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I really love this template…great work!

How would I adjust the speed on the Nivo slider? I looked into the js file for Nivo, but couldn’t find exactly where to do that.

Thanks for your help!


Hi allen can you verify your user purchased data ? I didn’t see your purchased ribbon. Than I will send solutions to your email. For the verifiying, you can send me a message from my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/wpthemess right bottom side.

Thanks for your understanding.



Solutions sended your email.


Need help with MENU problem. I alignment seems ok as a single row text if its short. However the base becomes uneven in row when given slightly longer description.

Refer to the link below.


Compare ‘About Us’ and ‘Property Development’ bottom base, Property Development is so much lower. And lastly, how do I change the font size of these menu?


Hi leeberty its not an newera issue. Your some menu names long but you can fix them with:

Fitst: you can play the font size with : ul.newera_menu li span span.newera_mainmenu in the :http://www.shcsb.com.my/wp-content/themes/newera/navigation/css/whitestyle.css and you must shorten menu names for the good alignments.

Thanks Bulent.

Hi – nice Classic theme.

1. Is it possible to have a next and previous function(s) in the pop-up in the Classic gallery template?

2. Can the 6 column gallery have vertical and horizontal image pop-ups? The online sample shows only fixed horizontal.

Hi thansk for your interested. Yes its possible via small code injection I will intagrate it for you when you purchased. Also 6 column and others supported vertical and horizontal image popups for example: when you use vertical images for the big popup image, this popup image will open vertical. I din’t use vertical image but its supported both. (vertical and horizontal)



Hi Bulent,

I want to delete this text after the post: This entry is WAS posted Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 10 h 44 min and is filed under BLOG . You Can Follow Any comments to this entry Through the RSS 2 .0 feed. You Can leave a comment, or trackback from your own site. In wich file is hidden this text??

Thanks, Philippe

Hi Philippe its not hidden or secret please open the single.php in the theme folder and find line 36 and comment or delete if you don’t want to use this.



Thank you very much Bulent!

Have an excellent weekend :-)


You’re welcome Philippe have an excellent weekend too you :-)



HI, I just buy this item and I’m trying to put the differents languanges and I’m trying to understand how I can add the images to the slideshow but the help videos are not so clear. Can you help me! thanks

Hi thanks for your purchases. You get help and referance from demo dummy xml file comes with newera package. Please check xml file you downloaded zip file and import it. Also slideshow adding process very easy and if you set slider category and slider image for the slideshows it must works.

1. You must check 0777 permission for cache folder.

2. Goto the theme options and set slider category

3. go to the slider category and add new post and set slider image.

4. Thats all.

If you didn’t get success please send me your wp ulr and login info I will add sample slide for you. :-)



Sorry but I didn’t finde the informations about the languagues in “help and referance from demo dummy xml file comes with newera package”.

I need to see all the process to install the languages in my theme and how to put a new language. You have to improve the help contents because is not very good. All the videos in the hellp page are not clear at all. Thanks

Thanks for your suggestions and you can find all infos this link about adding language:





The link you send me it’s a general information about the multilanguage options plugin in wordpress it’s not de solution of my question.

I need to see how to use this plugin with your theme. I payed for this.

You can’t write that it’s a multianguage theme and then do not show how use it.


Hi theme supported multilanguage youc an see supported languages in the lang folder. also you can use WPML plugin with the NEwEra and can make multilingual websites. Its not a secret.

1.Set your default lang in the config.php 2. Download WPML plugin.

Thats All

Hi, i would like to use the multilanguage option but how i do that, my website is ready in english but i need to add in the home page 3 in the home page, is it possible?

thank you in advance.

Best regards


Hi Rolando you can make multilanguage websites via plugin. For example WPML http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/ or others : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=multilingual&sort= NewEra supported and comes with localization files for the local translations. You can use the right plugin and make your multilingual website.



Hi again, could you help me, my problem is that i have my websites in 3 languages, english, spanish and german.

i tried to change the langugue modificatiing the wp-config file line: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’);

well doesn´t work, what i mean is that i can use the plugin for the languanges but for exameple the “read more”

One more question, the slider change so fast, can i change the speed, i would like slower.

thank you in advance.. Rolando

Hi Rolando can you send me your website url and login info I will look your issues and let you know the solutions.



Hi can you tell me how I can stop the pop ups from opening the images when someone clicks on the portfolio pictures, basically I just want to add the portfolio pictures but then I don’t want them to be clickable or open.

Thanks in advance

Hi please tell me which portfolio template you are using. Also all templates using < a href tag for the lightbox. You must find < a href tag in the portfolio template and delete it. If you send your login info and which template you use I can make changes for you ;-)

You’re welcome for everythink.



Is there any written documentation for this theme?/ If so where can i find it?

Hi you can access the help file comes with theme file. And help videos with FAQ section.

If you need any help you can ask me Also theme comes with dummy XML file maybe you cna import it for the quick help.



Thank you!

You’re welcome. When you need help please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your questions will answer before the 24 hours.



Since I’ve upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.2, submit button in NewArea Settings section doesn’t seems to work. Anyone else is experiencing the same issue?

Hi I will research and send results to you ASAP .



No news about this? :(

I’ve my client waiting for some text changing… Do you have any estimate about when this bug will be fixed? Thank you very much.

Hi I have get this issue and it will resolve ASAP .



I bought this theme… it’s quite nice but I have a problem… It will NOT update in Homepage Settings… when you click ‘save changes’ nothing happens.

But I have never updated the theme. Are there instructions anywhere exactly how to update the theme from version 1.0


When you have bought the NewEra ? I have updated theme files last 3 weeks ago.

If you didn’t updated please update. If you bought newly please send me your url to my email I will look your issue and will solve the problem.

Regards and thanks for the purchase my item.


I have updated and tested latest version of Wordpress 3.2.1 its working properly. Please update theme files. Also I have sended theme updates again to TF.


NewEra is a premier theme so it seems not to be upgradable like other themes. In other words I don’t see an ‘auto upgrade’ button on the Appearance – Theme page – in the admin section.

Do you have any instructions on how to upgrade this theme I bought it long ago and it’s not working well under WP 3 .2.1.

This is a big problem.

Hi you must upgrade the theme files manuallly. Please go to the downloads page and download a new fresh copy of NewEra and upload the files in to your theme directory. If you made more modifications you need to update only functions.php. Otherwise you can update all files. I have fixed some little bugs the last update.


NewEra Updated and fixed some small bugs. Please update the theme files. ( If you made big changes on the theme you can update only functions.php)

Thanks All.

Worked, perfectly… thanks much.

You’re welcome. I’m ready to help to my items.


I’m having problems doing the work could have a slide tutorial on how to solve this

I’m not able to run the slide where I put the wheel to the slide content?

the slide is normal so that the menu is under the slide as it arum?

Hi I can’t see your “Purchased Ribbon” please verify your user info first. Than I will send solution to your email.

Thanks for your understanding. Regards


Hi. Excellent theme. Only one problem that I’m hoping that you can help me with: my navigation items are set to sliding, and they show every page that I created! So I proceeded to create 6 new custom menus in Appearance > Menus. However when I select one of the newly created Menu’s in the drop down for NewEra Menu’s, the item doesn’t save even though I click “Save”, and the navigation still shows every single page that I’ve created. How do I go about fixing this? This problem duplicated itself in Chrome and IE. I purchased and downloaded your theme on 11/25/2011, and I’m using WordPress 3.2.1. Please advise at your earliest.


Hi thanks for using newera. Solutions will send you email please contact to me at wpthemess@gmail.com.

Regards Bulent

Hi please check your website and email your problem solved. Problem source : wrong theme installation: please read this and watch video:


if you can’t install theme correctly wp 3x menu system and other features wil not works properly.

Regards Bulent

Update to everyone: Bulent, the creator of this theme is truly a professional. He responded in less than 24 hours, taking all of my worries away. I was very impressed and would recommend him to everyone without hesitation.