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Nice work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Awesome Onepage template ! GLWS :)

Thank you!

Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thank you!

This is very nice hector, great job using Montserrat! :)

Thank you! Montserrat is a nice font on uppercase.

A very nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you!

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you!

Nice design! GLWS ;)

Thank you!

superb design.awesome imagination and execution.

Thank you very much!

This is going to be a sales monster.

Thank you!

Featured Parallax Articles with newave Hey there,

I’m just wondering: Do you have an idea how I could build articles in a fullscreen template with newave like this wonderful parallax scrolling, different fonts-using, videos-in-background-having articles like the NYT-features “snow fall” or the most recent one “sharks and minnows” etc?

I think those are built with something quite bootstrap-like.

Would newave be the right solution? Or could you come up with a template that I can use as an editor without that much front-enc-dev-experience to build comparable articles?

Hi there,

Our Template do not have videos in background option yet. Otherwise you could create something similar but not identical, if you have good knowledge of html/css

Hi, great theme! I just purchased this but cannot install it by uploading the file since I get the following error:

“The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.”

Can you please help me install this theme properly? thanks in advance :-)

Unfortunately this is a html template, not a wordpress theme, therefore you get this error when you try to install it as a theme.

If you do not wish buy the html template and you would like to wait for the wordpress theme version please contact to get a refund of your payment. Thanks

Thanks, sorry I did not know… I hope you upload wordpress version soon because I love your work!

Very nice work… Bookmarked… GLWS

Thank you!

Hello, very nice template, but for some reason the “portfolio-section” does not fit over the whole screen at high resolutions. Can this be fixed?

Please, can you send us a printscreen? Thanks

Send you a mail with the print screen

Fixed it! My “page zoom” of my Browser was set to 125% – set it back to 100% – works fine now :)

Hey, very nice theme.

I’m trying to view the different header options in chrome for mac but having no luck. Any suggestions?


In the left side on our template, you will see a button (style options) who open a panel. There you will find a dropdown with “Header Layouts”, and chose what style you want. Thanks

This looks amazing. 2 quick questions; When will we see the WP version – and how hard would it be to do a full-width blog layout? Alternatively, can you do a full-width blog option in the WP version?




Wordpress – Planning

Blog with full width is easy to do. Just remove the sidebar and increase in css the width of blog posts to fill the content.


Great, thanks. Looking forward to the WP version.


This theme is so cool!

I was wondering if it’s possible to customize the “crew” section to show four employees instead of three. I’m part of a four-person organization and we don’t feel like battling in a pit to decide who gets the three spots. I am the weakest.

Thanks! -Dan

Yes, you can add four team persons. That require minor css changes. You need to decrease the margins between them. Very easy. Thanks

Great job, nicely done! Clean code and very intuitive to use and modify code.

Would like to see the following options: 1. Slider for “Clients” section to display more than four. 2. Video: CSS styled video player that easily supports YouTube.

1. Slider for clients support more than four clients. You can add as many clients you want. 2. Video section for homepage soon. Thanks

Thinking about purchasing, does your files include the twitter script?

not for now. but in the next update, yes

have you added the twitter plugin or contact php files yet?

We are developing the twitter for wp now, and after will be included also in html.

Great template. I’m using the full screen slider background. Any way to have the slider change on a “timer” like the others instead of actually having to push the buttons?

ah-HA :) ...What works is setting it back to 0, from 1. I thought that was weird anyway because you said to change it from 0 to 1 when it was already at 1. Plus, when testing in Dreamweaver you actually have to save js files to see the changes, which I of course forgot. 90% of my html knowledge is 4-5 years old, been dormant for a while. Pause value of 0 allows the slides to change when the cursor is in the window. Thanks :)

I`m glad you solve the problem. We sent today an update. That contains a new video section for home page. Will be available soon, I think tomorrow after the reviewer accept the update. Cheers!

Great! Thanks

Very nice work! Good luck with the sales.

Thank you!