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AliA: in portfolio: How can I get that different gallerys are shown after clicking on a preview thumbnail? For e.g. I want that after clicking the 1st preview picture the gallery “A” is shown and after the 2nd the gallery “B”. But I don’t want to put all available pictures in the portfolio. I know about the “rel” attributes to collect the pics, but therefore I have to set each pic as an “a” attribute. My intension is to have the previews for 6 or 7 different categories in the portfolio page, and the other pics for the categories are only shown by clicking the preview…thanks in advance for help and excuse my bad english

Thanks for the quick response! I handled it a different way: because of the fact that an tag is needed for prettyphoto js, and I just want the preview to be shown on my page, I tried it with a hidden container -> it works exactly the way I want! My example: <!- Project Starts -> \\ BABYBAUCH Morbi Tristique Senectus

Photos 1

<!- Project Ends -> 
 <!-- Project Starts -->
                        <div class="one-third column element view view-third photos1">
                              <img src="images/portfolio/thumbs/10.jpg" class="scale-with-grid image-shadow" alt="" />
                              <div class="title">BABYBAUCH</div>
                              <div class="description">Morbi Tristique Senectus</div>
                              <div class="mask">
                                    <h3>Photos 1</h3>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb01.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]" title="" class="info"><img src="images/portfolio/photos.png" alt="" /></a> 
                                <div style="display:none;">
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb02.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb03.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb04.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb05.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb06.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb07.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb08.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb09.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>
                                    <a href="images/portfolio/big/babyb10.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[babyb]"></a>

                        <!-- Project Ends --> 

gr8 u have done this, thanks

Great template! Just wondered if there was a work around for the page scrolling functionality. It doesn’t seem to work in IE 9 or 10 like it does in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks for your help.

hello jlgaunt thanks for liking, yeah some of jquery stuff is not supported with IE, i will fix this and get back to you, thanks

Hey there, just wondered if you had a chance to look into the page scrolling fix for IE. Thanks :)


I added bootstrap version, i fixed this issue in it. please download.


Thanks so much, greatly appreciated.

The fonts on the nav bar and index page are being cut in half and not showing correctly. Please advise…. thanks.

hello how this can be possible, you must change font setting,

pls see screenshot here, please check font settings, let me know if you need help thanks.

Looks like it is only being cut off in Chrome and Safari.

Fixed the issue… you have to change font-weight: 300; to font-weight: normal;

oh oka gr8 :), i just added screenshot.


Is there a way to link the nav menu item to an outside link? If I do the nav bar will not link up properly.

Maybe I did something wrong then…. I will try to do this again. Thanks for responding.

Yes, I just tried it again and it worked perfectly!! Sorry, I must have made an error on my first attempt. Great site…. thanks again!

ok great no prob :)

Hi, it’s me again…in case I don’t want to use a twitter account to be displayed on the site, how can I change it into facebook account? The twitter js works fine, but is there one similar for facebook? Thanks in advance!


yup you can add Facebook feeds instead of Twitter, please see following link.


where do you add web address for Facebook, Twitter icons?

did you able to find this, as u mention in your next msg?


ignore my previous post, I found where to put the code. The contact form does not seem to work, I changed the email address to mine but always end up with this message “Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again later”. Do you know what could be the problem? thanks

yeah worry not its working on server, just replace your email address and upload it :), i donot know about localhost, other php files are working on your PC? thanks

yes its all working fine now. thanks

ok welcome :)

Hello! Nice theme thank you! However I have a problem with the contact form.

It sends the email without any problem but if I have the symbol ”@” in the email address the visitor leaves, it doesn’t work. For example, if in the form, I use “” it works, but if I use “”, I get an error message. This is a big problem as an email address must have ”@”


hi thanks, i will check this n get back to you in a shot


hello franmex

It working fine here see following screenshot, please re-check your email address in your file.


Very nice template, perfect layout, easy to customize, and Alia’s support is just great. I will keep an eye on your future templates :)

hi Thanks for liking, do share your new site link :)

I will do, as soon as the website will be ready.

oka thanks :)

Problem with supersized js: not working with more than 9 images. If I copy a line and paste it ( changed image name to 10.jpg and put an image file in the right folder ) the slider doesn’t work any more. Any idea?


we can add more than 9 images too. Last image should not have ” , ” at the end, please see following screenshot.


hi again

with regards to the code above (adding external link to navigation bar).

  • HOME
  • TEAM

please open this file. “js/navigation/custom.js”, replace line#2 with this code (’#navigation span’).onePageNav({

I did this but now the navigation bar does not jump from one title to another when I scroll down. It always stays in HOME title. help. Thanks


you want sometime like in following demo link, i added external link in top navigation “PURCHASE”, navigation is working fine jumping from one title to another when scroll down.

you updated “js/navigation/custom.js” ?

have you updated “index.html” too, like i mentioned ?


Hello, beautiful theme you have here!

We would like to use it but there is one thing we don’t know if it’s possible: right now all the portfolio projects open a “lightbox” that displays pics or video. Is it possible to have them open another page within the wordpress site to be able to show a more complex project (with pics, video and text)?

Thanks so much

hi thanks :)

this is a HTML5 & CSS3 static template, yup you can open portfolio page as a separate page and in that page you can load from wordpress or you can show static portfolio data.


From what I understand that would be a manual process where I would need to code the link to each of those portfolio pages, and also design how they look, right? (slider for images, videos, text etc) as well as the way to go back to the main page? Or is there a way to do that without much coding? I’m asking as I didn’t se any example of this in the portfolio sample projects (they all open a lightbox like overlay).


yeah there is no coding involve, everything is ready just you have to open “index.html” in any html editor and start adding your contents. yes portfolio bigger image or videos will open only in lightbox like overlay.


Hi, I have problem wiht the contact form. I changed the email address on the process.php file. i didn’t get any error but just couldn’t recieve the massege.

hello yeah i can help, have you added your email Id in process.php?

Thanks. I have changed email ID on the process.php line 22. I have sent you the test URL to your email. I have uploaded your template on my server: The server is support php. It works for another php form.

hello jchang

please see following screenshot, its working fine on my server.


Great template and very easy to use it, thank you. I only have one problem: I don’t know why, but i can not use the top menu to create a link to another page. It simply doesn’t work. If i create a link to another page in antother part of the website, it works, but if i try to use this menu to create a link to another page, it doesn’t work. Could you please explain me how i can resolve this problem? THank you very much

hello qbebrou its perfectly working :)

slider will only display on full screen window, if you scroll down by 2cm or 1cm , contents comes up coz slider is displayin in background of page.

and when you click on “espace enterprise” button its href “index1.html” so its refreshes that page and page reload.

Worry not ther is no issue :)


I think you did not understand my question Alia. I understand that slider is displayin in backgroung of page but what in my case, the slider is just a little higher than the screen. Normaly, the menu should be just in the bottom of the slider when you scroll down, but in my case, the menu is 1cm above the bottom of the slider. And what is strange is that when you click on “espace entreprise” (which is a link to the same page), the extra 1cm dissapears and it works perfectely. Do you understand better or not :-D ?

hello :D

I will check this, can you please send me screenshot if possible.


Thank you for this great template !

I have 2 questions : 1. How can I keep the menu-nagivation at the bottom ? 2. How can I change the navigation-direction into horizontal instead of vertical ?

Kind regards.

thanks for liking,

1. How can I keep the menu-nagivation at the bottom ? can be done in this file.


please change here “top” with “bottom.

2. How can I change the navigation-direction into horizontal instead of vertical ? Its not available in this version.


Thanks for your quick answer :-) Regarding question 2 : Is it maybe possible by changing the scroll-direction ?

your welcome, nup actually all sections are vertically designed :)

Thanks for this great and cheap template. It seems very responsive and easy to configurate. However i have two small problems with it and if you could help me your would be a perfect gentleman. My first problem seems to be the same as qdebrou. I delleted the “portoflio” menu and add another simple menu but there is now a space of 1cm between the menu and the bottom of the slider. I think this is due to a bug with the responsive because during 0,1 second my last menu appears below the others and then come immediately next to the others. Do you have any idea how i can resolve that?

Second problem: when i make an link from another page to the one theme page with the anchor “contact”: during 0,5 second we arrive at the good place but just after the page auto scroll up to 15cm above.

So… are you a perfect gentleman?

hello ok great

yes we can dissapear any div for smartphone device.

Following code dissapear the “slidecaption” for mobile devices, you can add your div ID or Class name in same format.

line # 258 “stylesheets/stylesheet.css”

@media only screen and (max-width:479px)   { 
#slidecaption    { display: none; }

Let me know if it works, Thanks

It works pretty good, thank you Mister AliA. I should be now able to replace one “div” by another when the webpage is opened on a smartphone .

ok great, thanks :)