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I’ve had this theme for a while but am just now putting it to use. We are using the original demo layout and have a looped .mov streaming from YouTube as a background with a text slider as the landing screen. The initial load is a bit slow but once done the animation is smooth but then stalls when the slider goes through its series of three and there is a progress/load animation in the background. We’ve looked to see if we could stop the slider at one pass, to see if that is causing the stall, but there is no setting for that. We desire the background animation to loop and the text slider to go through one series and stop at and show the last text slide.

We don’t want to go in and change code – the only other thing we are consider is to burn the text over the video, but not ideal as we may want to alter the text on one or all slides.

What do you advise?

Thank you!

We have the most current jQuery running – so it’s not that. Having a bug like that for Safari would seem to be an issue to address. Is there/will there be a resolve/fix? It’s a pretty big deal for us, and others I’m sure, Safari is a pretty large percentage of our views – computer and mobile.

Replace your contact shortcode with this:

<div class="contact-details">

<div class="phone-icon">
<img width="60" height="60" alt="" src="http://i2.wp.com/www.invisionstrategic.com/wp-content/themes/newave-theme/images/phone_white_big.png" /></div>

<div class="company-phone"><a>480-664-7963</a></div>

<a href="mailto:someone@example.com?Subject=Hello%20again" target="_top"><i class="fa fa-envelope-o fa-inverse fa-2x" /></a>
<h5 class="company-email">info@invisionstrategic.com</h5>

<a href="https://www.google.ro/maps/@45.9419466,25.0200796,7z?hl=en" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-map-marker fa-inverse fa-2x" /></a>

<h5 class="company-address">7633 East Acoma Drive, Suite 211, Scottsdale, AZ 85260</h5>



Any thoughts on how to address the Safari issue?

Hi, I want my Portfolio section opens on a specific page. In the settings of the page , I choose the following settings: This page is a section : no Assign current page as: Portfolio Section Template : Portfolio Template

When I click the link , a blank page is displayed using the template Blog Template !!!

What is the problem ? Thanks

Hello, you need to select Portfolio Template in page templates drop-down box (right side of the page options). Thanks


Which slider do I use for this cycling text in the banner? http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress/

Which home page template do you prefer?

Do you offer this theme as shopify template as well?

Sorry no

Pre-Purchase question:

From your demo and the comments on this page I don’t get whether I can open a portfolio item in a light box instead of underneath. The lightbox should containt an image/video AND text, links etc. Is that possible?

Thanks, Oli

Hi Oli, http://clapat.ro/themes/newave-wordpress/ in this live demo, press ‘Starbucks Coffee’ portfolio item for a ligtbox image. additional content would be custom work. Thanks

I see, thanks!

Hi I use the WPML module to translate my content and I have a problem . I have a page called Portfolio that uses The Portfolio Template. It is created in the English language ( default language of the site). Others settings : This page is a section : No Assign current page as : Portfolio Section

This page is translated in French. When I open the Portfolio page in English , no problem, my portfolio is displayed without problems . When I open the Portfolio page in French, the page is blank

The Newave Template is yet compatible with WPML Thank for your answer

Hello, check if the Main Menu is translated as well. The main menu is actually where you include which sections and in which order. Otherwise you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin credentials. Thanks


sitoub Purchased

Is it please possible to add a parallax effect to the Full Screen Overlay Slider for the Home Layout Type?


sitoub Purchased

Nope! Didn’t work.

Sorry, then it s not possible. Thanks


sitoub Purchased

That sucks. Well, thank you!

Hi,I have what should be a simple question, Is there anyway I can change the home page we-are-newave button color? Thanks in advance.

Hello, should be an easy one with custom css, but what is your site url (to be more specific about home section type). Thanks


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Hi, I saw that on a comment posted 2 years ago you replied that you’d add the function to decide how many portfolio entries i can display on my home (onepage) while having a full portfolio separately. Is there a shortcode or how can i do it?


alegini09 Purchased

How can i do it? Becouse if i set 10 portfolio items (on onepage) on theme settings, it will show 10 also in the separate page…


alegini09 Purchased

ok i did it! my problem was that i had both pages as “portfolio section”

Yes, the page with all items should be set as ‘This page is a section’ to ‘No’, glad you figured it out. Thanks