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Thanks, the other thing we’re having issues with is the responsiveness. In mobile the menu completely disappears…...

Everything?:) Could you elaborate what is happening on mobile (in details or/and screenshots)? And one more thing, currently I am working on major update of this very theme, it will be released till this weekend. (It will be compatible with latest WP version + many small things I decided to improve–you will get notification from Envato). Thank you!

Just upgraded to the latest version of the theme. Not sure why you changed the theme to be installed in directory newjerusalem when it used to be installed in wp-newjerusalem so I ended up with two copies of the theme, old and new. I uninstalled all the old plug-ins and then installed the plugins again. I see these are all renamed as well. One plugin has an error in its name, it displays as S”Virtuti-D” List CPT.

The problem we had before with the map still occurs, the if(is_page_template( ‘page-home.php’ )) test fails even though it sure is the home page. I put our patch back in to make it work. I think you have a coding error there as well. The original code reads if(is_page_template( 'page-home.php' )) wp_enqueue_script('googlemapapi', '', array(), false, true); wp_enqueue_script('googlemap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/goomap.js', array(), false, true ); The second enqueue for googlemap should be part of the conditional. I think this should read if(is_page_template( 'page-home.php' )) { wp_enqueue_script('googlemapapi', '', array(), false, true); wp_enqueue_script('googlemap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/goomap.js', array(), false, true ); }

To make this work on our site, we change the test to if (is_front_page() ) but to be honest, I would agree that this change shouldn’t be necessary and is inferior to the original code.

1) wp naming requirements 2) thank you for pointing out the misspelling! plugin name is corrected 3) as I said in previous letter, if you believe that page template conditional is an issue remove it, i.e. if(is_page_template( ‘page-home.php’ ))

You seem to miss my point about the 4th item. I believe the two enqueues should be both part of the conditional. The code as written makes the first enqueue conditional and the second script, googlemap is always enqueued. If I am correct, you need to add a { at the end of the conditional test and the close } should be after the enqueue of googlemap.

Hi. I am setting up a site at Purchase code is a7c10ff5-5dd4-48c6-a278-3895091421a3.

On the Full width Top image. I have uploaded an image but it is not showing, I just see black. When I refresh the screen, the photo I uploaded flashes for a minute but then goes black again. What setting am I missing, please? Miki

Hello, thank you! You site shows absence of any image, do you upload it via Customizer (Fullwidth Image Inner Pages)? By the way, I see also absence of photograph at the bottom. Let me know whether you used Customiser and if yes, does it save pictures after you click “save and publish”.

I was in the wrong section – Full Image (top). Bottom image works fine. All set now. thanks.

Great to hear, fine. Thank you!

This template had so much promise that I decided to buy it and redo my shuts website with it, but so many basic problems leave me tearing my hair out. Image placement seems impossible. No matter what resulotion I use or how I move objects around on the canvas I just cannot get images to show up consistently on the home page. The top banner is just offset and the dig crops my images. The documentation says to make it fall, but that’s so subjective I don’t know what it really means! .

The menus on the site work great on my Mac with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but do not show up on my iPad; just shows “menu” and clicking it does nothing.

I really want to be able to adjust the text size on the Home page too. It’s crazy big and not useful.

Also, I don’t have FTP access, so messing about with the mapping or even trying to fix the template is impossible… And besides I’m not sure Id buy something just to pick through code to fix it.

I spent hours tonight fighting with this template. It should have been far easier and I still don’t gave a site ready for prime time.

Also no idea what the buttons on the page do. They all seem to load the candle lighting times bar (candle lighting times function is awesome by the way). How do I customize somI can show parsha of the week and other such things. Three buttons all doing the same seems pointless.

Last small item. The HTML Helper has an example embedded video that YouTube has taken down. Until I realized it came from your plugin I thought someone had hacked my site.

A few basic and this template would get 5 stars, but right now I’m thinking I should rate it low.

Shalom and Pesach Sameach veKasher!

In regard to your questions:

1) If you use Customize, it is naturally, possible. I also placed short instructions about image size, for example: “Allows to upload a custom background image (jpg) Must be relatively high and min1920 wide cover full screen but not lose in quality. Note: It is not a body background but div background.”

2) Likely you did not look into Help file and did not place Pages widget, therefore since it is empty there is nothing to show. Read Help file.

3) It is not crazy big but in opposite it is useful and comfortable for reading. If you wish to change font-size it is possible via css only (Help file again)

4) Without FTP access you really cannot change anything in js (Help File again). WP does not allow editing js files straightly in its Editor (unlike php, css and html). Sometimes there is no possibility to replace js content (your address in this case) by “drag and drop”. Also, you can use Home II page template if it looks too complicated for you to open js file and insert your own street address.

5) If you read Help file you could spend just minutes instead of hours on setting up the theme

6) Help file

7) HTMl helper just helps to copy and paste code (and just if you wish your video responsive), nothing more. You can use it or omit. As for which video is up or down by YouTube is beyond my control. Use another video, use Vimeo, use DailyMoon, use nothing–up to you. It is your content, what I made is more comfortable way to get embeded video responsive, but as I said, you are not obliged to use Helper at all.

8) You may rate it as you wish. I made a product unique in its subject, containing many features specific for this very subject, wrote detailed Help file and I am always available for questions via Comment Box (Next week, though I am unavailable for answers due to Pesach). However, even upon these points you still decide to rate my item low, it will not cause tears poured from my eyes. Rating is up to you only.

Thank you again. And again: read Help file (recommended by Envato, not by me only).

I haven’t rated your product yet. I’m frustrated not mean.

I created a 1920 wide image, it’s the “relatively high” that’s subjective. Give me a number that works. The banner keeps getting offset in the vertical and doesn’t display properly. Text in logo just gets randomly cut off.

I looked in the help file plenty. That’s how I got the site up. It’s condescending to say I didn’t look at it so many times. I got a lot working using it, but for some of the issues I just can’t get past them. Website is at

Shalom, thank you!

I do not see anything wrong with upper image on your website. However, I see that bottom part (with quote on my demo and picture on yours) is displayed not as intended (this part, unlike my demo is too hight= and hides the narrow transparent part revealing Google map hidden under it).

“Relatively high” means relatively. It is up to you which height to choose but it should be high enough to display what is actually depicted on the picture . Say, 16px is also high, but picture with height of 16px IN THIS VERY CONTEXT (when picture is inteneded to cover full width of the screen/monitor) is unlikely to look like well–while 16px height for favicon is an ideal height.

Also, there are screens of different height: 2560×1200, 1920×1200, 1920×1080, 1024×600, 1024×768 and so on. It is called “screen resolution”. View more in Wikipedia. You should select that very width and height of your banner/image/photo which satisfies all screens widths/heights and looks proportional and eye pleasant.

Height of bottom part also affects the height of upper image. Elementary physics says that the higher your content (quote on my demo, square picture on your site) the narrower your image must be (because like everything in this world, screen also is limited in height–see paragraph above with examples of screen resolutions).

Take a look at my demo, resize the window and see how image changes relatively to screen and along with consider the height of bottom block with a quote.

Therefore, your DEMAND to give you a number that works is irrelevant and contradicts basic physics laws.

Thank you for your attention.

Hey Virtuti,

How are you? Thanks for the beautiful theme. I was wondering if you had any instructions as to how I can update the theme. I don’t see any notes regarding that anywhere. Thanks for your time.

Hello, thank you! I do not know exactly (follow Envato instructions) but I believe you simply redownload and reinstall the theme (I might be mistaken though).

Hello – I have a request from a client for a future feature if possible. They really like the Events section but wonder if there could be a Time Field for events that would sort on the Events page by both date and time. Thank you

Hello, thank you! I do not know at the moment how to do that (to combine sorting both by time and date). I tried to look through both WP Codex and WP plugins but I do not see anything related at a first glance. I’ll try to dig this subject deeper, if I’ll find something, definitely I’ll notify you.

Thank you.

Hi. On my site under developement ( The events page is the home page. When I click to go to page 2, the address bar shows page 2 but it has not shown a second page.

In addition, is there any way to show more events?

Thank you Miki

Thanks a lot! That’s strange, on my demo it works as supposed. You used Events CPT, right? Let me know. About your second question, open events-page.php template in editor and find line#20

Change 6 in “showposts=6” to any number you want or -1 if you wish all events on one page.

Hi, I am using the plugin. I was wondering if it is because I have some text on the Events page itself to appear at the top of the page.

I changed the template and that works great. Thanks.

You mean “Event CPT ” plugin, right? No, text at the top is just default Tiny content, it does not matter, on my demo you see also text at the top. So, if your events are paged like on my demo now or still not? I haven’t understand:)

Hi – me again. I am noticing on the Events pages by Category that the Events are showing, not in order by date but in the order they were entered. Is there a setting I need to check?

Thanks Miki

Hello, thank you! No, if you read Help and paid attention to Events Page chapter, it is written there in which format you must enter the date (2014-03-22), this what sorts events by event date and not by date of publishing the post. I believe you simply missed it, go through your events again and insert event date format as described. Thanks!

Hi – all events have the date listed as described in the Help doc. The Events page itself is fine, but when you click on a category, on the category page only, the events are listed in the reverse order of publication, not by the the date listed in the numeric format. Thank you

Hello, yes, categories (in any CPT available in theme) I did not set sorted by date or any other parameter. Thanks!

Just installed the latest update to the theme. This time we cannot add the required plug-ins. The error we are getting is “An error occurred while installing Accordion Widget: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..” This message is repeated for each plug-in. I am going to roll back to my previous version.

I think I had this problem because I tried to reinstall the plugins from the child of the theme and not the theme itself.

P.S. The file Is changed in the latest release. I have not gone into the zip to see why it is different.

Actually, child has no attitude to plugins. Reinstall just the theme (yesterday’s update), keep plugins as they were.

I am interested in purchasing the Ne jerusalem theme for my synagogue’s site. However, we will use the site to sell meals we make, to sell items from our giftshop as well as to take donations and payments. Can this theme support that klind of activity and if it can, must on-line sales use pay pal?

Shalom and thank you for your interest!

In fact (as you see on demo) theme does not include anything like shop. If it is an important part of your website content you may probably hire me or anybody else (Envato Studio is good place to find a freelancer) to create an additional part (i.e. online shop) in same design as the whole theme.

Possible options: simple online shop powered by PayPal (similar to shops in my themes like “Taste Of Mizrach” or “Hexentanz”) or you may use any third party plugin, for example woo-commerce.

Of course decision is up to you (here are just my thoughts:) Thank you again! Tanya

Good Morning. I have just launched the site and the move to the root directory went well. Only one problem is showing up. On the Contact Page, the ‘Virtuti D’ styled list of contacts is not showing up. I tried disabling the plugin and reactivating it, removing the widget from the Contact 2 sidebar, deleting the page and making a new one – all to no avail. Any suggestions?

My client is really pleased with the site and I do like this theme a lot.

Thank you for the prompt responses you have given to my questions.

You can ignore this question – I think I found the problem. Thanks again.

Hello, thank you very much! You use Contact page template, right? Not default one?

Ak, ok:)

Hi Tanya when making a new event i dont see the metabox’s on the right side where you can enter the date.

Hello, diid you activate “Extra Fields For Events Page” plugin?

can you have hmtl in the acordian widget?

It is inside the plugin itself (you may inzip located in “plugins” subfolder).

Hello my site is not showing properly on mac in chrome or safari but is showing well on a pc. how can this be fixed? Also, i can’t change the front page header to another image even when i go to customize and try to change the image. How do i make the google map appear? how do you add start time to an event? Also, my events do not appear as the sample events.

I am building a website for my Synagogue. I had so hope the Jewish website theme would work on Wordpress, but I cannot seem to make it do so.

I am using I have spent the past 12 hours trying to get the lovely themes in your template to function with the format and I cannot.

Hello, what exactly you can’t? Did you install and activate the theme? Did you read and follow Help file instructions? If yes, at which step you feel stuck? More details, please.

Yes, I installed and activated the theme and each plugin. The print was huge and no way to change the size of font. I created pages with a parent and wanted a drop down menu. I was unable to move pages within the menu. It’s okay. I’m using a Wordpress theme and find it very easy.

Hello, yes, you cannot change font size unless you know CSS.

1 level drop down menu is available. Drag it via Appearance-Menus (tick Theme Locations beforehand, as mentioned in Help). Thank you.

Hi Tanya! My synagogue is considering purchasing your theme and we have a number of questions: – Can the background color be changed? – Can font colors be changed? – What are the font choices? Are we limited to those choices? – Is there a search option as part of the theme? – Is there a forms option for signing up for events that can be linked to PayPal? – can WordPress plugins be added to your theme? Or is it “what you see is what you get”? – I saw on another website that uses your theme, an interactive Holiday calendar. Can events be added to this calendar so when a user clicks on a date, more information is posted? – can the theme be installed and built by someone with no coding or website development experience? Is it user friendly?

That’s all the questions for now! Thank you!

Shalom alejchem, thank you!

– Can the background color be changed?

Top photograph–yes, via default Customizer, main background (the grey grained with floral vintage graphics)–no

– Can font colors be changed? No

– What are the font choices? Are we limited to those choices? Only those used in theme (i.e. Rosarivo and Source Pro)

– Is there a search option as part of the theme? Yes, see on sidebar

– Is there a forms option for signing up for events that can be linked to PayPal? No

– can WordPress plugins be added to your theme? Or is it “what you see is what you get”? Depends on plugin. There are thousands of paid and free plugins available on net. Some of them are for backend, some of them are for frontend. Some of them work without errors but require heavy styling (for example woo-commerce, EDD etc), some of them do not require styling, some of them do not work at all.

– I saw on another website that uses your theme, an interactive Holiday calendar. Can events be added to this calendar so when a user clicks on a date, more information is posted? A couple of years ago, when Google changed Calendar I removed it from the theme because after their changes calendar styling became impossible. (Google Calendar looks ugly). However, Calendar can be still integrated into any website without any problem, it will work and will look awful. How to embed it:

– can the theme be installed and built by someone with no coding or website development experience? Is it user friendly? Yes. No coding is required. What is required: familiarity with WP, reading Help document included into package

Hope it helped. שבת שלום

Thank you, but this theme is too complicated for me. I think it is beautiful, but it requires more knowledge than I have. I’ve already completed 1/2 of our website using a different theme with zero difficulty.

Love your Jerusalem theme. What would you charge to add the Hebrew date feature and the drop-down candlelighting and parshah feature to the standard Twenty Thirteen theme?

Thank you

Hello, thank you! No problem to do this job–$160.