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I’m using your template for a Cordova hybrid app and it looks great and works really fast on iOS and Android.

I have a couple of problems i’m hoping you can helo with:

1. Contact page doesn’t work on Android. When you click to go to the contact page it crashes the application,

2. RSS Feed from WordPress is not working on either ios or android although the feed looks fine at www.rrluxembourg.lu/feed/ You see a loading message but it doesn’t load the feed…

Thanks for your help!


Hi – also how do i get the featured image from the wordpress post into the imported feed? I have added the images to my RSS feed,,,

Hi – i found that the ajax contact form doesn’t work in the emulator environment or in debug mode on android but does when you launch it in the play store. However the email doesn’t get sent anywhere…

Still not having any success with the WordPress blog feed either…

Please help.