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SEO optimizing single-page sites can be difficult. How SEO friendly is this design?

It is a HTML, you can make SEO friendly if you have knowledge about optimization

HI ClaPat, here’s one for you. I’ve just started using the dynamic horizontal progress bar. As lovely as they are have you seen what happens when you set the percentage value to something like 10% ? The text inside wraps and you don’t see it correctly. Any thoughts on a fix?


You have 2 spans tags. One with the width of progress bar and one with text.

You need to remove the inside span and put it after.

After that you need to make some css changes for them.


Hi, I recently bought your theme, but when I import the demo content, I get the error on top of my main page saying

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /themes/newave-theme/one-page.php on line 16

I don`t see your purchased badge next to your unsername.

Oh, I bought the wordpress one

;) No problem. If you have more question please open a ticket on and our developer will help you. Thanks

Because I’m a complete idiot I bought this one thinking it was the wordpress theme . If i buy the wordpress one would it be possible for you to refund me for this one? Thanks!

You need to contact envato support to get the refund. Thanks


The background video plugin (YTPlayer) doesn’t work on firefox 27.0.1 Do you have a solution for this ? You can try your example ( on firefox and see.

Thank you.

Sorry, but we didn`t use Youtube Center Plugin.

Yeah I know, it was just for your information. It’s allright now.

hello – the theme is perfect!

i have a important question

how can i run index-2 with only one backgroundpic,(fixed) but rotating captions/texts like on index3?

is there a way? cant figure it out

much thanks for help

You need to use index-3.html

Replace this line

<div id="home" class="parallax" style="background-image: url('images/fs4.jpg');" data-stellar-background-ratio="0.6" data-stellar-vertical-offset="20" />

with this:

<div id="home" style="background-image: url('images/fs4.jpg'); background-size:cover; background-repeat:no-repeat; height:700px;" />

My theme options page in WP is messed up. At the top of the screen it says: “Options Updated Options Reset Error!”

And then i can’t save any changes that i make to any of the settings. I am not able to remove or upload favicon or icon. So i am rendered useless for the most part.

Can you help here?

nvm appears to be resolved – believe it was an issue with my browser

Glad to hear that


couple of questions, the word Parallax confuses me, can i customize this as I would a html5 responsive site?

Also, in videography, can I use any video formats ? many thanks

Yes, when you edit this in your editor, you could change the template title for each page. You can use vimeo or youtube.


hi clatpat

how can i run index-2 with only one backgroundpic,(fixed) but rotating captions/texts like on index3?

is there a way? cant figure it out

much thanks for help

I answered to your prev question. Thanks

perfect – thanks!

Hello I come from Austria and my English is not the best. If this wonderful Template has shopped to me and has only one question. On the main side all points like #client become etc. jumped. If one comes back of an external side, one gets stuck between #galerie and #Kontakt and both shine in the menu on, my test side is “”. Please, around help. Only with Google chrome goes really, with all other browsers not.


I can’t save any options I made. If I save changes in theme options and then go to another link (for instance, pages) all my settings are erased. How come?

it’s the wordpress version

seems to be working now. I downloaded the other version. Thx

Glad to hear that. If you have other question open a ticket on and our developer will help you.

Best regards,

Hi, I was wondering if you can have two portfolio sections in a single installation, if I do this, only the first one works OK.


Then you should know what to do to create 2 portfolios in the same page. ;)

All the things that are not in our demo, need to be created. right?


Ok fair enough. I am asking a pretty straightforward question (for the last 4 hours). Are you willing to provide specific support in order to add 2 portfolios either here or on the helpdesk website or not?

Please reply to my question so that we can both move on ;-)



I told you from the first comment. This require minim 1 day work to realize it. (that means custom work). If you do not know how to do it, I recommend to hire a freelancer.


Hi! love love love the template. Just wondering if I can use the code for the blog and drop it into Any special instructions on doing something like that? Or will I have to go through wordpress? Thanks Again!! Kelley

I actually love the HTML template, just wondering if the code for the blog can be applied to blogger? if not, no worries, just thought I would ask. Thanks!

You can integrate it on what cms you want, but this require a lot of work. Thanks

Thanks so much!

Hi, how do I change the font color in the contact details appearing on the parallax. I have this code in the contact page [contact_details company_phone] but the text and icons (phone or e-mail) are in white and not that visible. Where in the css can I change this? Many thanks

Hello! if you bought the WP theme, plz open a ticket on and provide the access to the admin dashboard for us to have a look. Thanks!

The demo does not load on my iphone. Is this theme really mobile friendly?

Yes it is. Was tested on iphone, htc one and LG nexus and others android phones


Love the theme and just made my new portfolio using your template. very fluid and shiny. thanks for the good work!

I have one slight problem: the portfolio is closed by default, it open when you select a category.

have a look at

Can you help me solve this problem?



I think the issue is generated by the google map scripts. You deleted the map, but you lef the scripts. Please delete them also.


Hi there. I’m looking to purchase this theme, but would first like to know if it is possible to scroll through all of the different portfolio items using the Normal Expander once one is selected (instead of through different shots of the selected portfolio item)? Also, if a theme is selected such as ‘Branding’, can the Normal Expander view only scroll through those portfolio items? Could you also please advise if this functionality is possible on both the HTML and Wordpress versions? Thank you!

You can navigate trough projects only like in our demo. Thanks

I am beating my head on this WP theme. I am very confused on the Main Page versus Home: Main Page (showing on the menu choices).

I can not get all of my content to display when i try to look at the live site. For the most part only titles and subtitles within the sections show, but none of the graphics or other content.

However, if i preview an individual page/section it shows all of my content… please help as i have been stuck on this for a couple of days. Very confusing.


Please open a ticket on and our developer will help you.


Hi ClaPat

Thanks for this beautiful theme.

Thank you!

Hi, I have some problems with the parallax settings.

First of all, for me the settings in the script.js are not working. Only when I change the speed in the original jquery.parallax-1.1.3 file the speed is adapting but not when I change any figures in the parallax part of the script.js

And second, how did you make the parallax header (slider) on index-2 ? I’m not able to find any linking to #home.parallax-slider’

Thanks for your help Oliver


We modified the parallax script because made some overlapping issues at different speed sections. The script could not read the height for the floating divs. You could replace the original script, but we do not recommend this.

The parallax slider are initiated in scripts.js at line 92.

More option about the script used, here:


from scripts.js line 72-83:

$(window).bind(‘load’, function () { parallaxInit(); });

function parallaxInit() {
    $('#twitter-parallax').parallax("30%", 0.1);
    $('#quote-parallax').parallax("30%", 0.1);
    $('#contact-parallax').parallax("30%", 0.1);
    $('#home.parallax').parallax("30%", 0.1);
    $('#project-header.parallax').parallax("30%", 0.1);
    /add as necessary/

I cam change the figures 30% and 0.1 but nothing happens on the page (and it uses the default settings from the …....1.1.3 file line 47-49. The speed of the parallax sections are using 0.5 and not 0.1)

// setup defaults if arguments aren’t specified if (arguments.length < 1 || xpos === null) xpos = “80%”; if (arguments.length < 2 || speedFactor === null) speedFactor = 0.5; if (arguments.length < 3 || outerHeight === null) outerHeight = true;

And I still don’t see any settings in the bx-slider that would explain the parallax behavior of the slider in index2.html file

The parallax slider are made with skrollr.js. The speed controls are in the html file.

About the parallax for sections, you could modify speed only in the main script. Like you said in your first comment.

You could try to replace the main script with the original.