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Very nice! Good luck ;)

Thank you very much :)

Cool concept! Great work!

Very nice work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros :)

Really good my friend. Good sales ;)

Thank you :)

Nice ! Why is so cheap :O. Awsome work ! :)

Thank you very much :) It seems they don’t price any higher than this any more :)

really cool one.. good luck with sales.. is there any future plan to make it WP?

thank you

Thanks a lot :) I will launch a WP version of this template in the near future, but I am uncertain of the roadmap and timeline around that :)

its too pity that i would like to buy WP version rather than html.. i dont like html.. sorry but i will the wp version when its ready.. thanks a lot and good luck

Thank you for your interest. I will let you know when I plan to release the WP version for this template.

Really good my friend. Good sales!

Thank you :)

Really nice! Good luck :)

Thanks, Louiejie :)

This is good job! :)

Thank you :)

I’ve been waiting for someone to step it up on the web app templates and finally I feel beyond impressed, especially using on my iPhone 4S. Simple is gorgeous, ease of navigation is exciting, and adding it all together has sparked new inspiration for me. Awesome work!

Thank you very much for the kind appreciation. Personally, I’m very fond of the ease of navigation as well. Thanks :)

This is really great design! I realize it wasn’t your intent, but by any chance would you consider improving the look on higher-res non-mobiles? The link you have looks a bit odd here (left-aligned, small boxes).

Hello, The template is compatible with higher resolution devices like laptops and desktops as well. Could you please share a screenshot of what you see so I understand better? Thanks.

It doesn’t look wrong, per se…just not sitting very nicely on my displays.


Hi – I have now enhanced the template to take up the full screen on larger displays.

Hi, nice job. Congratulations.

I just tested the template on my ipad, on landscape mode and it seems it not fits at 100% width. Is that normal or is that a bug?

Hi, thanks! :)
This has now been enhanced to take up the full screen.

Excellent design! Is it possible to make this a single html, multi page site? Meaning, can I place all of the individual page code into a single index.html file using the Page attribute?

Thank you for your interest. The template is quite flexible and hence it should be possible to achieve what you need – but for optimal mobile performance/load-time, it is not very recommended. If you need to discuss template customisation further, please contact me via the author contact form.

Hi there! Great template. I’ve noticed that the download is still the original and not the updated version. Any idea when the update will be available to download? Thanks again for a great template :-)


This update is scheduled for 23rd January. I hope this is fine by you. If you need personalized early update due to any urgent need, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience, all the best for your website :)

Hi RV. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Looking forward to the update. The template is perfect in every way and the enhanced update will just make it totally awesome. Have a fabulous day! :-)

Hello, the update has been uploaded on themeforest and awaiting approval (few hours). The “Last Update” date will help you figure when the update is live.

All the best with your template, glad you liked it :)

Let me know if you need any assistance.

Very nice template :) Contains template graphs?

Hello, I related “template graphs” as “template graphics” – do you mean by bar graphs and charts?

Yes, I need bar graphs and charts. When you add it please? I want to buy a template :)

Hello – for bar graphs and charts, it is easily possible using any third party plug-ins – you can easily integrate them. As for now, I don’t plan to add it to the template for the all buyers, but if you need then I can provide assistance personally for you after you buy the template. Have a look at the libraries that can easily work: www.highcharts.com

Awesome template. Just installed on my iPhone 5, seems like there is a lot of flashing of graphics and the home page when navigating back to it takes a couple seconds to load. Anybody else experience this?


It loads up quickly in our test scenarios – could you provide your connection details via the author contact form so we could assist you for your issue.

Thanks and all the best.

Any chance for Joomla blog integration? I want to pull some data from my joomla site such as news, photos etc. what kind of modification it needs ?

Template supports RSS. You need to check if your joomla blog is RSS ready. Normally it should be. Then it will work instantly.

I will be happy to assist in any case.

Hello, I buy your template because i think it’s very smart, but I need to customize it for mine need and the documentation it’s very poor (in the zip file I received there is a documentation folder with inside only a file with few descriptions), I need to do the reverse engeneering to understand how to customize it? ...please let me know how jquery works, for example to load the next page. how to customize the thumbs in the main menù? wich css is the one to modify?

Thank you for purchasing my template.
Please note that the template is rated as well-documented by themeforest – but the main focus of the documentation is to re-use template elements to customise page layout. If you need assistance relating to javascript/jquery and other technical aspects, please send me a personal email as per the documentation, so I can guide you through the code specifically.

Thanks and all the best with your website.