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Love this theme and it works perfectly for a site I am developing. I am having a small problem with the about section in the marketing theme. Once I put images in the carousel – the text fell below. Hope you can help me. http://www.ebike.sixthavewebdesign.com Thank you

Link is broken

you put .span4 tag in wrong node

Great looking template. Would love to see a fixed header option and maybe some alternate headers to give even greater flexibility.

well, it has fixed header and alternative header layouts already

This is well buggy!!!! Doesnt open in Dreamweaver as it crashes. why??? very page too

Hi there. Well, even theoreticallly template files can’t effect your text editor. It might happen becouse of memory leaks or something like that. Try to switch your text editor (I personally use vim and sublime text) or delete unnecessary HTML templates which you will not use in your project.

I have noticed that the spinning planet (the primary content box of the page) does not load then using the site under HTTPS protocol. Does anyone have a simple fix for this one?

Is there a Bootstrap 3 version in the works ?

Greetings Tsoy, just wanted to say you have done a very nice job with this template. Best wishes in you sales.

Hi there. I bought your theme a couple of weeks ago. It is a great theme, and thank you for your work. However; it seems as there are issues with IE8 and IE9. Any update on when these can be resolved?


I also noticed that the icons do not display on a Windows 8 Mobile device.

Hi, any update on this please?

Hi, I was previewing your demo, very nice. Not sure if this was mentioned but on the page features-media.html the sub-menu’s are appearing behind the Youtube media (in Firefox/Win8)

Also the portfolio > gallery > 2 columns and 3 columns are displaying with 4 columns. And you named the bootstrap files and the links in the <head> section “boostrap” (missing the “t”).

Is there still support for this theme? There are a number of issues I’m trying to sort out.

When using “page-header-layout-3.html”, on small screens, the menu is fully expanded and the function to expand/contract the menu doesn’t work. Any fix for this? Also in your comments from a month ago you said you were going to release an update to fix some of the issues, any word on when that might be coming? Thanks.

Beautiful theme! What settings do I need to make the fredsel carousel auto play.

I have to say I’m disappointed with the support for this theme. This was a waste of time & money for me. There are too many problems in this theme so I’ve been waiting for an update but you haven’t responded to any of my emails even to let me know if you would have an update soon or not. Even the switcher styles in the demo don’t work.


I am having problem with contact form to respond. I edited the functions/mail/config.php file and the content form is still not responding. How can I get the bug fixed code from you?

In IE8, this page’s header has a transparent background. The header is also not stretching to the full 1200 width it shows in all other browsers. Is there a way to fix these two things? Thank you.

The page I was talking about is: index-layout-marketing-1.html

Where is the support for this theme? Where has http://themeforest.net/user/Tsoy gone? IE 8 and IE 9 and Windows 8 Mobile does not display the theme at all well.

Is support for this dead? I wrote to the support address a week ago and have had no response. This theme has some major issues with IE that need to be looked at. Another one I just found is that page-sidebar-left breaks horribly in IE8.

Hello all,

It obviously looks like there will be no future support for this template so it might be a good idea for us to all contribute to any known bugs we come across. With a template like this that has multiple elements and configurations there is going to be inevitable bugs throughout.

For Example in the original styles.css file Line 4167 the ”.stacked-2” class has an incorrect spelling. It is spelt ”.staked-2” as opposed to ”.stacked-2”.

We can either post the corrections here or setup some sort of group/GitHub where amended files can be uploaded so people can just download them from there.

Why was that removed?

Minor code bugs

If the boxed version is selected with a background image. How hard is it to make the main body / header etc transparent so that the background image can be seen?

Hello id there support for this? Is there a wordpress version?

I want to open modal popup with page onlad but i cant figure out. There is only “click event (Modal HTML block )” modal on documents can you help please?

i need auto open modal on pageload.

I found after 5 hour search :) We must use this magnific script after all js files in the bottom of the page. and add one a link like this. Thats all.

I use jquery triggger function to make a fake click :D

Now your magnific modal open on page load, automaticly.

<script> $(’.popup-text2’).magnificPopup({ removalDelay: 500, items: { src: ’#your_div_id’ }, closeBtnInside: true, callbacks: { beforeOpen: function () { this.st.mainClass = ‘mfp-zoom-out’; } }, midClick: true }); $( ”#uyarver” ).trigger( “click” ); </script>