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Hey rv… really nice work ! Is there any way I can remove dependency on JQuery Mobile… I need the HTML/CSS to be looking correct and without the jqm js (i tried removing the jqm js, but pages are not rendering properly even though i retained the jqm css). Please advise.


Thank you for purchasing my template. I received your inquiry in my email as well and I am looking to how you can go about it. However, I can say that it involves a lot of work because the template is entirely dependent on JQM. Please wait for my detailed email helping you out.

Thanks again.

Hello again, If i remove both jqm js and css , the header and footer loose styling… the ‘container’ is fine ( I checked this on management-team.html). You may please try this yourself. Open management-team.html in your fav editor and remove the jqm css line and jqm js line. Most of the page is intact other than the header and footer, and margins. If you can send me some additional css I can include to sort out this page to look proper without jqm, I am positive my requirements will be met. Much thanks.

Hello – I have sent you a detailed technical email explaining of what you could consider while you customise the template to remove the core JQM UI framework.

Feel free to continue the communication via email, I’d be more than happy to assist.

All the best with your web application.

Why is my breadcrumb not working on this template?

Hello – as per the demo, the template doesn’t support breadcrumbs. However, if you wish to use them, contact me via email and I can help you out how you can integrate them easily because I have already kept the support for them inside the template.


Hi I just downloaded this template and uploaded the html files to my server with godaddy but nothing comes up on the screen, do you know why, i havent seen any install documentation with the template. thanks :)


The template doesn’t need any installation document as such, as it is only HTML.

Can you please share your URL with me so I can assist you? If it’s alright, kindly send support related requests by email so I can assist you more quickly.

Thank you :)

Downloaded the template, and fire up the index.html under html section, but the template did not show the layout as seen on the Live Preview.

First, the icons did not resize and are not lining up correctly in column and rows, it simply stacks to the right and down. Then, when I shrink the browser page, only half of the icons resized and attempt to form a 2 column few rows, but the rest retain the big size.

Please help. Thanks.


What I understand is that you are running the index.html file directly by double-clicking on it. As this template uses AJAX, you need to run it using http protocol (http://). You can install a local web server or just upload it online on any free/paid hosting servers.

This issue applies to all AJAX enabled websites (not only this template). Mobile templates are normally AJAX in order to give the awesome feel and faster performance.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for purchasing, all the best.

forgot about that, you’re right. Thanks.

I’m wondering if you offer that iphone/ipad viewer frame like the one you have on live preview?

Hello – Sure I do offer it – Please contact me via the author contact form or email mentioned in documentation for discussing it.


UR QC Code is unreadable kindly enlarge the image


Thank you for taking interest in my template.

Regarding the QR code, I’m able to scan it with Android, Windows and iPhone mobile devices – the size is optimal. which mobile device are you trying with?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Hi, The website looks different on 3G connection and WiFi connection. How can we stop doing that and only have the website display which shows on WiFi connection all the time. JS


The website should look the same no matter which connection. To explain further, please send me a screenshot to the email address mentioned in the documentation. I will do my best to assist you.

Thank you.

Hello – just following up on your question so I can help you out – any updates regarding my request to receive a screenshot?

Its very slow on the android phone browser


Or disable it optionally in android devices

Hello, It seems perfectly fine on Android devices that we have tested. For low-end android devices or for personal preferences, the template comes fully equipped for you to change/modify transitions/animation durations etc., to suit your needs. Thank you for your advice.

I sent an email last week and have not heard back. I would like some help with your template and PhoneGap. Can you help?


I sent you an email around 2 days back, please check your Spam folder. Below was what I wrote:

What are the symptoms that you see after trying to convert to an app? Let me know what steps you took and what is the output so I can understand your issue better.

Thank you.

How is the installation??.


It is essentially a simple web site template, hence all you need is a web server.

If you need specific instructions that are beyond the scope of this template, you can still write to me and I guarantee assistance. Please use the email as per documentation.

Thanks and all the best.

When i add the home icon to my iPhone 5 screen and launch the mobile web app, the app does not utilize the entire screen. It looks like it was designed for the iPhone 4/4s .. am i doing something wrong?

Hey there, Could you please send me a screenshot to check that for you? You can mail on my email address as per documentation. Thanks.

I’m trying to put this theme on the web but nothing.. Tryed via FTP and cPanel and still nothing.. It’s like site is missing page is not found, any idea? P.s. you have email with question about phonegap

You mentioned this is fixed. Thanks.

sorry for double post, just wanted to say i fixed problem, problem was htaccess file.. i just deleted it and now it works… everyone who has the same problem here is the solution.. Btw great theme and awesome feutures.. 5 stars theme!

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, Nice template, i want to use the template on my laptop, not on my smartphone, using the iphone frames, is it possible? if you offer that iphone viewer frame like the one you have on live preview? thank you.


Please check your junk/span. The reply was sent on Jul 22 (3 days ago) to your Hotmail.


please send it again, i checked, received nothing… thank you.

All Click via mouse get disabled On Google Chrome(latest) – Windows 8 (Touch screen tap works). Any patch to solve this issue ?

Hi, Can you send me a screenshot from your Windows 8 touch PC? Please send it to my email address as per documentation and I’ll help you out.

Thanks and all the best :)

Hi, i’m interested and looking for customizing this template. Are you free for Integration Job? Thank you.

Sure, please drop me an email and we can discuss the job further.

All the best.

Hi I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, Looking forward to your reply to my email.

Hi! I have a little question before buy this template. The Icons in the menu can be replace for others that suit better to my business? Thanks in advance.

Hi rv, i recently bought your template. for index.html, i can show message box at the page load but i cannot show alert message box at the page load for the rest of the pages. is there any way to do it? Thanks

btw: i used with PhoneGap 3

any reply?

Hi Guys,

Nice work. I need some help. I am building a small platform over your template using php and mysql. I have few form including create user/ login and others.

When I use my submit.php file to post form data to another file which will then submit in mysql I see an “undefined” on top left corner.

Can you please help. or give me your email address and I will send you access to my files.

Best Regards

Hi, very nice this template. Please, how add popup with JQUERY Mobile?

Hello I am very new to this, so please bear with me. I have purshed the following template, but I am unsure on how to install it? I have been using ‘phone gap’ and have create a Github account, but i am stuck now. Any step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated, or if i can get pointed in the right direction of some that would also be really helpful. I am working on a mac if that makes much difference.