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Awesome and totally stunning! Will there be a WP-Version availiable soon? I’ll buy it :D

Thanks! ;) , it’s a little early to say, the average WP conversion takes about a month so it would be a while.

Another great work! :)

Hey there,

Awesome template, well designed & easy to use… Thanks for sharing!!

I also support the thought of a wp theme, but please also consider a boxed layout :)

will put this in my ‘watch this in the future for wp purchase’ bookmark list.

WordPress theme won’t be for another month or so. Follow me on Envato or Twitter to get notified.

Simply amazing, awesome style.

Thankyou! ;)

Not bad for a Flashmaster, just kiddin man, awesome job on this.



Flash, what’s that? sounds familiar :p

Good job ! :)

Thanks for purchasing :)

A great theme. Just what I was after.

I have one slight issue or caveat before purchasing. Is there a way to stop the video playing when you slide to the next one? http://ignitethemes.com/themeforest/newport/index_video_slider.html

I would like to show client videos as per your example but don’t want the audio or the video to continue if they switch slides. It should either pause or reset back to the beginning. Any chance of tweaking or offering advice?

There isn’t a setting for that, you can check the Vimeo api, I’ll look into it when I get a chance. You can set the slider to not autoplay in the js.

Why does the font change in Internet Explorer? It looks big, bold and nasty! Is there a fix? Otherwise a very nice design and layout. Thank You

that’s because your viewing the site locally in IE, you need to upload the site to the web in order for the google fonts to work in IE.

gr8 stuff dude…I’ll be waiting for the WP version! :) And flash isn’t so bad…it has its uses…lol

Nice work. I’ve modified the main menu ref code so that the choices choose the single-video iframe as the target so I can control what appears in the iframe from the main menu – however they only open a “_blank” window rather than showing in the iframe even though the code specifies the iframe by name (which I added to your code). Is there other code I should change on top of the href in the menu code dropdown??

Not entirely sure but is your link target specifying the iframe name.

Yes, your code for the iframe has been altered to specify an name…

<!-Video Section-> <iframe src=”http://360.sc/MUNUNT21” width=”960” height=”450” name=”foo”></iframe> <!-End Video Section->

The drop down main menu code works – unless I specify an http:// location – which the code being used is…

<!-Main Nav->

Does the comment system work?

No it’s not functional, all the css is there, but you would need a programmer to set that up.

Hello Ignite, i`m a customer of Blender WP. I love this theme, before buying, i wanna know if is simple and possible to inset an search form Beside socials in right side.

Can you help? If yes, let me know and i buy this theme. Thank you,

Yes you can but be aware the seach is not functional in this html theme.

I Know mate. Is HTML not WP. But we will implement a search engine with programmer. Any chances you upgrade Newport entering a search field beside socials in right side? It may interest other prospective buyers.

Or at least for this boring customer! LOL

No I like the design the way it is :) , I can change for you on a freelance basis, email via my profile page for a quote.

Hello, wonderful work. One question. The blog how it does work when people wright a comment. Do I have to post my self when peopel send me a coment or do I have to wait for a wp in order to see the blog work correctly.

Thks john

Thanks :) , the comments are not functional.

very strange.. when I click on a video link I get an additional (_blank) page for the vimeo source video BUT when I re-arrange the videos say just to show “video production” movies only it doesn’t popup another page.

Basically I don’t want it to have pop-ups.. how do I disable the source video website from showing.

example page: http://ignitethemes.com/themeforest/newport/gallery4.html

I’ll look into it