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Looks Faaantastic ;) Congrats!

Thanks :)

very nice!! any plans in joomla?

Thanks, no not planning for joomla :( Working on wordpress version

This must be one of the best looking news templates I have seen!

Thank you :)

Clean and beautiful! Nice theme! Good luck with sales!

thank you :)

Looking fantastic!

Thank you very much :)

Looking forward to an html/wordpress version.

Wordpress Version – Work in progress

make in wordpress, create space for advertise like 728×90.. 250×250 and i’m ready for purchase in wordpress…

250×250 ads can be placed where the iPhone app add is now, and it’ll be always visible to every page, for 728×90 I’ve to see if I can place it somewhere. We are working on the wordpress version, it’ll be available soon :)

nice and simple template , good lick with sales ;)

:) Thank you

I want perchase this one can i get only html and psd?


Hey, this is a PSD template now, but we are working on WordPress version where you get a complete working version of this template. It’ll be available soon, I’ll let you know, Thanks

Is this compatible with Opencart or is it a simple upload to ftp and then link to database?

This is a PSD template now, not working version, we are working on wordpress version of this template, will notify you when it’s ready. Thanks

Hello Azyrusmax. Any update on the wordpress version? Any estimate on when you will be ready to put that on the market?

Hi, may be in 1 month, we are working hard on it

I am guessing the wordpress or HTML version of this never materialised? or is there a link somwhere. Great design btw!


mySudi Purchased

Hi, Do you plan on having this as a HTML template?

No, we are not making this as HTML template.