Discussion on NEW Retina Ready WordPress Vcard Theme

Discussion on NEW Retina Ready WordPress Vcard Theme

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Hello, I have imported the sample_data.xml and the notepad content(inside theme)but after all that the page home does not contain anything. It’s just a blank page. Also the menu redirects to your website. Any ideas why it’s not importing as it should? Thanks!

Please can you read the documentation included with the theme, we have explained everything about the theme installation. Other wise send us an email via our profile page.

Hi there, I have a prepurchase question: aren’t you giving any more support to this theme and you are not updating it anymore? thanks!

Hi, the theme is up to date and we still give support to it.

It says Software Version: WordPress 4.4 and last update April 2015. Doesn’t seem to be updated

The update occure when the theme have problems and need updates, but our theme is up to date and don’t raise any errors and its compatible with the latest wordpress version.

my site no longer works and is abnormally present, the main screen is gone and it does not work. The site needs updating, I ask youto ship an update with `dev_mode` set to false.

I have just updated the page builder plugin, and have now lost all my templates, and the update version has no documentation, I cant see things like resume, and portfolio, and is now saying I need page builder , when all i have done is update it.

Ok I have just reverted back to the older page builder and it is working, one problem I have which would be great if you can help me. I cant seem to define the column left or right, just like in your document, Am I supposed to add something in the column class field? everything is just left aligned, when adding columns

Hi, please send us an email via our support page : https://themeforest.net/item/new-retina-ready-wordpress-vcard-theme/8085509/support and we will help you.

yes I have done that, but if you could tell me here, it could help other purchased users with the same problem, I dont seem to have any control of the columns, they just seem to go under each other.

I purchased the VCard Theme through Themeforest and it now seems to be broken after the latest WP update. I put back a site back up I had and while it briefly worked again, it broke again. What I am supposed to do? I sent you an email with this query at vergatheme@gmail.com

Hi, please can you send your Wp credential to this email adress : support@mutationmedia.net apparently the support staf don’t respond to me I tried to contact theme but no answer. I will see what is the problem and get back to you as soon as possible .

hi, i just bought your great-looking theme, but can’t seem to find the ‘themes option’. I’d like my site to look just like the demo. Thx in advance!

hey, i just followed your video instructions, and it worked! helped alot

Hi There awesome theme:) I just have one question, I have bad eye sight, is it possible to make the text in the main tab bigger. Also the sub headings and the main text ( light grey ), I struggle to read it, I know its that place holder text but even if it was English I’d have a rough time.

Hi, thank your compliment. Yes you can change everything color, size, background color in the css of the theme. Very easy.

Hello, Am I able to insert and accordion panel to the “my employment section inside the position narrative for more information? thank you.

I am express wordpress theme installation provider on envato studio. Today I received job from envato studio to install this theme. But we are getting following error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’$meta_boxes’ (T_VARIABLE) in /home/lafezwb4/public_html/cv/wp-content/themes/vcard/framework/Custom-Metaboxes/init.php on line 1

Please let me know solution for this error.

User with name “SoyJuanpi” purchased this theme.

Hi, please could you take a look at this video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_9PB0CO4tU&feature=youtu.be on how to install the theme if you still have this problem, please send us the WP admin + FTP credentials so we can solve the problem.


I have a question, I tried to had a lot of differents things in my portfolio but I don’t understand why when I go to my website, It looks like I can’t appear more than six things there ? there is something I have to configurate ?

Hi, please send me an email via my profile page and i will help you.


Could you help explain how to add a Text Widget in the footer area? I need to add my privacy policy button but I can’t add it anywhere.


Hi, please send your querie and envato user name to our support at vergatheme@gmail.com and they will help you.

Not that the support current time is GMT +7. So the support may delay depending on your current time and the support time.

Hi there, I’ve been sending emails for a few days to the gmail account and no one has ever responded. Could someone please help?

installed the theme and few issues I cannot work out: - resume section is not linked to the resume button on menu (other sections work fine) - there is no spacing between the home section and resume section - I’ve set up two columns in the page builder but everything is bunched up within the same side on the left. - how can have line spacing in the dark grey box in the home section where it holds the contact details (like your demo) and in the resume content box? At the moment it doesn’t register any paragraphing and I can’t separate any lines or paragraphs.

please someone respond as I’ve been waiting for days. I’ve emailed vergatheme@gmail.com twice and never heard anything back. Thank you

Sorry for the delay, I will check with the support team, and get back to you.

Hi, I installed this theme a few months ago but in the last weeks I had troubles with configuration of contents. I asked support and they said me that it can because I setup more too plugin so it conflict. I deactivate and delete some plugins but I still have the a bug. What do I have to do? At the moment I can’t change or add any content.

Could you help me as soon as possible? Thanks.

What did you do exactly, certainly something wrong that causes the problem that you have the theme is working and you did experience that as you said. Let me check with the support team, send me your problem with more detailed explanation of the problem that you have and I will see with them.

The problem is that I can’t manage the page builder: when I try to change something or to add a new content (for example a new work experience in the resume) I don’t receive any feedback from the site.

Please Send WP admin + FTP account along with your querie and envato user name to our support at ghribbenaissa@gmail.com and We will help you

Not that the support current time is GMT +7. So the support may delay depending on your current time and the support time.

I am super freaking happy with this theme!!! Sorry this is a long comment, I have so much to say! :)

When I first bought it and installed it, I hit a brick wall. The Verga Theme Page Builder wasn’t able to be installed. I think it said “Internal Server Error” And it didn’t even look remotely like the demo!

Then, when I came here to read the comments, to see if I was the only one with issues…. I felt HORRIFIED. I was hoping I didn’t get ripped off with a theme with a ton of bugs!!!

LONG STORY SHORT, like most people who had problems with this theme, I basically rushed the installation. I didn’t follow the procedures step-by-step. I mean, I read the Documentation and followed it but it wasn’t EXACTLY how it had to be. I ended up having to “start clean” (deleting the entire theme, pages, posts media, portfolio, etc) from my FTP, and reuploading it.

GUYS, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THIS VIDEO STEP-BY-STEP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_9PB0CO4tU&feature=youtu.be

While, yes, it IS a 8 minute long video with no sound, just do it. When I reuploaded the entire theme, I had the YouTube Window and WordPress Window side-by-side so I could pause and do it with the guy :P

I had a big “OH” moment when he went to Plug-Ins > Install Plug-Ins. First you install Contact Form. Then you Install Verge Theme. Then activate Contact Form, then activate Verge Theme.

BUT – I had sort of a problem again. It gave me a different error message.It was because the Aqua Page Builder was missing a file or something like TGM_Bulk_Installer Error.


Before continuing to the next step, I went to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Uploaded the Following ZIP to the Plug-Ins: \vcard\framework\plugins\Aqua-Page-Builder-master.zip

ANNNNNND it let me successfully activate the Verge Theme Plugin.

Then I just followed the rest of the video step-by-step and TADA! It works! :)


Will this theme work with multisite? So multiple users can sign up and display profile pages with resumes and such?

Hi, I purchased this theme. I try to look themes that show my works and myself for my client. I need theme that can tell everyone who am I? After 5 hours that I try to find themes I found this theme. This is theme style that I need.

Thank you for nice theme.


after two months i wrote my first mail looking for support, i don´t have any solution. Looks like they don´t care about my “easy” problems with thier theme.

The only answer is: “you can look documentation and video, everything is explained there”... but i had allready done it, and can´t fix simple things as skills column “get over” resumen column… or create a lightbox gallery for related pictures from a only project.

But worst is how they reply me, in this post everythin is smile and thanks, but by private mail is like, “if you are a stupid, is not my problem. You have paid, so i don´t care any more”.

I prepared a graphic step by step doc explaining my problems, but no reply…

that´s all. I really like the theme, but support is not professional at all.

Sir i did help and i did sent your problem to our support, i did not answer you like you mentioned in your comments this is the answer of the support team , anyway i will see with theme and get back to you.

Please take a look at the video tutorials, it explain everything

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_9PB0CO4tU&feature=youtu.be Warm Regards [EDIT: Contacts removed for privacy]

I left… i´m working with another theme, i hope with a better support team.

I hope another buyers will be luckier than me, and don´t lost so much of their worthy time

Hi, I purchased this theme but had trouble import sample content. It keeps says: “Sorry, there has been an error. File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.” I followed the steps in the installation video. Do you know how can I fix it?


Hi, I did respond to your email.

Hi, I purchased your theme and just started setting it up. Seems really great, but I am having some trouble installing the demo content.. When I try to follow your guide, I cant seem to find anything named “dummy_content” or “backup options”.. Has the guide changed or..? Could you help maybe?

Thanks alot

Hi, thank you for purchasing our template, please see this video on how to install the demo content properly.


Please for further support send us an email via our profile page contact form.

How can I create another portfolio with difference contents?

Hi, what do you mean by portfolio with difference contents?

Please for further support send us an email via our profile page contact form.


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