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Quick question.. Is it possible to change a page’s background color to Black somehow instead of the default White and Light Grey Default Section Options? Great work on the theme!

That worked! Although not for the remaining of the pages (I copied the code several times and replaced the slug). Also, I would need to change the font color of the titles and body text. I was able to do this for the body text but when I put the text in bold it reverts back to the default color of the template.

I would need a code for all pages: background color #000000, text color #ffffff, title color #f0f0f0

Sorry, can you give us more details. We have a color scheme in theme options. Also, there are some page sections which you have not succeeded setting the background color for? If yes, which are they? Thanks

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to change the relative size of portfolio flyouts specifically for mobile devices. The flyouts on mobile screens are very small and I was wondering if there was a way to control their relative size in relation to the smaller screens.

The size of the portfolio thumbnails it’s calculated dynamically in /js/scripts.js in function MasonryPortfolio(){...} you will see it’s dependent on the current browser’s window size. Thanks

Hi Im having an issue with the parallax sections will fullscreen background displaying on an iPad Pro. When in landscape the section displays with the photo very zoomed in. When in portrait mode or on all other devices I have tested the section displays normally.

Thank you.

Landscape: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7AVJ1VofYnuY8hSp7 Portrait: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eijzEq5Lh7L5x6ew6

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Hi, plz try adding

.parallax {
   width: 100vw;

in customizer -> additional CSS If the problem still persists replace

background-attachment: fixed !important;


background-attachment: scroll!important;

in style.css at line 1657



Haus7x4 Purchased

Hello, where I can download the child theme for the Newave Theme? I have download the last version from 12 January 20, but there wasn´t a child theme in it. Thanks a lot!

Hello, if you open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com we can send it to you. Also, you may want to extend your support period. Thanks


I don’t remember how to edit pages with this Newave theme – Wordpress Responsive One Page Parallax

In particular

I go to page> edit, but it allows me to edit only through word press editor.

Even from the home, there are no other buttons in the word press toolbar. If I click on “edit”, same problem as before.

Could you show me how I can turn? Thank you

Hi, what is the page builder you are using?

Hi, I don’t use any page builder. I have installed the theme only. I can edit a section of the Home Page only from Page> Edit> Edit ShortCode, right?

Yes, with the classic editor you can edit it without any problems. And you can use the inline shortcode menu. Thanks


I have the version 1.4 of your theme. Now that we updated php, wordpress versions, ans installed a SSL certificate, everything works fine except the home video background, that is not shown.

It’s maybe that the Newave version we have is too old?

Can we update it, and if it is so, how?

Hello, it’s recommended to upgrade to 2.5 but we still need to login to your site to adjust the video background to https. If you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access with full rights using Appearance -> Editor. Thanks


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I really don’t want to purchase a new support package to find out the answer to this question so I’m leaving my question here… I’m doing some updates on my website. I have Newave theme installed that was purchased in 2017. I would like to add a page editor to it. I see that you now have a new version of the theme with Visual Composer. I just want to know if there’s a way for me to upgrade my old version to the newer version or if I need to purchase a the whole theme again?

And if so, then I think I’ll just purchase the Visual Composer plugin, but can you confirm that it will work with the license I’m currently using? My purchase code is provided above.


Hi, there are two ways – one is to download the latest version of the theme and in /required_plugins/js_composer.zip you will find the latest version for the plugin. so you can install the latest version of the plugin without upgrading the theme, if you don’t want to. Thanks

Hi, i have purchased the theme.. and when i install it, it showing “the link you followed has expired”

how do i resolve this?

Not sure, we need to inspect the backend, however you can also install the theme via FTP. Thanks

okay thank you.. i found the way to install it… btw why there is no any frontend editor in my wpbakery? and i tried to enable it from script still dont have the extend-vc.php

Hi, plz open /include/vc-config.php and remove (or comment) line 7

Re the Photography demo – rather than seeing images in the galleries – I would like to see an example of video. Interested to see how videos are embedded into these gallery pages. Can you forward a link?

Hello not really . if you are referring to the main page http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress2/ these are image parallax links if it’s about the project gallery page http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress2/?newave_portfolio=fashion this is the maximage library: https://www.aaronvanderzwan.com/maximage/ Thanks


I purchased this theme a while ago so appreciate the support may have expired, however I just have a query in relation to the update I see you released within the last few days.

I have been using the video background within my theme, which had been working fine until this week, when I noticed that there is now no video background playing. I noticed that Wordpress has released an update and that my host has updated my site to this version. Is this an issue that you are aware of?


We are going to release an update today which contains also the latest WPBakery version. Thanks

That’s great. Will check back for the update.


Update released

Thanks for the nice theme.

Thanks for buying our theme.


Just got the theme recently and have started working on the same.

Had an issue configuring the team page. Request your help on the same.

1) I am editing “Our Team” page but we have only two team members instead of 4 as configured in the demo. I deleted the two but the rest two aligns to the left. Is there a way we can center align them? I tried using padding, margin etc in WP Bakery but it doesn’t work.

I want to use the Team Member – Modern block.

Had another question – I used Blog Grid to display recent blog posts but the “read more” button seems to be in pink color and not the color skin I chose in the theme option. Is there a way I can change that?

If it’s possible to put all your question in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and to provide wp admin access if possible. Thanks

Thanks for your support

Hi, I had a quick question and hence not raising a ticket. I need to modify the text color of the “Info Box” Footer Text to white or black. It is currently grey and is not showing up on the yellow background color I have used. Its the text that says Email us, Visit Us Call Us in the Contact Page you have given in the demo.

Hi, site url plz if possible

Hi there, I recently updated my theme but I’m experiencing some problems.

1. I cannot see theme options are greyed out (I am unable to click on these items or edit them)

2. Visual composer page builder is not visible in backend. (unable to edit)

All plugins, theme and WP is up-to-date.

Hi, first make sure you hard refresh the pages to clear any cache. if the problem still persist plz open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com with wp admin access. Thanks

Hi, as of a few days ago, Visual Composer is no longer available in the backend of my site. Instead I just see code such as [vc_row] with no options to edit. Wordpress and Newave theme are both up to date.

Hi there, I do not see the ‘Purchased’ badge next to your username so I don’t know if you have a valid license for it or not. However if you have a valid license you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com so we can have a look. Thanks

Hello, I was wondering, when we can get patch for Wordpress 5.5.1 ? after upgrade , the Theme customization page shows blank screen for us.

Hi there you should upgrade the theme to version 2.6 which you can get if you download the latest version from your Envato account. Thanks

Hello, i’ve made you some questions on a ticket 2 days ago can i please have an answer to my issues? thank you!

We will process your ticket today but plz follow up on Ticksy. Best


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