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me again. will it be possible to shows player controls like play, pause (more than just sound/mute)? does it have autostart / starting only when klicked?


Hi, yes you can add controls.

Here is more info about the script we used in our template:

cheers, mate. BOUGHT that shit! ;-)

ClaPat why you are not support autodealer html product ?

Hi. Nice looking template. Is there a way to display just the video and the menu as home page, without title nor texture? Thanks in advance


Please remove from index-4.html this div :

<div class="pattern">


Very strange. i tried that before and refreshed couple times but it didnt work. I guess it had to wait a little Thanks though!! ;)

Send us your url please.

hi clapat.

as far as i can see so far: excellent stuff! ;-) highly recommended template!

got a question, though: i am using the video version (index-4.html). i´d like to fade way the title which overlays the video just like at your version “index-2.html”. can this be accomplisched? means: having a video background an as soon as you scroll the video and short messages fade away in a parallax style!

thanks, mate!

solved it myself, thanks!

Good to hear that ;)

found a bug? video-background version video does not work in safari (5.1.7, windows)!

Works fine on safari 5.1.7. Here is a printscreen.

Do you have the website running locally or online?

my website and your demo are online – and both are not running on my safari.

Try this and see if works on yoursafari:


you are probably right. i can not see the original pupunzi script either even though i activated java, js and all plugins. :( i´ll figure out and let you know. jut forget about my initial post… ;-)

Ok. If you found what the problem is, please write here, maybe other users have the same issue. Thanks

Hi I just noticed this error appearing in FireFox developer tools.

Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead. sscr.js:400

Hi there. The js errors may be caused by your changes. They do not appear in the original version. Try to move your new scripts after sscr.js and leave scripts.js the last.

Hi ClaPat, I just went to and viewed with firefox. I get the same error.

I just tried to install and I got this:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Unfortunately this is a html template, not a wordpress theme, therefore you get this error when you try to install it as a theme.

If you do not wish buy the html template and you would like to wait for the wordpress theme version please contact to get a refund of your payment. Thanks


I have bought your template and first of all: really good work! Thanks a lot.. While buying I thought that I will get layered png as well (as quoted on the themeforest description on your template)!? Where can I find them? They are not included in the zip file.



Layered png are the images with the transparent background used in the website construction. I think you referred to PSD files. They are not included because template was designed directly. Thanks

hi there.

i am using the video-background version, which doesn´t display on smaller screens. so where+how can i define a fallback default background-image for mobile devices?


add then a new media queries from 1280px

well, at 1280px we are at typical desktop montior resolution and i am not able to see the video on my ‘normal’ screen anymore! ;-)

there should be a solution that works whenever the video can´t be shown…

The issue is that the Android User-Agent is a general User-Agent and there is no difference between tablet Android and mobile Android.

Maybe you could find this useful:

You could modify the script here:



I have just met with another problem. The mac screens that were suppose to fade in are not doing so anymore after I changed the images. Could you tell me where can I rectify the Mac Screens fade in code so that I can revert them back to the original?



Please be more specific, and give us your website url. Thanks

Is the main slider on index-2.html supposed to change periodically, or does the user have to click the left and right arrows to transition them?

Thanks for a great theme!


add in the scripts.js at the .fullwidth-slider, this:

auto: true,
pause: 3000,

More options for this slider here:


I’ve added 8 new items to the portfolio section and uploaded it to the server but the expander doesn’t work. In the index-2.html I’ve changed the link in the portfolio section to one of the items to see if it works here and it does. ( the index-2.html portfolio section has 8 items like the original and mine index.html portfolio section has 14 items )

how is this possible? do I need to edit something, the height or ?

and yes it has been uploaded to the server and doesn’t work in neither firefox or chrome


The problem is caused by google map. You delete the map div from index, but you left the map scripts. Please delete from the bottom of index this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>    

and from scripts.js the initialization of google map.


thaaanks!!!!! it worked !!! :D:D:D:D

Great to hear that. If you are satisfied with our template, please do not forget to rate it. Thanks

Hi ClaPat, I read in the previous comments that you’re releasing the WP version of Newave these days. Has it been out yet? Is there an official release date that is final? Thanks, Hanna

Was sent already to validation.

Hi! Something new about the WP theme?


Was sent to validation. Now is at 70%

Any updates on the wordpress availability?

Was sent to validation. Now is at 70%

Hello, thank you for this great theme, but I want to insert a link on the categories SERVICES

  • pointing to the portfolio. Is this possible?

    Thanks, Clement.

  • And I have a new question, how the newsletter section work? What file do I enter my e-mail address to receive registration to the newsletter?

    We are working to integrate the newsletter on the wordpress version now. If it is possible we gonna add it also in html. Thanks

    Ok thanks for your reply.

    I recently uploaded this theme to a host purchased at goddady. I get an error message with the contact form, any idea why?


    Have you replace the email in contact.php ??? I made a test on your website and the contact form work ok. Please check the spam folder on your email. Thanks

    Would documentation be provided with this theme?

    Yes, documentation are included in the zip file

    Hi Clapat, Im going for 3 out of 3 , i previously asked for a price table [you were just finishing] and then a sign up form [was on your list to do] now i wonder if this is on your list of things to revise : can the contact email address and telephone number be changed from text to images ?, I have been scraped a few times already by spammers !! Thanks, Mark

    Send us an email. I`ll send you the contact script with captcha. Thanks