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Looks clean and awesome! Good luck :)

thanks :)

Looks great! ;)

thanks :)

thanks :)

Great stuff! The usual question: will you bring it to WP?

thanks, no planned yet for WP.

Really like the look of this – have purchased immediately and will let you know how I get on – top work

Thanks for liking :)

Hello There i have have purchased this page but i cant find to change Header scroll text?? can you help?

Thank you


Please open this file “js\supersized\supersized-images.js”, here you can change header text.


this is a pretty sick template. stuck between choosing this one and another.

<3 it 10/10

So if this perfect template, Joomla is on, then I would buy it immediately!

Too bad I need it as a Joomla template.

:) may be later i ill convert this for Joomla.

That would be really great! :)

Great Work Alia, If you would consider doing a WordPress version, This would fly off the racks. Again Top Notch all the way.

Thanks for liking :) no planed yet for WP, yeah may later, thanks for you kind suggestion.

I like this but I need something for a restaurant, can you help with a table booking section?

yup i can add that feature, do u have any example data, please mail me, thanks

yup i can add that feature, do u have any example data, please mail me, thanks

I really love your theme its very unique in it’s design. I have a question if i remove some pages out of the theme how would other pages be in position and keep the theme intact. I have purchased another one page theme i removed two pages out of the theme and the home page disappears. I would like to know if that has something you have tested and if you could let me know before i purchase it and i don’t regret buying something i wont use. Thanks

After removing Team & Portfolio, Page will be like this:

We can add more social icons, Am providing this theme in 2 versions ” Dark & Light, you can play with more colors,


Look’s nice by the way i want to mention that your response on this issue has been very prompt and shows the dedication to your work. The second part of my question the answer you have given i am still confused, yes we can add more social icons, what about the icons on the service page are those also changeable and would you show me how can we delete those extra pages and the answers to those above questions. I really like this theme and would like to use it for a something i am working on. Thank you again for your support

Thanks for liking, services page icons are not editable as am not giving PSD file, i can give you if you want PSD file for services page icons, let me know which social icons you need i can send you, please mail me


Congrats on a fantastic design! Very easy to configure – all very logical :) One important aspect for my project was that it MUST work on iPad and PC – this design does EXACTLY that.

Whilst I’m not done yet, thanks to the great coding/comments I am making great progress. Many thanks!

hello am glade you like it :)

Its really very simple, anyone can add contents very easily.

Thanks for you sweet words, Gud luck for your new website :)

I like this template, it looks great.

What if I want to divide it into pages that would be navigated using the menu links, instead of scrolling it in one page and long time taken in loading all images, especially as it needs high resolution images.

Appreciate you kind reply.


Thanks for liking, yeah its One page website template, Its very flexible design can be broken into different files pages, depends on your requirement, for slider we can use smaller images aswell it will auto stretch, in demo each image is about 200kb, you will replace these with your images


this template is really beautiful! Is it possible to change the background color and put a picture?


yeah its possible in “Light Color Version” there is class “white-bg” by removing this in HTML page you can remove backgound color, and in “Dark Version” there is class “dark-bg”.

you can remove or add picture in same classes.


in portfolio section i used “dark-texture-3”, you can use this n replace you picture in it in stylesheet.css file, thanks

It is possible to set only photos1 selected by default in portfolio?

Hello yes its possible.

Please open this file “js\isotope\Isotope-Filtering.js”

Add following code in line # 2.

$('#container-thumbs').isotope({ filter: '.photos1' });

then open “index.html”, add ” class=”selected”” in following “link” tag

<li><a href="#web" data-option-value=".photos1">Photos 1</a></li>


Works. Thank You very much for help.

welcome :)

Why do the images and maybe also the white text fade on each of the pages (not the home page) on iPHone? It is impossible to read the text. I think just the image is fading, and bc the text is white, it is unreadable?


on main slider text is visible on desktop n tablet etc, on cell fones that text is hidden, and for other pages inner banner text is white n same background image is rotation, text should be white only if you bg image are darker, if bg images are not darker you can choose some other readable color for text, all depend on you images.


Hi Alia, I am thinking to buy this item but I wonder if I download it as a zip file and edit it or there is control panel online then I can organize my website. If you just give files should I load these to my website via ftp? Please clarify this, then I will purchase.Thanks


well when you download, you will get HTML5 & CSS3 files which are all editable, you simply open in any HTML editor, edit file and save it, and upload on your server via ftp, thats it :)


Hi again, I checked all the files but I couldn’t find to edit writing on slide show at home page, any tips?thanks


Thanks for buying n liking,

Please open this file “js\supersized\supersized-images.js” here you can update slider pictures & text.

Let me know if you need more help.


Hi. I am interested in buying this template but I want to know if I can put photos that link to external websites in the Portfolio? Thanks.


yeah you can use photos from external websites too. you can use “image src” & “href” like following example.

<img src="" class="scale-with-grid image-shadow" alt="" />
<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[mixed]" title="" class="info">


Hi. How do I add a Telephone Number input field on the Contact Form? Thanks.


please see these files “index.html” line # 617 to line#633 “process.php”, you can add Telephone Numner field same like other fields are added,


Hi, thanks for so wonderful template.

I’m considering to buy it, but when validating with Safari&Chrome on iPad1, somehow both of them crash while loading demo site, always.

I’m not sure if it only happens on my iPad1 or not, have you suffer this issue before?


FYI, iPad1 with iOS 5.1.1, no JB.