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Hello. Can you please confirm that I can apply this template to Joomla 3.0. Thanks! Kelli

Sorry, no

Hello! Fantastic template – one of the best in that kind. Is it a bug that the template is not compatible with IE10 (10.0.9)?

Hi there, I`ve look again into your images from dropbox. The issue is because your IE is set in mode IE7. ;)

Heh, that is true, problem solved :) Sorry for panic.

No problem. We are here to help. Regards

What would be the best way to make contact form safer, can you tell me how to prevent spam bots using contact.php? I get a lot of spam mail thru that form.

Send us an email, and i`ll give you the contact script with captcha

Very nice template. I am looking to purchase this template but I wanted to see if the newsletter function will be updated? Also is the twitter post script the most current?


Newsletter will be not functional on the html version.

Twitter plugin it is.



I’m having a small trouble with the slideshow at my “hall of fame” section , if you first look at one of the “portfolio” items and close it. the slide show at the hall of fame will be going beserk, slidin like it’s speedy conzales fused with goku supersaiyan4 or something :S because before you click on the portfolio items the slideshow will act normally but after it’s going beserk

could you take a look at what might be causing this problem

also how do i fix the item highlight situation at the menu? when I slide down to the support area it won’t highlight in the menu, only when I reach the bottom of the page.

thank you very much in advance!!

the site is


The problem appear because duplicate the slider. You need to recreate the hall of fame slider with new class names, and initialize it in scripts.js


Good day, I seem to have a display problem with any parallax section that falls under a slider used. All parallax background appears white (image disappears) When sliders are set to auto play. however this only appears in Chrome. No live site on server to show. can you assist with this?

not to worry, solved this.

I just removed the <script src=”js/sscr.js”></script> to avoid the problem with the scroll and it’s still acting fun on Safari.

Have you solved that?

Try a hard refresh and clear you cache


First, I love this template. ;)

I have a little problem with portfolio items. Sometimes, when I navigate to the portfolio section, when I open a project, this doesn’t load, and I need to open another one (to return and load previous project). What can be the problem?

the template is installed here:

thank you! :)


Please open a ticket on


Hello Author,

Everything works perfectly in Newave template except portfolio. when i remove the map ie., id=”map_canvas”. my portfolio is not working properly. Kindly tell me the exact solution to solve this problem.

I don’t need google map in my portfolio page. Please do the needful. I have also raised a supper ticket.

Thanks for your support

Regards Maaz

Hi, in the ticket make sure you include the acces to your wp admin dashboard, for us to have a look. Thanks!


Its not a WP theme, its a HTML one page site.

Regards Maaz

:) Ok, thanks for clarification. We will have a look. Regards.

Dear Author,

I have been trying to figure this out but unfortunately i dont think im able to do it.

I want to be able to use the subscribe now button with a mail chimp account.

Is there any way you can help me out in doing this?

Your response would be greatly appreciated.


The newsletter form is not functional on the html template.


hi, i’m interested on purchasing this template, but i would like to see it in action on the web (the envato preview page is not working fine to me).

Is there a website running this template you could direct me to?

Thank you very much

Hi, i have this theme and when i upload it then its show an error !!

the error message is “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

Could you please fix it ?


Did you bought the html template or the wordpress theme?


I am considering this template for my next project. Everything looks fine but the mobile menu does not seem to work on Windows mobile IE browser. The mobile menu appears but then disappears in a second (or faster)

Is there any solution to get this to work?

Thank You


Please tell us what version of IE do you have. Thanks


It is a default IE on Windows Phone 7.8, Lumia 900.

- Works fine on Windows Phone 8 which have IE 10

I’ve uploaded template and i’ve customized Google map but it’s not shown in the browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) but if i use Dreamviewer preview on the same index file locally, i can see it. Same issue in the portfolio, locally it works, in the browser fullscreen expander doesn’t work (Iphone 4 link, the only one i’ve customized). now i’ve put it temporary on this link Please check it, thank you

Original doesn’t work too, redownloaded and reuploaded, still not working on browser (but working on Dreamweaver preview). I’ve sent u an email.


You should contact your hosting provider and tell him about your problem. Thanks

Solved! Problem is index.php in twitter folder, if i rename it all works perfectly (both Google maps and portfolio fullscreen expander). Please check it in next version because i’ve tried on 3 hosting service and the problem is present in everyone. If i rename twitter file php in index.php Google maps and portfolio doesn’t work again.

Hi, I am having trouble with the Portfolio Item External Project loading. I have read the comments you have addressed about it using Ajax and not working on Safari or Chrome locally, but my website is live and the clicking still will not work. The URL is , will you please take a look and help me through this? The portfolio items are supposed to be clickable and load external project pages.

You have delete the map. Please remove also the google map initialization from scripts.js

It worked! Thank you for all the great replies. I have one more question, and I think this may be the last. If I want to remove most of the links in the nav bar, but still have them aligned with space for the logo in the center, what is the best method for this? I am really only wanting a few links in the navbar, and on the project pages, I am not wanting any links. Thanks for your time and great help!


You need to adjust the right margins of each menu items. The css style are located in navigation-style-1.css

As for the first navigation style (white background and logo in the middle)

I have my last question:

I want to take off the last two nav tabs (blog and shortcodes) hence i have six tabs in total.

How can i put three on one side and the other three on another with the logo in the middle

When i do it now things get messy

Thank you !!


You need to center your nav items by margins.

Each item have in navigation-style-1.css margin-right.


Hi, short question,. this template is a standart NON CMS Template right..


Awesome theme! The one problem I am having is that the portfolio section is sometimes collapsed when I load the page. I have to adjust the browser window and then the portfolio items expand and align appropriately. Is there some way to prevent this from happening?

Thank you,


we checked your website and the fourth thumbnails looks good. Did you solve the problem?

No I did not solve the problem. You should be seeing 6 thumbnails total not 4. What seems to be the issue you think?

The problem is generated by jquery.fullPage.css

You need to remove the

html, body {
    margin: 0;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 0;

Thank you for such an amazing theme.

For the Navigation styles 4.css is there a way to make it not show at the first home page and then make it appear when you go down towards the first page onwards (just like the other nav tabs as nav4.css does also show on the home page aswell).

Thank you !!

Please give us more details and your website url. Regards

Site is not online yet. I can send screen shots?

Send us the screenshots. We are trying to help you. Thanks

Hi, Very nice theme, like it very much. Planning to buy. Have some customization requests. How to proceed?

This is a html template. You need to have html/css knowledge to edit it. We also have the wordpress version available:

does it work with turkish character set?