link and admin account let us check it. submit a ticket throught


Hi, how can I increase the size (height mainly) of the the overall home slide and pages wrap? Have images that are almost portrait than landscape and would like to get a balance between. Increasing the height of how slider looks and also the page by half of what is can do the trick. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi, do u want to change the content div size? Default it’s fixed can’t change. Thanks.

I have received an email on , saying that the new idea theme that i have installed on is pirated. The email is from Joe Christem. However as you can see i am a legal purchaser. Can you please look into it at the earliest.

Maybe this is a Cheat. If you purchase it just for 1 site , it’s have no any problem. Don’t worry it. Thanks.

Sure :) His email id is .

We have no the email. Our email is as end. It’s cheat. Thanks.

Hi there,

I’m just curious if you can use video on your website?

I notice some people are having issues. It would be nice to see an example.

Can the video be used on a slider like the pictures?

What about incorporating WooCommerce/Ecommerce, is this possible?

Thank you.

One more question,

Is it possible to have several sub-categories in the portfolio section?

Thanks again.

It’s support 3 level of category means 2 sub-categoryies. Thanks.

New Idea V1.2 Update Had Online !!!

Today get a clients showcase with our theme, it’s looks really pretty! You can view it

Thank all purchaser support us.


I’m using FADE effect on the slider, as I leave the transition slower?

Hi, now view your site, you used oneByone slider with nivo. You need change the params for the animal time.Very easy please follow. Open js\newidea-slider\nivo-slider\jquery.nivo.slider.js on bottom of code have default setting.
//Default settings
$.fn.nivoSlider.defaults = {
        effect: 'random',
        slices: 15,
        boxCols: 8,
        boxRows: 4,
        animSpeed: 500,
        pauseTime: 3000,
        startSlide: 0,
        directionNav: true,
        controlNav: true,
        controlNavThumbs: false,
        pauseOnHover: true,
        manualAdvance: false,
        prevText: 'Prev',
        nextText: 'Next',
        randomStart: false,
        beforeChange: function(){},
        afterChange: function(){},
        slideshowEnd: function(){},
        lastSlide: function(){},
        afterLoad: function(){},
        showimage: true,
        drag: false,
        dragElement: ''
Then change the param with your want 2500 = 2.5s.
animSpeed: 2500,


thank you! was great! is possible to make an image appear at the opening of the loading site? can be in place of the line which appears

Hi, that’ll need custom for it. If you need custom services please send us a ticket with your details throught


This is a beautiful template!

Is it Google friendly? Does it utilize pagination as far as content if you have large amounts of it??

I look forward to your answers as I would love to get NewIdea if it meets the rest of my needs.

Hi, that will need yourself test with some ecom plugin, because of we not use for the theme.Thanks.

I take it you do not know any that will work seamlessly with your template??

Hi, again, because of the theme we before not think about the theme support estore, so don’t know that. That’ll need you use plugin and test it is or not ok.

Hi, will it be possible to allow the layerslider tab on a Editor view in admin. I won’t to give access to me client to be able to add portfolios, edit pages and add slides through admin but i dont want my client to be able to create users or add themes etc. The key thing here is to add Layerslider tab on a Editor view in admin.

Many Thanks

Hi, it’s a 3th part plugin so we can’t change the plugin code so that maybe appear error.Thanks.

ok. I have number my Portfolio category but the Categories are still not appearing according to the way I have numbered them in admin.

Please tell us more details about your said, you can submit a ticket with your site link and screenshot with your said so that we chan more good understand u. Thanks.

on my web site in mobil mode the prev and next arrows doesnt appear. ? cant slide the catagories . although i have more than 8 catagories it shows only 4. here my web site could u checkt it what should ? do?
Hi, please send me your admin account check it.


Today get another clients showcase with our theme, it’s looks really pretty! You can view it!

Enjoy New Idea Theme!!


Hyperlink Code

when i use this hyperlink code for my address in Contacts it breaks next time i go there.

Plz advise if u need a screenshot plz tell me ill attach it

Thank you

sorry for the double post but here is the link to the printscreen

href=”exemple”>161 Square Hill Avenue, Eersterust, 0022

when i use this hyperlink code for my address in Contacts it breaks next time i go there.

this is the picture

Plz advise if u need a screenshot plz tell me ill attach it Thank you

no problem thank you

hello again i was wondering if there is a possibility to totally remove color behind the menu thank you

You can use css setting, thanks.

Hello, I found my page which I named “Berita” always showing “Auto Draft” when accessed, here the following link: or (can you please check it out)

I’ve set up the dashboard> Settings> Reading> A Static Page> Post Page> News , But it just working on front page, when i went to another page it showing “Auto Draft” again…

Note: “Berita” is a category that now contains 2 posts

There again, I did not find the menu “News” on the dashboard, but I have bought this theme, I use the account ID: dperdhana when purchasing this theme

Thank You for your respond

I have a purchase code but i don’t know how to submit ticket…

okay i just submit a ticket there, and i have ticket number now

Hello is there a short code that i can add to CSS to change my link colors from at the moment purple in to green thank you

Hi, you can custom css for your link color.Thanks.

Hey! Love the theme. Client does too. Question: I have purchased plugins, yet on your theme, the dashboard is dictated on what is shown. How can I open up the restrictions you have?

You can submit a ticket with your site admin account so that we can help u check it. Thanks.

Great Theme!!! love it!!! I want to customize one page. Is it possible to make the “Services” page show 3 at once instead of 2? That would be great!!