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This is great theme. However I am having two issues. First and foremost I cannot find where I can edit the scrolling messages. I do not know what i am overlooking. Second, I know you have created an external link for the Bootstrap version, but do you also have a fix for external links in 960 Grid System version. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your theme and your support.

you are welcum,


Hello again Could you please let me know how is it possible to add external links to the menu. Thanks.

Still love the theme! Thanks for helping out last time. Now I’m having an issue with the contact box. I filled in the process.php file but it still isn’t working for me or potential clients.

Thanks for liking, issue fixed, i uploaded files for approval, you will get email about update in couple of days.


How long does it take because I didnt get an email back yet. I’ll check it out. By the way, is there another way for the template to be like ultra mobile, like extremely simple or is it just going to be shaped into fitting a mobile device?

Its done please download latest version, its responsive website working fine on mobile devices.

yup we can minimize contents for mobile view.


hey there! i have purchased this template and will be using for my client, can you please confirm there would be no copyright issue?


yes you can use one licence per client.


Thanks!!! do u have any Template of corporate bank?

I have mobile websites and one page websites in my portfolio.


I would like to know how to change the blue bars near the page name. For example near team section on the left and the right there are two blue bars


Please open this file “css/stylesheet.css” go to line# 460, here you can change blue color.

Please open this file “css/bootstrap.min.css” go to line# 552, here you can change blue background color.


Hey, it’s me again :) . Love the theme, but still having an issue with the updated contact box. I think it’s because it’s the new bootstrap stuff and I’m mixing it with the old one perhaps? Thank You so Much.

Hello please mail me screenshot,. thanks :)

Hi, please help—

I am uploading bootstrap template I purchased and it says it’s missing main_style.css file. What can I do?

Thanks so much!


Its html based template not wordpress.


can it be used in weebly? Weebly uses html. Thanks again


Great job with this template ! Congrats !

With Safari (last version 7.0.6) on iMAc with Maverick (10.9.4) the big image in the slider does not go completely to the left.




Thanks for liking.

Please open this file “css\supersized/supersized.css”, and try following on line # 37 you have to remove overflow:hidden, thanks

#supersized {
    display: block;
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    /*overflow: hidden;*/
    z-index: -999;
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;

It’s perfect now ! ;)

ok great :)

Hi Ali, now i have other Problem with current Menu in Navigation is not selected (with blue color) with my new solution, every time is “Home” menu selected and it is blue, when i use second.html, for that one i change the custom.js with ”$(’#navigation span’)” code, i use this solution that i can to use the portofolio function for other section.. Thank you for your answer..

Since 2 weeks which i send you a email, than 3 other emails send you following days, not once you’ve answered.. it can not be true…


Hi Alia, I checked it now, it’s working well, a great job thank you very much. Aykut

hello ok great, your welcome :)

I need help with your contact form

Ok please mail me thanks

Ok, i emailed you but nothing yet… my email is i need help on adding photo’s & adding filters in the portfolio section as well