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Version 1.1 – Updated: 25 March 13

- Added Bootstrap – Light and Dark version

Hey 10/10 great work. :) My only problem is social icons aren’t centered on page :S Can you help how to change that?


you are always welcome :),

yeah we can change vimeo frame to youtube, simply replace “src” to youtube, like in following line.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen height="250" width="475"></iframe>


cheers :)

Bootstrap light version*

Purchased it, but I’m clueless about coding. How do I add images to the supersize slider without getting a syntax error? And how do I change the logo in the nav menu (I replaced the logo.jpg with my own image, but the default one keeps showing up anyway)? Thanks for the great theme.

am using prettyphoto in 960GS & bootstrap lightbox in bootstrap version. may be you have to change to some other lightbox.


How do I change to a different light box?


am not sure, but on internet there is light box available, when we click on thumb it open and shruken to screen, and when we click on “icon” on popup, it open full size of image, i will check if i found i will share it with you.


Excelent! just have a question, i´m using 960° grid version and i want a menu item to be an external url, but seems it doesn’t let the link to be opened when clicked. ¿? :stress:

¬¬ don´t know how i did it but it seems to work know. thnx anway for the support! excelent work!

ok please mail me ur files, i will fix and send you back files, thanks

hello Thanks for liking :) i just check your link its working fine :) opening outside link, and when i click on top navigation links, scroll to that section is also working.

Let me know if you need any more help.


how do i set up the ‘process.php’ to link up the contact form with my email?


please open this file and update line # 22 ” $to = ‘Your Name <>’;”



How to link the social icons to my FB/twitter channels?



Please try like this.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="image/social-icons/facebook_dark.png" alt="" /></a>


what Cms can i use this with ..? i thoguth it was a wordpress theme and i downloaded it now im scratching my head …


no its not a wp template. :(


Hi Alia! I really like the template. I have a problem with the script nicesroll.js. On the phone blocks the interface and neither rises nor falls. What is the solution?. thank you very much

Only the bootstrap version uses nicescroll. In Firefox. thank you very much

Hello i just checked in firefox 20.0.1, It working fine here. thanks

In the desktop version works, but the smartphone does not, I tried several times. I would like to solve. thanks

Hi, I love your template. two questions for you: in the bootstrap version on the portfolio page, can the images be replaced by external video links where there is one category of photos and another of videos? Second question, when the template is purchased and downloaded, do any of the stock images come with it? i’d like to know for image replacement dimensions so I know what sizes my images need to be.


Hello thanks for liking.

am not sure about bootstrap lightbox video, i will have to check this, and no images are available with this template. i have dummy images with this template those will help your for re-sizing your images.


Hi Alia! It is very important to solve the problem that exists regarding nicescroll smartphones. If this does not have to remove the script because it will not. thank you very much

Hello JoseGP

You can remove this script,


Hi, i would need to change the logo could you help me out, thanks! Have a nice day!

Hello Please drop me a mail i will send you PSD for logo.


Hi, i will send you a private message regarding this, thanks!

Hi again, in my hosting, this template displayed very strange in Chrome…thanks

Hello can you please check demo version in Chrome, also Please try to upload all files and folders, Thanks

Hi, yes the demo from here is also not displaying correctly on chrome :( thanks!

Hello please send me screenshot, and chrome which version? Thanks

Hi there. I´ve realised that if someone mispells the email, for example, and the “Unexpected error” message is shown, there is no way to correct the text unless you reload the full page.

Is there any way to avoid this?.

Thanks very much.

Thank you for such a nice template Alia, It was really useful to me.

you are always welcome, and thanks for liking :)

Dear Alia, I’m facing a silly problem with prettyphoto box, I have added almost 150 product photos in all three categories under photos1 & photos2, now the website takes forever to load, and in ipad & iphone it quits while loading. So my question is

1. Do you have any idea on how I can fix that…

2. How can I select default album as photos1 instead of all

I’ll really appreciate your help on this…

I did change the class=”selected” option to make photos1 default, but still all photos load as usual, though photos1 is selected as default

Hi, I REALLY want to buy this template but it does not scoll in IE 9. And in a previous post you said you fixed this with the Bootstrap version. I looked at the Bootstrap demo and it still doesn’t scroll in IE 9. Any thoughts?

Hello, that scroll is working fine with IE 10, you want it should work with IE 9 too. Thanks

I am currently considering the purchase of this template. How long do you think it would take to make a second menu bar which is locked to the bottom of the screen?

Would it be easy to duplicate the code used for the top menu and lock it into position?

Thanks in advance for your insight. It is a great looking site.

Hello yeah you can lock 2nd menu at bottom, just duplicate the code of top menu, make a css class “bottom-menu” and fixed this at bottom. Thanks for liking site :)

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. It is a beautiful product. Congrats!

Thanks for liking :)


I want to put the text inside the photo for the sliders. When I did it and looked in tablet or mobile phone it cuts the text and sides of the slider. As I can see the image size for slider is 1024×466. Where do you change the size and how to solve the problem I have now. thanks


yup we cannt put put/write text on photo, if yes it will only display in desktop version, recommend add text in slider text file. you can show that text for tablet or mobile


to my previous comment.

I can see now that image size for slider is 1024×700. Not sure Why I came up with 466. With 700px height now the image with text looks good on tablet but it is zoomed in on computer screen a lot.

what image size for sliders I should use so that the image (with text in it, not above image as it is in this template) shows full size on every device?


also navigation panel does not show up on mobile phones :|

yeah navigation panel swaps with dropdown menu on mobile phones.