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Nice template. GLWS :-)

Awesome work mate !

TY buddy

Wow – great work!

Thanks Man

Congratulations mate! Good luck with the sales

:) TY dude

Great work! How much time you spend for this?

Well, its tricky to answer. Concept was created about half of year ago. Things was changed back and forth. Sometimes I have switched to another projects, becouse this one becomes really hard.

Very great work! ;)

Yeah, a lot of work but it worth. Good luck with sales ! :)

being a Programmer, Developer and an Engineer I just Salute you guyz….. I was out of my brain… :D was thinking how hard you people worked on it…!!! I wish you very best regarding sales and feedback of this creative, impressive and innovative work….!!! God Bless you…!!

Come on dude. Anybody can do that. You just need to be determined and work hard. Thats it :)

Truly Great Template! I’m very intrested in it, but can’t see the boxed version. Only the color changer works – I’ve tried in IE and FF.

Wierd bug… Now I am fixing it. You can try chome for the time being it’s works OK.

It’s a really nice theme.I am considering buying it.I have found some issues though. 1)Can you please fix the responsiveness at the mobile devices?Counter is cropped. 2) The menu is flickerring 3)The social icons/rss/emai etc are overlapping.(Tested on my Nexus 4) Another really tiny detail.Can you center the facebook and the twitter icons at the header?.Thank you very much!Also GLWS!!

Extra header layouts are comming soon (also with centered social icons). You can fix overlapping by simply deleting extra menu items, which you will not use.

REALLY interested :), so I did review in all 4 browsers: In Chrome and Safari the menu text and body text don’t display very well. Any plans to address that in an update?

yep, I am ashemed about this kind of bugs. Will fix it as soon as possible.

Have no shame Tsoy, for a really huge accomplishment. I’ve already added deposit in prep for purchase :). THANK YOU, because not many developers are investing the time and skill to deliver this level of TRULY creative, full featured, amazing HTML templates at a $15 price point. We all get the benefit and I am happy to contribute constructive review to help max your sales and see that continue!

Much respect and appreciation for this work.

Thanks for such words… I’ll do my best :)

Hi – I’m pretty new at Wordpress and I’m not intensely educated on short codes and CSS – whats the learning curve for this template?


Well, first of all IT IS NOT WORDPRESS THEME! It’s HTML template. It requires HTML/CSS knowlage to work with. If you haven’t that experience, I strongly recomend you to wait for WP version which will relese within 1.5-2 mounths

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OMG what a template , Respect :) GLWS

Respect appreciated ;)

First, outstanding theme. Any plans to migrate to Bootstrap 3? WordPress?

Well, to be I have started this templates long time ago, it will be little bit hard to switch to the BS3 instantly. I think it will possible within 2-3 mounths. WP verstion will be ready within 1.5-2 mouths

Excellent. Thank you.

You are welcome.

Looks perfect ;)

Ty Hope so

Thanks a lot

Somehow I reposted. :D

Another amazing template from Tsoy – Great work!

I feel kinda guilty about saying this, but it does have some serious issues in IE8 e.g. Creative > Layout 2

I realise it may be asking just too much, but if these problems can be fixed it’ll be my next purchase.

Keep us updated. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the feedback @budslater :) . Nope you don’t ask too much, first of all it’s my bad that I allowed this kind of bugs. Anyway it’s not hard to fix, and You’ll get the proper working version soon.

is there a way to create a sticky-header that follows the boxed layout view instead of the header going full width while boxed it stays boxed

I also noticed that the “one page” layout, the header isnt responsive

Well, I thought that for one page layout reposponsive naviagtion is’t needed. Anyway It’s not hard to implement and I will push next update with one page resp navigation.

Thank you so much, cant wait for the update to roll out